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  1. The red was really harsh,the kids caught his back foot and the refs view must have looked like his foot was off the ground,it wasnt,its altered the game,the challenge on bannan was naughty,forced onto the backfoot with ten men theyve dug in well. Chansiri is the problem not the cure,must be clear to all by now,as a virgin owner hes had his knickers down by those around him yet not learned the business of club ownership. He had a plan,but tore it up months later,what an idiot,hes been taken to pieces by agents. His plans in tatters now with TP in charge,hes brought his own recruitment mob,headed by Trusson.
  2. Thought Wednesday were the better side 1st half and deservedly went in 1-0 up,much improved on the game at PNE,looked far more organised. Swans made a lot of changes 2nd half from a really strong bench,Wednesday couldnt find the killer goal and JVA commited the cardinal sin of defenders,allowed ayew the time and space to turn and shoot,he should have been much tighter. Decent point but for one mistake and it was all three in the bag,very poor from JVA,who was taken off a matter of minutes later by TP,big improvement on the PNE performance.
  3. Id say the first thing hed have noticed about us is that we dont have any combative players,were very lightweight,the likes of Reach and Bannan arent TPs type of player.I can see him moving Iorfa into a CM role and looking for a similar type of player to go alongside him. Wouldnt have thought hed be too impressed by our defenders either,although zonal marking will suit Borner whose done well since his comeback,though hes far from sturdy
  4. Very poor game,low on quality from both sides, Preston without a win at home this season were marginally the better side in a dull encounter that hinged on two mistakes,both from owls players,Windass put a boot in a PNE lads chest and paid the price for dangerous play,it wasnt intentional,but it was stupid.The second was westwoods choice to punch a ball he should have caught,the fact he punched it straight to a PNE boot cost Wednesday a point.Must say I was VERY suprised he was chucked straight in,Wildsmith has done nothing to warrant being dropped. The effect of Wednesdays overspend in the 2016-17 season,that brought about the FFP breach, were on view for all to see today,sub standard players in just about every position,those that arent dont have the quality around them any longer that they can play with,and the new system wont suit either Reach or Bannan and Id expect both to move on in january. Im not a fan of Pullis,or his style of smothering creativity with over physical challenges and launching high balls to big lads in the box,shame we let Nuhiu go,hed be in his element and a real threat,but if he can effect an escape this season,so be it,but it will be a tough ask on todays showing.
  5. Untill Wednesday get the recruitment right,it wont really matter what manager comes in,Wenger,Guardiola,Ferguson,would achieve the same outcome with the current and past squads. Footballs not about spending billions in one go,its about acquiring the best players you can afford,to fit the plan you have to be successfull. About 5 years ago Brentford opted to recruit on a stats based system,where they refined every available stat to the finest detail,to play an attacking expansive 451 cum 433,with a budget based on 9000 fans average attendance,a heavy ask,which conflicted with Mark Warburtons choice of recruitment so he left his job. Brentford have since gone on to be a side that plays the way the owners wanted,and along the way accumulated millions in transfer fees and yet replaced the players like for like under their system and are a strong attack minded side that everyone wants to watch,and achieved this on the same budget,and moved to a larger more modern new stadium in the bargain. Which all goes to prove that strong leadership is the key asset and not cash if its spent unwisely
  6. Of all the out of work managers available in europe, Pullis must be be the dullest of all,absolutely awfull to watch,dour tactics,lots of free kicks,corners and throw ins. If the fanbase wanted proof hes lost interest,there it is,the most uninspiring candidate on this list,Stoke fans reckon it took them 5 years to recover from his signings and ethos,its says much the same on the WBA forums
  7. When EH was Burnley manager he left the job as his wife couldn't settle in the north,so Id say hed been looking for a job in his own part of the world,so that's one we can rule out.
