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  1. Potting shed at silkstone is at the side of a river,theres also a garden centre in the grounds
  2. Reach has never prospered in a central role,wide left,Wallace managed it,winning tackles isnt his strength,hes not tenacious and we turned down 9M for him from Wolves,hel leave for free next summer...............................beggars belief
  3. Dissapointed we didnt capitalise while on top in the 1st half,2nd half was mostly all watford pressure. Decent game and a fair result,Watford will be tricky opposition when they get their injured players back
  4. Usefull workout for the kids,give them a bit of confidence and nice to see Kachunga open his account,Palmers had a really good game down the right,whipped in some dangerous crosses,and a decent game for Hunt too
  5. Yeah meant highest scorers,thought we were 2nd highest scorers,better than I thought then lol
  6. Alan boom boom Minter,lovely boxer,watched all his televised fights back in the early 70s all the way through to hagler in 1980,he was the only champion britain had at one point,suffered with eye cuts sadley,but a game boxer with the heart of a lion. Very sad loss remembered with great affection
  7. Wednesday really grafted for that,looked very compact and worked as a unit,just exploited the gaps that Cardiff left,bar a couple of alarms,for all their posession,CC barely troubled Dawson Moore had a decent header inches away and Morrison likewise,they played very direct,or were forced to,and had the lions share of the ball.Wednesday looked to take a little more time in posession and looked to pass it along the deck. Windass got off to a scoring start as a full blown owl,Rhodes worked hard and deserved a goal.and Kachunga was busy once introduced,hauled to the ground by the fortunate Morrison in the latter stages,looked a stonewall pen. So -9 with Watford up next in the league,our home form was the achillies last season,we had 2nd best away record in the division last season,lets hope monk can find the chemistry for home wins
  8. Sad news,recall her well,a real sex symbol of the 60s,clad in black leather,and later nude stage scenes,fondley remebered as Emma Peel,the very mention of her name back in the day evoked arousal in guys of a certain age. Very talented actress who loved to break boundries
  9. Winning trophies has never been a bad habit,no matter what level. if you can get together a young side that develops and gets a taste for silverware,gaining valuable experience along the way,cant see how thats a bad thing. The one good thing thats really developed under DCs reign is a stronger youth policy,its been a really impressive development. I for one would welcome our under 23s taking part and would be more than happy to go to the games
  10. Walsall are L2 now bud,they were relegated last season
  11. Wow what a comeback from England in the 1st T20 with Oz,I watched all the way upto the Aussies being 90-0.I just didnt see the point of watching any more,as they were just sailing along and our bowling looked flat and predictable,so I do took the dog out,hes a big lad so its 1-2 hours,came back and to my astonishment wed won,all be it by a slim margin,so had to search for highlites as it didnt sink in straight away,but yep,the bowlers got their act together in the last 10 overs,and wickets just kept falling,Rashids last over was his most productive,taking 2 wickets,Maxwell was a bonus,idiot shot,close run out from Jordan,very tight decision,and Jofra Archer weighed in with 2 wickets,not yet a 5 day bowler and by quite some way hes a short game specialist and came back well,tight game,superb fightback from the england team
  12. That was pants,no striker untill after HT,against a 4th tier side,looks like were in for a long old season,that 12 points will take some bringing back,may as well plan for league 2 now. There was no urgency or flow,just pass and move but without any penetration,and with no strikers,there was no intent in the area,Reach as a striker???he kept drifting out wide where his normal position is,dear me. Seriously hope that hes used this to gain some info about his MF players and used it for training purposes because that was terrible
  13. So Jimmys finally got there,despite covid,and the dropped catches JA has moved into a class of his own,the greatest pace bowler of all time,I was lucky enough to see his first wicket,all be it by tv,he seemed to arrive then disappear,then comeback years later,after an injury then a re alligned bowling action to save his career,a supreme bowler,and his story is not yet over,seems to have the energy for more,seems to be bowling better than ever these last few years,fitness allowing,and hes a supremely fit guy,more may come his way,if the slips can hold em! Congrats indeed to a supreme english bowler
  14. Maybe we missed a trick,should have stuck an extra 10/15M on and wiped away some of DCs mistakes from his earlier years
