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  1. Looking for a goalkeeper in a six a side team at Park Academy on a monday night . We play to a high standard and we are nice set of lads if anyones interested email me at blade214life@googlemail.com
  2. Looking for a regular keeper at goals 5 aside inbox me if interested
  3. Keeper wanted for 5 a side team at goals ...were a friendly bunch aged between 20 to 35 ..sat about 3rd in the league atm but thats without a keeper ...if interested inbox me ill get back to ya asap
  4. Hi all me and my friend are currently looking for a crown green bowling team we was playing for a team tuesdays and saturdays but due to a fall out with the captain we have had no choice but to leave we are available monday nights so if your short send me a private message and ill get back to you thanks we are both friendly people and are v easy to get on with
  5. Hi to all Me n the lads are u looking for a team to play on sundays at goals or powerleague on a regular basis their is around 6 of us and we are a friendly set of lads who are decent footballers some of us played in the premier league at powerleague regular a couple of years back so were not bad if anyone interested pm me and ill get back to u asap
  6. if it is new then no u dont need to put anymore on just fit cpu as it is
  7. ive lived on woodthorpe for 26 yrs and ive never had a problem its quite quiet in some areas of woodthorpe yes it has its faults but what area doesnt and as for people saying area is full of chavs and will nick anything nailed down stradbrooke woodhouse abourthorne manor etc can all be just as bad so get off your high horse and stop and think before u talk @taxpayer i know ov 3 houses being burgled in last couple of weeks on stradbrooke so cant be that good can it and theres always CHAVS on stradbrooke shops at night
  8. id change jags for holdsworth i think.ive been following the blades from being about 10 years old so only have 17 years to play with and chosen my squad mainly on my favourite players in that time i also enjoyed watching players like bradshaw agana quinn kabba (when was fit) bent blake flo even alan cork
  9. @ LADYBIRD wud like to see your x1 pal and theres quite a few couldnt decide on likes of devlin stuart katchoro tracey patterson quinn
  10. just for a bit of banter would like to hear youre thoughts and bear in mind im only 27 tony currie keith edwards and co was before my time My sheffield united x1 1.Alan Kelly 2.Vas Borborkis 3.Roger Nilsen 4.David Holdsworth 5.Chris Morgan 6.Michael Brown 7.Peter Ndluvo 8.Don Hutchison 9.Jan Aage Fjortoft 10.Brian Deane 11.Dane Whitehouse
  11. anyone know how or were i can get my lite on drive key off my drive as it has broken and need it to replace my drive for xbox 360 any advice appreciated
  12. phoned delivery office in s13 there are delivering a few parcels today hope it helps
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