  8. After making a statement a matter of days ago about the manager hes now sacked him,Chansiri is beyond fathomable. Monks record has been abysmal,Wednesday have played some dire football,and Monks record reads worse than that of Luhukay which was bad enough. It would take a magician to get a decent tune out of the squad assembled by Monk,all be it under difficult circumstances,His predecessor,Steve Bruce did some awfull transfer business which hasnt helped the next poor fool to get the Wednesday hotseat its not a job for the feint hearted. Paul Cook might be worth a shout,id guess it would depend on what HE makes of the squad and how much the chairmans willing to back him. Anyone whose got a reputation they want to keep,wont touch the job with a bargepole. Recruitment is a huge problem at SWFC,its been poor for a number of years,the stats based system employed at brentford has worked wonders,where as us recruiting from Paxos pals has sent us into a tailspin and broke the bank and the EFLs patience.If that process changed then maybe monk or the next boss will stand a chance of success!
  9. Millwall just sat deep hitting Wednesday on the break,a tactic that almost paid off twice in two minutes with the lions gong very close on 20 mins,first half was an abysmal watch with the owls struggling to pick passes through a packed lions rearguard. Wednesday sprung to life in the 2nd half and finally found some spark going close on numerous occasions,but lacked quality and composure in the box,for me Monks missing a trick by not playing Kachunga more centrally,he had great success there for Hudders when they got pomoted.Neither Marriot or Paterson look anything like dangerous the decision to let Nuihu go is looking like a very poor one just now
  10. Best side won on that night,as unlikely as it might have seemed beforehand Wednesday turned in solid performance and with a little more composure might have been well ahead at half time,decent chances for Reach,Kachunga,Palmer and a free kick from Windass all went very close,Odubajo just couldnt quite get on the end of a decent cross second half. Wednesday defended well and close down an unbeaten Bournemouth restricting them to a couple of attempts on goal the the keeper easily dealt with. Funny old game football!
  11. The recruitment under the last two managers has left us with a very poor squad,far worse in quality then when Chansiri took over. The managers weve recruited have each brought in players to fit there own system,and as a result you get a disjointed squad,players like Odubajo,Harris,Borner,Paterson,Windass,Luongo are all squad players that ordinarily dont make the 1st 11 but are handy to fill in for 4/5 games or off the bench for 20 mins to give the 1st choice lads a rest. Contrast us to Brentford who employ a stats based system,within a frame that fits their style of play,and limited budget and you get a picture of the gulf in desire and knowledge between the bees boardroom and our dictatorship. Without a change in direction,Wednesday will be relegated by new year.
  12. Thats got to be Monks last game,an absolute embarrassment today. Toothless in attack and lacking any creativity,the last three game we could have reasonably expected to get 6 points from. Its simply hasnt worked for Monk,his insistence on sticking to the 352 when hes not got the players beggers belief.During Monks reign weve had one of the worst home records since the dark days of Burtenshaw. There are again feint rumours,albeit with scant substance, that DC is looking to offload the club due to the amount of flack he and his family are taking. The club needs firm leadership in what was ALWAYS going to be a difficult season,from the top down to the manager and its not forthcomming.We now move into some difficult games with a side thats got the look of defeat everytime it takes to the pitch.
  13. Poor again from Wednesday,Luton could have gone in 3 up by HT and wed have no complaints, 3 clear openings as early as the 20th second where Flint spared an indecisive Dawson. Wednesday picked up the mantle 2nd half,but didnt commit bodies into the box when they got behind Luton,just as the other night,and the moment JVA left the pitch,Luton scored with the very 1st attack. Theres no doubt all the injurys are playing a huge part in results, Lees Iorfa, Brown & Luongo all missing, Palmer returned today, young Shaw still not fit and the home hoodoo continues. Theyve gone from an excellent performance at Brum,to two abject showings at home,you sense that Monks position must be precarious now with such poor home form
  14. We totally dominated the 1st half had four really good chances,got bodies in the box and unlucky not to have a pen when Reach was hacked down in the corner of the box. Carried on where we left off 2nd half and for the first time in yonks put two halves of football together,although we continued to struggle to stick it in the net untill a really soft pen when Paterson went down with minimal contact,but that canceled out the stone waller from the 1st half,and duly despatched by Bannan.The last 15 minutes saw brum give it a rite go and came close with a Friend header that was only a yard wide then Hogan put the ball in the net from about 2 yards offside. Wednesday employed a very fluid backline,where Odubajo bombed on in a foreward role,and Luongo filled in the hole when he did,but when we were defending Odubajo played on the right side of defence and it caused brum all kinds of problems. Very good performance but we need to take some of these chances if we are to climb the ladder, we also need to sort out our home form,its a huge concern.
