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  1. Hi Mawgan I think confidence has a lot more to do with how you feel about yourself (i mean comfortable, relaxed and happy with who you are ... and accepting yourself ... a 'feeling thing') ... more than what you do. Acting over confident and being OTT are really just ways in which people hide their insecurities ... IMHO. For me personally ... I just need to feel like I am fine as I am (mostly I do feel like that) ... and aslo ... just talk to girls and not feel like I have to be anyone else other that who I am. Agree with you on the meeting peeps in clubs ... very hard !! ... more than one way to skin a cat tho matey Speed dating will (i hope) just be fun and a controlled way of helping me to get past my fear of women ... really don't expect anything other than that !!! Am I a poor mis-guided fool !!? lol Agree with you on the meeting people through what you do for fun thing too Mawgan.
  2. Yep ... have seen that a few times thanks Richman Feeling pretty good today ...
  3. Hehehehe - thanks for that excellent tip Spacehopper dude What do u mean 'clubbing just meet w******' tinajones !? I go clubbing !!! (not very often tho) Edited Swearing - Lickszz
  4. You're totally spot on there DaBouncer. It is all about self confidence and belief in yourself and very little to do with what you look like. Girls just love that self confidence and guys who are sure about themself ... I recon they they can smell it or something. It isn't something you can put on either ... but it is something you can develop it i think ... just like anything else. I am not a totally unconfident person ... only with the chatting up of the girlies that I struggle. I used to teach traditional chinese exercise ... standing in front of groups of people and shouting the odds = no problem ... just the thought of chatting to a cute girl = nervous wreck !!! There must be loads of guys like me ... I am just totally 100% determined to change it ... cos it is just not fun. I figure the speed dating thing will help me to feel relaxed and comfortable and be myself around women. Just what I need. Will defo keep u all informed of progress Lindsy ... if you don't mind me rabbiting on that is !?
  5. Yeah there were loads there taking snaps DaBouncer What was it like near the front? I was stood in the middle of the que and missed all the action near the store. Did you see how the virgin staff were reacting ???
  6. Excellent idea Lindseyw !!! ... i'd be ya star pupil mr DaBouncer sir ... As for 'just be yourself' Lindsey, depends who you are, if your a 'prime beef mr confident pulling machine' ... good idea !!!! If your a 'not got a clue how to approach women' kinda guy ... not such a hot idea !!! I actually don't mind admitting that I'm not very confident with girls. Don't have a problem with that at all. It is somehting I am addressing and working on. That's all I can do hunni. I got in touch with the sheffield college this afternoon and I am going on a 10 week confidence building course. Woo hoo ... look out girlies lol.
  7. Lucky for me I left with everyone else then ... lol
  8. We assembled outside Virgin Megastore just before 3pm ... While the town hall clock chimed, everyone started to clap !!! ... After the chimes, we all formed an orderly que across fargate (going up to Virgin megastore). Anyone asking what we were queing for was told 'robbie williams' is coming to the store. And we all just talked about robbie to passers by ... and chatted to other people in the que ... I'd say there was about 80 people there, and then passers by on top ... Was quite well recieved and lots of bemused looking faces ... interesting how some people actually believed that robbie was comming to the store and some were a bit more skeptical !! When I told people robbie was comming to the store ... One comment I got was 'OMG, robbie williams' ... and a group of young girls ran off in to the store ... Another comment was '... if robbie williams was really coming, people would not be forming an orderly que and there would be barriers up' !? Certainly was fun though ;o)
  9. Yeah I was too John ... I love robbie williams ;o)
  10. LOL ... sounds pretty cool to me DaBouncer Maybe i'll should have a look for work in the states ... hehehe
  11. Yeah ... thanks for the tip DaBouncer ... have already added it to my 'wish list' on Amazon ... You must be a confidence expert if you don't mind me saying so, just from the line of work you're in !?
  12. Won't find it 9 times out of 10 DaBouncer ... I recon that's a pretty opptomistic estimate IMO !
  13. Yeah ... I totally agree with you DaBouncer ... not to be looking, just to be your normal relaxed and happy self is the way to be. On the other hand ... them ladies sure look fine and like Red2 says ... when you've been single for a while ... it's hard not to be wanting one !!!. I always notice though if im looking when I'm out ... it never works and I always feel crap about myself ... and if I'm just not bothered and relaxed ... I have a great time. Kind of a catch 22 I guess ... Just going to try a few different things though ... to the normal pubs and clubs ... and speed dating sounds great for shy guys like myself.
  14. Yes DaBouncer ... that is me !!!
  15. Hiya Chloe, Err ... why do you ask !? I'm 35 ...
  16. Hi, Hope this doesn't sound too bad (i mean desperate ... lol). Does anyone know of any speed dating events in Sheffield ? I'm a bit on the shy side with the ladies and it (speed dating) sounds like a good thing ... Also, if any guys (or girls) on the forum, have any (good) tips for meeting girls ... do send em my way !! Jamie
  17. Maybe they should make silent fireworks ....
  18. Have to agree with you Cycleracer, that sounds like an ideal solution. btw John, I live at intake too, that 'some sort of banger' you heard, may well have been my car driving by ...
  19. Call me thick, but ... I just don't understand why people are more bothered about place names and road names ... more than the fact that a human being has died ... Life is soooo cheap !?
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