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  1. Lottery winners aren't really good examples though. They neither value the money from having had to work to make it, nor are raised to have a sensible attitude to it. Most lottery tickets are bought by people on society's lowest rungs, so it's hardly surprising when winners turn out to be thick as mince.
  2. At least you're not turning the thread into a personal swipe.
  3. Funnily enough, I do keep in touch with old girlfriends and schoolchums.
  4. Well, you are too kind. While I haven't been a council house tenant I have ventured into such places; I do on occasion drive through a council estate which allows me to cut out a roundabout on the ring road. It saves a few minutes but I almost feel the need to clean the car's tyres afterwards. That said it can be entertaining in a voyeuristic way, seeing the shell suits, fat people, young mothers with multi-hued broods, chip shops, Spar/Coop type shops and pubs overflowing with unsavoury-looking types who crowd the doorways indulging in that great hobby of the cerebrally-challenged: smoking.
  5. If he was given boots and sold them off - one can speculate for booze or drugs - then he would indeed be the 'undeserving poor'. What, I wonder, might his ongoing contribution to society be? It's hard to come up with anything above 'none', in which case what's the point in saving him?
  6. Oh this is priceless! Very few council estates left. What about Manor, Wybourne, Parson Cross, Shiregreen, Low Edges, Owlthorpe, to name but a few - there are even enclaves in Totley and Dore. 'Comfortable lifestyle' - read 'they're happy to live in a sink estate to save a few hundred pounds a month'. 'Good neighbours and sociable types' - read 'criminals between sentences, problem families, burglars, dhs scammers, assorted scrotes and druggies'. Do you really think somebody would envy that? Are you for real?
  7. Statistically irrelevant. We can probably identify somebody who has a club foot and a hump if we search the records hard enough, but that doesn't mean hunchbacks do most of the shooting. Do you deny that the majority of gun crime, being part of the 'gang' cutlure, is perpetrated by non-white ethnic groups?
  8. Right now across the Socilaist Republic of South Yorkshire's internet community, fingers are being plunged into ears, heads are being forced into the sand, and hardline lefty liberals are choking on their lentils as they struggle to offer a counter to your comment.
  9. It was also the case years ago before the option to buy was first made available. If the cars belong to working children, that would also suggest a tidy income for the household. And why, oh why, would I be 'jealous' of somebody who lives on a council estate?? Are you serious?
  10. A culture of expectation which the grossly over-generous welfare state has created.
  11. Plenty of house buyers live very carefully so they can save for deposits then keep up with their mortgages - that's a lifestyle choice they make to provide for their family securely. And, while I don't dispute that there are plenty of people in rental who stuggle without wasting their money, there are also plenty of council houses with nice cars on the drive and families who get a few holidays each year. Lifestyle choice again. And, as it happens, I do work fairly hard.
  12. Should self-inflicted conditions receive the same sympathy as innocent ones?
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