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  1. Hi I started working for Dunford Elliott in 1966 and was there until they moved to Vulcan Rd in 1980, I was a foreman at Dunford Elliotts on Chippingham st and was in fact one of the last to move . I headed a team of men to run down various orders at Chip st before we moved entirely. I loved working at Dunford Elliotts and although I was at Hadfields until they closed down it was never quite as enjoyable as previously had been. I was in charge of the bar finishing when we moved to Vulcan Rd and had to endure picket lines to keep working . Enjoyable times
  2. Dave this is Judd if you are on Facebook search for a site called Darnall and Attercliffe in bygone days, some great pics from our youth. Hope you and Sue are in good health Judd
  3. Hi Tony I'm 63 and I remember Jimmy Marsden very well infact I believe he is related to an old mate of mine from Fitzmaurice Rd Ron Pilkington!!The one of the Twiggs that is the same age as me is Our Pat I still see her but not often. You're right about the area being friendly and homely even though it was a rough area!!!!
  4. Hi Tony I remember you and if I'm not wrong you lived in the next yard to my cousins the Twiggs, you're a bit older than me I think you are about the same age as my sister Margaret. my name is George Stevens and we lived at the bottom of Jubilee rd. Rough streets we lived on but so many happy memories!!!!
  5. Oh My god of course I remember you!!!! I also remember you lived on Clement street well here's a coincidence, when I got married we bought No 69 Clement street it cost us £ 200 good value I think. I am in contact with a woman that went to Coleridge Rd with you her name is Jackie Clarke ( Rogerson) when I got in contact with her I asked if she rememberd a no of people and you were one that I mentioned, I can't believe that you rememberd me!!!!. If you want to keep in touch my e-mail is georgestevens1950@hotmail.co.uk. I have a photo of you, me Ronnie white and Doreen Casson somewhere i'll try and find it out!!! Good to here from you,
  6. I am in touch with Jackie Rogerson who also left in 1965, she was the same year as me we got in touch through the Forum, if you search you will find there are other Coleridge rd threads.
  7. I also left 1965 my mates from Stovin rd were Ron Sidebottom and Dave Evans As I said great mates, still see both of em.
  8. Hi I went to Coleridge rd ( boys ) and Philimore before that. The teachers that taught me are as follows Mr Knowles , Cooke , Dixon 3rd and 4 th years Great days and good mates!!!!!!
  9. Hi I am in touch with Shelia Sidebottoms brother Ron also Dave Evans. I will pass this onto them. Hope that helps
  10. Hi I remember your dad he used to live in the next yard to my cousins the Twiggs I remember the football team at Coleridge rd, I'm a couple of years younger that Tony but try these names on him Jimmy Marsden Bert Twigg , My name is Judd Stevens he may not remember me but they were great times, I lived in Jubilee rd next to Fitzmaurice Rd Say Hello !!!!!!!!
  11. Hi Jacqui I sent a thread a while ago stating that I came from Philimore rd school and then onto Coleridge, I never replied so I must apologise. The friends that I remember from school are Ron Sidebottom ( still see Ron) Dave Evo Evans Ron Pilkington Bill Burgin Jim Exton Sadly bIll and Jim no longer with us. The girls that I recall are Linda Wariss Eileen Smith Jean Wheeler Jaquline Rogerson plus loads that have slipped my mind/ My name is George Stevens I live in Skegness with My wife but Rmemeber Coleride road with great affection.
  12. Ha Ha cant remember the dance at Swallownest i'm a bit younger than you. The Twiggs are my cousins they are really good people and are a very nice family. Their dad my uncle Bob was the toughest man I knew everyone respected him!!1 My name is GEORGE (Judd) i'm 62 years old. I went to Philimore road and Coleridge rd great times not because we were younger but times were much better.
  13. Sorry if I got you mixed up,Funny you mention my uncle Cal, His bite was worse than his bite but he was a very encroaching figure of a man. I don't live in Darnall anymore I at Swallownest. I got married in 1971 and moved to Olivers Mount a few years later, I moved from there a few years ago. I know the Drivers well if it's the same ones Horace and Linda are the ones that I know.
  14. What is your family name so that I can pass it on to her!!!
  15. She lives in Hackenthorpe she as just celebrated 45 years marriage we ad a good do with her and her family and grand kids, she as a really nice family. I have been racking my brain and I know you did'nt you have a nickname !!!
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