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  1. I run a Sheffield childrens and grown-ups party business. Lots of different themes to suit every taste and budget. Favorite at the moment is the vintage tea party. DM me if you's like more details. x
  2. There's a jumble sale on Sat 26th Sept at Smithy Moor Community Centre on Cross Lane Stocksbridge. Starts 10am. All proceed to the Smithy Moor Nursery Group. Toys, clothes, bric-a- brac, tea cakes and bacon butties!!
  3. Can anyone tell me if I need to destroy plants which have been struck down with tomato blight? They are greenhouse grown and I have noticed that all of them seem to have early signs of the disease. Should I destroy them and put it down to bad luck and experience or keep on looking after them in the hope that I will get crop. Some fruits have already set and they have no signs of disease. It's just the leaves. Thanks!
  4. There is a jumble sale Saturday 9th May at Smithy Moor Community Centre on Cross Lane, Stocksbride, Sheffield. Starts 10.30am. Selling clothes, bric-a-brac, tea and cake and much more. Raising funds for the Smithy Moor Nursery Group.
  5. Hi. Does anyone know where I can get hold of reclaimed floorboards in Sheffield or South Yorks? I've tried looking on the web but can't find anything. Failing that anyone recommend any suppliers of new boards? Big thanks!
  6. I'm think of hiring a decorator to paint a hall and stairway and wondered if anyone could give me an idea of the going rate. Ta!
  7. I've heard that the Panto is only being performed Mon to Sat, no Sunday performance. Does anyone know if this is true? It seems a bit odd what with Sunday being a day when families do stuff.
  8. The Crucible does 2 for 1 on some shows and has various concessions. Would that be enough as a newcomer to make you attend? Do you think Theatres in general don't attract a young audience? Do they cater for ethic groups and alternative theatre? Would anyone be interested in a Theatre friends group where you can attend, see the show and then have a drink after as a group? It would pretty much be aimed at people who would like to visit the theatre but whose friends maybe aren't interested. Not a dating group just a network of likeminded people.
  9. I did the same in John Lewis. I bought a book there and then found out that it was MUCH cheaper in Waterstones. John Lewis gave me the difference back. Also do you know that that if you buy something in Gap and then within 2 weeks it goes into the sale. If you take your receipt back to Gap they give you the difference back - no hassle. I think that's amazing - everywhere else would just think tough luck!
  10. I'm doing some research into whether people visit the theatres in Sheffield. (Crucible, Lyceum, Studio only). And would like to know as forum members what you think. Do you attend? Sometimes? Never? Are they great? A waste of money? What would make you attend? What's your favourite performance? Any comments would be really helpful - truthful please! PS This is independent research - not commissioned by Sheffield Theatres or on their behalf.
  11. I'd go for the novelty option - It's Secret Santa no one will know. How about a calendar of Fire fighters or some raunchy knickers. The poor old dear probably could do with a laugh rather than some smellies and talc. Make her smile she'll love it!!
  12. Hi - I'm looking to start a lunchtime meditation group in the city centre and wondered if anyone is interested in either coming along or could sugest a venue. I'll start with a mindfulness meditation and perhaps move onto pure awareness if people are interested. You can contact me at tamingthemonkey@hotmail.co.uk
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