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  1. Not Read the Sun for a long time, it more of a celeb mag than a newspaper lately, but given that the Hillsborough disaster is to be discussed in the commons today is this their way of trying to win back a few liverpool fans?? think it will take more than that and will just infuriate another city and it's fans. well done the Sun you are the Boris Johnson of newspapers when it comes to slagging of city's.
  2. My mother once asked my cousin to go next door and ask if she could borrow a colander because hers had holes in it.
  3. This Saturdays fixtures are interesting, Blades - Preston & Palace - Scunny!!!!
  4. I think both the comments added at the bottom of the article say it all about Blake.
  5. There are some on this website http://www.sheffieldindexers.com/ or http://www.sheffieldrecordsonline.org.uk/ Thats if it's Sheffield you're researching?? not sure about any other area's best googling seeing if any local FHS has done a simular project!! I think Census taking started in 1801 but it wasn't until 1841 that names and ages etc were included, think 1801-1841 was just number of occupants for population counts.
  6. my family went to Nerja few years ago we planning on going back as a whole next year so will make sure we pay a visit, Cheers
  7. my only other suggestion at this time is that if he had any children with the mother of your relation (obviously before he had time to marry) a birth certificate for that child?? either that or was he a policeman from the sheffield area but not killed in Sheffield??? other than that try contacting South Yorks police themselves maybe they can shed some light??
  8. do you know the officer in question??? look for death details on free-BMD etc if you can narrow down a time of death you can check local newspapers at central library!! Sorry just realised your in OZ??? maybe somebody in Sheffield can look up any newspaper details for you if you do know more specific's. Or try the library by email, they have been very good at giving me copies of paper details for a family members suicide, but given that i knew dates due to death certificate!
  9. Somebody my Dinner-Jacket I think his name is??? seem's like he's not happy unless he's hitting the headlines. when you think about it, it likes school there's always someone that wants to be the centre of attention, the funny kid, the cocky kid, the bully, Thats world politics!!!!!!!!!
  10. heard that Sabella not attended as he's in talk with Argie FA about taking over from Maradonna as national coach???? Just realised ready down main page already a thread with roumor of him taking national coach job!!!
  11. Jess your right Blessed, but sure it was also called something before Blessed beginning with B, mind is thinking Bomb or something along them lines??? didn't realise they did that many promo CD's, must have stopped going earlier than i thought.
  12. Loved Monday's at Republic. 97-2000, used to go every week with friends from work, this was our saturday night as we all worked weekends. 60p drinks, if only i could find that now down here!!! remember they gave out a free mix CD one week have been trying to get hold of a copy for years now. Remember big Mark on the door, he was a legend, always let us move straight to front of queue. now i'm growing old and remeniscing. Anyone else have a great time here and has anyone still got the CD, had 3 tracks, one for each room's style of music. Ginge
  13. I remember going to a free event at Graves park and Ant and Dec were one of the "big" act's on the line-up others that year were china black, Peter Andre, think this was earlier than 96 though???
  14. I'm sure the Woodthorpe closed earlier than 97, maybe late 95 early 96, my mother worked there so will check with her tomorrow!!
  15. Hi I'm trying to find some information on the above mentioned House. I have found from census returns that my ancestors, Jonas Cotton & family, lived here from 1901,1911 & then listed as his address at time of death in 1919. On the 1891 census he's a assistant pork butcher. living at Nunnery Farm. But in 1901 he is living at Woodbourn House listed as a Stone Quarry Garter (Employer). strangly on 1911 census he's just a colliery labourer, his son listed as a colliery deputy. I guess they would have been working at the Nunnery Colliery? Not sure how much longer after Jonas' death the family remained at the house but would love to know any information about the house, where abouts on woodbourn road it would have stood, as I doubt very much it still stands given the redevelopment of the area. Kind regards Martin
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