  15. Mandric took out a loan against the ground when he was the owner,pretty common practise in business,not risk free but common place.I used to work for a guy that had, 130M in his current account,he borrowed money as often as he could if the rates were low enough,called it free money,hed triple his money on a bad year,pay it back cream off the profit into account in australia where had family and go borrow some more.You do need to have wads in the bank to be able to borrow at those rates and scales which Chansiri has. We used RBS at broomhill as a shell account and transfered the largest sums into 3 child trust accounts in Oz,we borrowed 40M,after we payed back,16M was sent to brisbane over a 6 year period,we then moved to Bath,and repeated the process over a simular period but with far better results in a shorter time scale,it was like printing your own money
  16. We were 2nd best 1st half,got lucky when QPR hit the post at a corner,and corners gave us a few problems,turned right around 2nd half,had either Reachs or Luongos efforts gone in would have made it safe,as it is they kept going and got stronger towards the end as we retreated and it made for an edgy last 10 mins,and the sucker punch came at the death in stoppage time with Van Aken losing the sub who headed home.No time for the 10 men to get back in it,although a draw was a fair result,its the manner of it thats annoying. Weve got some defensive worries losing 3 CBs in the game,Lees looks like a groin and he had that trouble last season and missed over 2 months!Palmer like Shaw,making his league debut,turned his ankle and both face a race to be fit in time for the Brum game. Could force Monk into the market for another CB,Borner doesnt inspire confidence and hes struggled with championship football,hence Shaw got a game ahead of him today.
  17. Failed to capitalise on our first half chances. 2nd half City pushed their wing backs up and ours didnt respond, we got overun in MF and they did take their chances, we just werent at it 2nd half,the pressure forced a few stupid errors,pretty dissapointed not to take something after a very decent 1st half
  18. Potting shed at silkstone is at the side of a river,theres also a garden centre in the grounds
  19. Reach has never prospered in a central role,wide left,Wallace managed it,winning tackles isnt his strength,hes not tenacious and we turned down 9M for him from Wolves,hel leave for free next summer...............................beggars belief
  20. Dissapointed we didnt capitalise while on top in the 1st half,2nd half was mostly all watford pressure. Decent game and a fair result,Watford will be tricky opposition when they get their injured players back
  21. Usefull workout for the kids,give them a bit of confidence and nice to see Kachunga open his account,Palmers had a really good game down the right,whipped in some dangerous crosses,and a decent game for Hunt too
  22. Yeah meant highest scorers,thought we were 2nd highest scorers,better than I thought then lol
  23. Alan boom boom Minter,lovely boxer,watched all his televised fights back in the early 70s all the way through to hagler in 1980,he was the only champion britain had at one point,suffered with eye cuts sadley,but a game boxer with the heart of a lion. Very sad loss remembered with great affection
  24. Wednesday really grafted for that,looked very compact and worked as a unit,just exploited the gaps that Cardiff left,bar a couple of alarms,for all their posession,CC barely troubled Dawson Moore had a decent header inches away and Morrison likewise,they played very direct,or were forced to,and had the lions share of the ball.Wednesday looked to take a little more time in posession and looked to pass it along the deck. Windass got off to a scoring start as a full blown owl,Rhodes worked hard and deserved a goal.and Kachunga was busy once introduced,hauled to the ground by the fortunate Morrison in the latter stages,looked a stonewall pen. So -9 with Watford up next in the league,our home form was the achillies last season,we had 2nd best away record in the division last season,lets hope monk can find the chemistry for home wins
  25. Sad news,recall her well,a real sex symbol of the 60s,clad in black leather,and later nude stage scenes,fondley remebered as Emma Peel,the very mention of her name back in the day evoked arousal in guys of a certain age. Very talented actress who loved to break boundries
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