  15. Two brilliant series played here despite the covid crap,really enjoyed the windies tests,Gabriel just looked a beast of a bowler in that 1st test,virtually unplayable,alas the games came too quick and the Windies bowlers ran outa steam,big Shannon in particular could barely bend his tired body,and credit to Blackwood who batted out of his skin,Chase,yet again troubled english batsmen with his off breaks,Holder was superb a real athlete,Stokes shone for england,and Broad took the attack to the windies batsmen after being left out of the 1st test which really stung him,Woakes came into the side and took a few wickets. Pakistan series have always been tense games tinged with controversey,but its been a really watchable series of games thats suffered due to the weather,a young pak side,have talent in so many areas but as in years gone by suffer temperament issues,which detracts from the skill the players obviously have,Eng have been really dominant despite the loss of stokes,and Crawley,left out of previous games took his chance with a fab knock today,falling just short of a triple ton with a knock of impurious regard,despite his tender age
  16. Doubt theyve got the clout for a legal bash,theyre just hoping someones gunna do it for em,does anyone know who owns charlton? and did they pass the legal stuff?Even the EFL arent sure,was the transfer of ownership even legit?Charlton just lurch from one crisis to another,its a del boy club,total joke,shame for the fans
  17. Last time Wednesday kicked a season off in wales,they got promoted and went the first 16 games unbeaten,love to think it was an omen,alas that side want 12 points down,and it was a team with barely any weakspots
  18. Arent Charlton already under investigation for the ownership issue that would see them deducted points if proved?Chorlton have bigger issues than Wednesday lobbing them a lifeline,they could start NEXT season on minus 21 points if proved,theyve hardly been honest themselves,and could be in the fourth tier,if theres still a fourth tier once covid bankrupts the lower leagues. The EFL persued a 21 point deduction against SWFC,which would have applied in 2018-19,for mis appropriation of accounts against 3 membersof SWFC,the 3 members were all aquitted and no case was brought,so the EFL have persued a 12 point deduction this season,but again left it very late,so late that despite a season that ended in July,they couldnt apply any punishment as the league season was officially over in May and the respondents have right to appeal,which in all honesty Wednesday would be stupid not to,as the EFL look about as organised as a chimps tea party and look culpable if theyve given Wednesday leave to alter account dates
  19. Huge gamble,not played since feb due to a really nasty broken leg,think it was a double fracture as well,dont wanna dampen anyones expectations,but on the wigan forum its said that since his injury,theyve conceeded far less goals and really tightened up at the back........ From what Ive seen of CD,mostly in his time at Oxford,looked very composed and comfortable on the ball,good in the air,and a strong tackler,though he may take less risks now due to that injury,time will tell,has decent pace and can pass well especially over distance. If Venancio comes back on a free,as is rumoured wed look a lot more solid at the back,plus it looks like their trying to lower the wage bill and streamline losses
  20. It wasnt an interrogation I just asked if they knew him and what he did,as was said hes a very private person,not uncommon in that part of the world. It was meant to say travelled from Malyasia to Phuket
  21. Hes actually a property developer,and has a media arm,hes well known in thia business circles,hes quite a private person,as is the thia custom and hes quite guarded so information about DC is quite hard to come by,Hes very successfull,one of thialands elite,I was in Phuket,Malaysia and he was well respected there,his name was very well known,travelled upto Pattaya and he was likewise very well known in his own right
  22. I think they are delayed due to the ongoing saga,once its sorted then they will be published. Theres a lot of confusion around wether the accounts get re set after the case is settled.My understanding was they dont and its just a rolling three years,but it needs clarity on that point from the EFL. A uefa directive is to relax FFP due to covid,and again the EFL need to clarify and make a statement.
  23. Worse could follow,Wednesday could get a further points deduction if the next set of accounts show a loss above 20.8M,considering their last loss was 35.4M,youd say its nailed on that worse is to follow
  24. Wouldnt have thought thats possible as both sides have a right to appeal,so the likely scenario is any punishment will be administered next season,youd class july as close season,if no extrodinary measures have been ratified by the EFL clubs,then thats still the case and last season,late as it was,is now closed as the play offs are now being played,so all league positions have been signed off by the EFL.
  25. I dont know what happened at SWFC at X mas,but they dropped like a stone thereafter,clearly something was done or said that had an effect on the playing staff,becuase after boxing day,the fight just went out of the side,Wednesday have just fell apart since
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