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  1. Sorry if this has been posted before but I have searched and couldn't fine an answer. I am going in to town for something to eat tonight and looking for going for a few drinks before hand. Can anyone let me know if any places have happy hours/ drink offers late Saturday afternoons/ early evening? Thanks for any help
  2. Hey I've got a 1st date on friday night where we are going to go out for drinks in town. Problem is it coincides with the england match which i know he doesn't want to watch. Anyone have any ides of bars or pubs which would be suitable for 1st date & not too rowdy? Thanks for any help
  3. My husband and I recently sperated and we are looking to sell my engagement ring. It cost £1300 when bought 9 years ago although i know we won't get that much for it. Where is the best places to go & sell it?
  4. Has anyone been here recently. I am thinking of maybe going for my birthday next week but the previous posts are not great.
  5. My husband is american and when he needed to renew his passport he needed photos that size aswell. The us embassy website recommended snappy snaps (a photo developing chain). We were living in cheshire at the time so went to the one in chester I believe the nearest one to sheffield is leeds. When you go to the shop they take the picture and develope it there and then.
  6. Thanks to the taxi driver who tried to jump start our car outside the train station. It didn't work and we had to wait for the aa but thanks for trying to help.
  7. Does anyone know if there are taxis at the train station? I am hoping the manchester-sheffield will open later and then I need to get home.
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