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  1. Hi Carolina Well I guess shy is good cos it generally means you're not full of *BS* like a lot of (more 'louder') people. Hey mr 1Man&hisBMW ... cheers matey !! Avatar is taken from a photo taken last october. I had just come back from holiday in Rhodes. Am not usually that brown, quite fair infact. You'd be supprised how well you can knacker your chances when you're not all the confident and feel unsure about how to aproach the ladies. I really don't think looks matter that much to women, certainly not as much as confidence. The funny thing is, I can be very confident and sure of myself at times. Put me in front of a nice looking woman ... POW ... bag of nerves ... lol. Maybe I feel like I have to be someone else with them (steve mcqueen ?) and not just me. I am getting there though ... slowely
  2. Hey Carolina (*breaks out in to song*) ... lol. Will you be coming to the forum meet next Thursday ?? Jamie
  3. Not something I like to talk about Moon !! ... and certainly not in such a public place with someone I hardly know. Sorry to be such a tease !! Some SERIOUSLY scary s**t out there ... and many entities in the universe use violence to survive ... lions tigers demons and drunk yobs on a friday night out ... Is not good to think that you can just go with the flow and be all lovey dovey and you will be safe from harm. What do you think Moon ?? Jamie
  4. ... already have tried that Moon. Doing nothing and loving / having no harmful intent to another entity is a very 'powerful' thing indeed ... But then ... there is 'doing nothing' and there is 'doing nothing'. I generally believe only what I experience for myself and I have my own perspectives and understandings on stuff Moon.
  5. welcome to the forum running_man .... do you go jogging by any chance !?
  6. No I wouldn't be pi**** at all Moon. I would do something very different indeed Getting pi**** hardly ever helps anyone, living or (i guess) dead. Could the placing of a crucifix also be an act of love and healing? Perhaps feeling loved would enable the conciousness or energy of the inorganic beings to evolve as required. Love conquers all don't you think ....
  7. Check out this website ... http://www.atasteofsalsa.co.uk/ Click on 'classes' ... it details all local classes for each night of the week. Jamie
  8. Why would a home made crucifix upset any entity moon ?
  9. Hiya Carolina !!! ... I'm not over 40 hunni ... so make sure u have ur dancing shoesies on and I'll give u a whirl ...... Is blushing really attractive ? Maybe in women ... Could be a good poll topic ? ... I got 3 matches from the night ... I basically ticked em all and 3 ticked me ... not many I guess. Quite funny cos I have no idea who they are and I am engaging in email conversation with them ... lol. Well ... 20 strange girls for 3 mins each ... how on earth am I supposed to remember their names ???
  10. I used to love them lil paddle boats in the lake when I was a kid. Also ... I remember the park bit (swings and slides) ... I got concussion when I was about 10 and a kid behind my pushed me off the slide (grrrrr @ dave aston) ... What about the open air swimming pool they had ... loads of fun throwing water filled empty crisp packets at the other kiddies !!
  11. Hiya Carolina!!! Just back from speed dating @ HaHa Bar! ... wow lol Very strange experience ... was quiet nervous to begin with but I soon relaxed in to it ... and all in all had a really fun time and met some really nice people. Everyone had a little card and you have to tick the ladies you would like to get to know more. I was edging my bets and ticked them all ... (only joking ... was about 3 i didn't tick ... and 1 i defo didnt tick). Hopefully I will get some matches !!! Didn't meet miss right. Didn't really matter though. Was just a fiun (and strange) night out and great to meet so many different and interesting people. I loved it. Just loved talking to people like that. I recon your right about the salsa vs speed dating as a way to meet people of opposite sex carolina. Salsa is much more fun. This was good just to help me get over the shyness thing...
  12. I found Balti King absolutely terrible ... and the curry I had made me feel sick for days ... Balti King = RANCID ...
  13. Thanks for the link sammyBoy ... like the look of that one. I've got the speed dating at the HaHa! Bar tommorow (tuesday) night ... *gulp* lol
  14. Yeah he looked like a very big fella ... very stocky ... although not that fit say compared to the black guy on the show ... not sure wot his name was ... from some band. Mind u ... non of the guys looked anywhere near as fit as miss world ... she kept checking me out as I was just sat their minding my own biz in the audience ... honest !
  15. Myself, and another forum member, went to see 'The Games' last night (Thursday 11 September) ... it's a live reality TV show ... a big-brother at the olymics kinda thing ... We were sat right at the front and made several appearances on live TV ... channel 4 ... 9.00 - 10.00. Just wanted to ask if anyone happened to have recored the program? ... or may know where to get a video of the show? Thanks, Jamie
  16. T-Shirts could be an excelant way to promote the forum ... Maybe white T-Shirts with black text ... chat with sheffield folk @ http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk and if several people are wearing them ... maybe they'd be noticed more?
  17. *shocked* You mean they're NOT wheels from cavemens cars Internetowl !??? Jamie
  18. Nice one ... thanks Louise ... I'll have to give them a call ... Will have to be careful though ... at this rate I could actually end up with a girl-friend ... lol
  19. Did you say your a pshycologist before, Mawgan ? There was also this 'dining to meet' thingy if your interested Mawgan ... it's advertised outside the pub in the center of town just across from mc donalds (top of moor). Only £15 and they feed you too !! (not to the lions i hope). I have a telephone number for it if your interested. Might give it a go myself. Yeah come on down mr craig ... what do u have to loose
  20. Yes ... the class is very friendly and also a very fun time had by all Carolina ... u should try it And yes !!! ... I go on my own to the class ... and dance with girls. Last night I actually enjoyed it too !!! ... although I still break out in to 'cold sweats' with the cuties and just feel really clumsy. I defo have danced with girls that I liked a lot (and I have some funny stories too). But do you know how many times I have had the courage to ask one of them out eh !?
  21. You don't look at all shy Carolina !!! It's on the 23rd of September @ the Halcyon bar ... http://www.rapiddating.co.uk/rapidevents/sheffield/index.asp Actually Carolina ... they do a *VERY* good salsa class @ the Halcyon bar on monday evenings from 7.30 pm ... I was there last monday and the atmosphere is great ... very friendly
  22. Hi Again Carolina What do you mean Louise !!! ... women don't want me to take off all my clothes and throw myself at their feet !!!? ... *shocked* lol Thanks for the great advice though Louise ... Have to agree on the clubs ... and plus ... am not that in to clubs anyway (i would only go in the hope of meeting someone) ... too loud and smokey ... yuk. On point 3 ... how do you get her email addy of mobile number if your shy to ask her out person to person !? I recon the best way is to bite the bullit ... and ask her straight out in spite of all them shy feelings and palputations !!! ... Just go through all that (and then prob get rejected) ... cos that is just so much better than doing nothing. Anyway ... I am now enrolled on a 10 week confidence building course with the Sheffield college ... and have found some speed dating in Sheffield too ... Can't wait !!!
  23. I think they should do loads more, make them as varied as possible so it's not predicted and un-expected etc ...
  24. How did ashley get on tina ?
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