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  1. Hi Parky I have a lhasapoo and bichapoo who both need clipping. Do i get in touch with castle college. How long would they be there and could i stay or not. They are both fab temperament and ok with hair cutting. How much would it cost me.
  2. Thank you very much but two friends have come forward yesterday. I did have one who just let me down. Hopefully if you email me can you help next year. This is for charity and we have no funding. I work for a living but I also give my time to help charity for free
  3. Wanted urgently for charity fun day, dog show raising money for PDSA and Kidney patients.; Person to use Microphone to announce dogs name, event, announcements, not heavy work. Please help have been let down very badly at short notice. It is this saturday 6th july 12.00pm, we are all volunteers with no budget just helping others. Weather forecast is superb so come enjoy yourself too.
  4. hi we are looking for a catering van for a charity event for dialysis and PDSA on 6th July at woodseats. Are you free
  5. but what if the trees totally block out all light into the house and gardens and is dark all year round as so many trees which were plkanted in 60s grew too big and now no budget. It affects peoples health not having sun in garden and house all the leaves and mess etc.
  6. Anyone willing to come and help organise sports for mini fun day to raise money for charity. Saturday 6th july. Stewards, and race orgasnisers. Please help only 4 hours out of one day. Please
  7. We are looking for catering van, bouncy castle and charity stalls etc for a event on 6th july. It is in aid of Sheffield Dialysis patients and PDSA. Stalls Min £5.00 donation. Health information stalls free. Charity stalls £5.00. Please support this event it makes such a difference to people who have to have dialysis every week. Volunteeers required to steward.
  8. hi i am doing a charity dog show and sports day and you would be welcome to come along for a £5.00 donation to sell your jewellery
  9. The event is to be held on Saturday 6th july 2013. Barbers field Behind woodseats school. Or off fraser drive. Fraser close. Woodseats . Sheffield 8 Event starts as 12.00pm
  10. Cananyone help out we need a food stall, volumteers to help steward and prizes. We are voluntary and with no budget to use. We need to borrow a megaphone, need post to erect a arena, can collect and deliver back. Need 2 voluntary first aiders Please any help. woofseats@hotmail.co.uk
  11. We shall be holding a mini fun sports day and Woofseats dog fundog show. This is to raise money for kidney patients and the PDSA. The event is on saturday 6th July 2013 at 12.00pm. It will be held on Barbers field Woodseats S8 0jg We are looking for a food stall to join us £20.00, but we desperately need volunteers for stewards etc and 2 first aiders. Any raffle prizes availble for stall or dog show prizes welcome. Please help we have no funding and are just doing this for the helping of patients who have to have dialysis 3 times a week. email woofseats@hotmail.co.uk
  12. Wanted to borrow as we are doing a charity dog fun day and sports day on saturday 6th July 2013 to raise money or Kidney Dialysis patients and the PDSA. We have no budget at all for this as we are not a group just people who care. We require to borrow a Megaphone 20 Temporary fencing posts to make a arena with and rope. We would like a food and drink stall. £20.00 for site. Other stall are available and also any volunteers who could help with parking etc and erecting gazebos. 2 first aiders. Please help us as without the basics we cannot do this show, and this is for a great cause and family day out. It will be held at Barbers field Behind Woodseats School, off fraser drive . Sheffield 8 Please email woofseats@hotmail.co.uk any gifts of prizes for dog show and raffle please help
  13. We shall be holding as part of the Woodseats Festival Weekend, the 'Woofseats' Fun Dog show all classes and it will be to raise money for SAKA for the Kidney patients who have dialysis in Sheffield. We shall also be doing mini sports events, egg & sppon , wellie throwing, 3 legged etc which will raise money for the PDSA. There are stalls available , but we desperately need volunteers to help setup and to steward Please help us to help others.
  14. Well hi everyone who went to Rowlinson School. I have planned another school reunion. I was in 1974 - 79 years but this is open to any years up to you to spread the word and join in. This is a ticket only event, no ticket no entry on the night. Tickets only £5.00 and will be donating money towards kidney patients and PDSA. So please dont turn up with out a ticket. Anyone with photos please copy and send when applying for tickets soon on sale. Once tickets gone they gone no excuses no exceptions even if you the Queen
  15. Thank you everyone, vets on friday booked he is so lively and happy but its made me so sad fingers cxrossed
  16. feb 27th holmhirst methodist church 5.30pm
  17. my tiny little puppy has a serious heart condition been told by Vets4Pets. Said will need scan and operation possibly. Should there not be a second opinion. He is lively, fun, eats etc well loved, but i cannot afford life long treatment. Son said have him put to sleep, never as love him, but cant keep throwing money away as worry vets a money making racket. (well some not all) No good folk saying insurance etc, when work been cut to part time and only my wage keeping roof over my head and dogs i need first. Heart broken
  18. That would be fantastic i can come and pick up. Thank you Beverley
  19. Please anyone got 2 tickets for thurs 19th jan for a special surprise.
  20. Anyone got 2 tickets for a surprise present for thurs evening for 2 people.
  21. Your TARA is having a AGM Meeting in February. For all council house tenants who pay automatically is included in the rent. Anyone having purchased their house can pay £5.00 per year to be a member. We have cleaned the bank on Fraser road. cutting back and removing loads of bags of dumped rubbish. Barbers field clean, kids fun days on barbers field, sports days, part of Woofseats dog show. and are very active in finding out what happens in your area. Do you know the council rents are rising by around over £4.00 pw. If you do not come and support us and join in the fun it will fold and all the money which residents pay will go into other areas. We have tidied up the flower beds on fraser road and would like volunteers to help more. Please support us and come along and join to help keep your area nice and tidy. Good place for kids to grow up etc with the events we plan throughout the holidays for them for free.
  22. Has anyone who is digging out for building etc got any shrubs, plants for a planting area for the community to walk past and admire instead of weeds ,overgrown area whichis not cared for anymore. Can collect Thank you
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