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  1. Here is a link to a solar panel installer; http://www.solarpvsheffield.com/ Really good company!!
  2. Looking for a Gelish nail technician around S8? Cheers.
  3. I need someone to clean my windows in woodseats please!!
  4. He is obsessed with you, and that is a scary thing. It sounds as though you both don't want the same things. If my boyfriend drove around at night looking for me everytime I go out with my friends I would be seriously worried!!
  5. it's not infatuation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Not being funny, if you don't want peoples opinions then don't ask for them! What do you want everyone to say, 'stay with him, he sounds lovely', well I am not being funny love you need to sort yourself out, otherwise years down the line you'll be locked up in your home with no life apart from being beaten up by this strange clingy freak you call your boyfriend!!
  7. Is this girl for real????? Or is this a joke???? if you think dumping your bloke might lead to him hurting himself or you - then that says it all!! He isn't just unbalanced, he is a bloody weirdo - staying up all night just cos you haven't text back!! GET A GRIP!!!!
  8. Bin him, he sounds like a control freak!!
  9. I got my kitten, Sid when he was 8 weeks and never had any problems with him. He settled in straight away, knew what he was doing with his litter tray etc and is a very healthy 5 month old kitten! When I was searching the web for a kitten, I found alot of them were ready from 8 weeks old due to them being weaned etc. Hope this helps.
  10. lucky you thats what you get from over breeding
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