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  1. I love max's solution to the tennis tournament It's funny how human beings can have a tendency to make things more complex than they need to be ... or to look for more complex solutions !! I'm guilty of being too complex loads ... mind you ... it wouldn't look good if people called me simple
  2. Or you could try the HAHA bar ... a lot of young people there. The http://www.rapiddating.co.uk night I went on was 22-35 ... and fun ... ask them if they have another night. I think Cathy's company http://www.datexpress.co.uk seem to cater for 25 year old's minimum ... is that correct Cathy? They also have a £5 introdutory offer on at the moment. Whatever you do ... let us know how you get on Mr Teatime
  3. Anyone can give a cast iron guarantee ... that doesn't mean it won't happen ...
  4. I'm confused !! How did you get 75 matches for the second round ... should it not be 65 ? (130 players gone through from the first round).
  5. If ignorance is bliss - why aren't there more people happy ? They are happy ... they just haven't realised it yet
  6. Damn it !!! they get harder 258 ... I agree with you Carl. Although I would have no 'byes' ... instead I have 6 un-seeded players and 253 seeded players. The un-seeded players play off in 3 games to leave 3 ... added to the 253 seeded = 256 players for round 2 ... To get from 256 to 1 takes 255 games using binary subdivision. 256 to 128 = 128 games ... 128 to 64 = 64 games ... 64 to 32 = 32 games ... 32 to 16 = 16 games ... basically from 256 to 1 is (256 - 1) ... 255 + 3 = 258.
  7. Why do they want to GM modify food anyway ? Is it to improve the nutritional value or natural food stuf ... or maybe to increase profits of the companies involved in the food industry ? I think it's madness to medle with nature .......
  8. 500 miles ? doesn't matter how far apart they are to begin with (unless they are closer than on minute apart). thier combined speed is 30,000 miles per hour. 60 minutes in one hour. 30 / 60 = .5 ... thus 500 miles ?
  9. Hiya Agent Dan, I've not read "the celestine prophecy" nope. Any good? What's it all about then? Jamie
  10. Jamie

    Your Song?

    "Moon River" as sung by Audrey Hepburn in the film Breakfast at Tiffanies ...
  11. Well Cathy !! .... There were some really nice and attractive ladies there. I just hope I didn't put any off by drooling too much in to my drink !! I met 18 ladies during the evening. There were more girls than guys, so sometimes the girls were just sat on their own (awww). Great fun for the guys though. I met 3 girls that I was quite attracted to. One girl had the most amazing deep blue eyes (I was too chicken to tell her so ... doh). Blonde gorgeous sexy and friendly !! what more could you want !? So yeah I made some connexions (i hope so at least). I also met some girls that I just got on with really well and had a right laff with. One just gave me her email addy and mobile # on the spot. So a lot of new avenues opening up for me. As for what I said. I didn't have anything planned. I just went with the flow, which worked really well and was fun and enjoyable. I'm going to have a go at Cathy's speed dating night next. Hope I don't get addicted ...
  12. QR8 have done some design work for me too. http://www.qr8.co.uk They're good.
  13. UFOs: YES ... imagine that you were a 2 dimensional creature and you were to encounter a 3 dimensional life form. I believe there are alien life forms that exist and do not have a physical aspect to their being. Flying saucers ... hmmm. Vampyres: YES ... people who steal other peoples energy ... many of them around and you can feel them ... usually they have a 'cold' feeling about them ... avoid eye contact unless you know what you're doing. Lycanthropy: YES ... people who can materialise and de-materialise at will and also change form ... i can feel like a bit of a wolf myself when the moon is full ... animalistic and connected with the animal that i really am ... are people animals ? Ghosts: YES ... but only sexy blonde female ones that constanty haunt my wildest dreams.
  14. Hiya Everyone Just back from the speed dating night at the halcyon ... as run by http://www.rapiddating.co.uk. ... and it was really really really good !! I had such a fun night. Once you relax it all comes so natural !! ... why did no-one tell me that before !? I actually really enjoyed meeting all them gorgeous hotties !! and I used to be terrified of talking to women ... so it is such a shock for me that I actually relaxed and enjoyed it !! Hopefully I will get some matches and meet some of them again ... but whatever happens it's been an education and a success for me personally. This was my second attempt at speed dating and it was much better than the one at the HAHA bar. I feel a lot more relaxed and myself and confident talking to women. All in all it has been a great exercise to help me get over the shyness thing ... Jamie
  15. I go to the yoga class at ponds forge. You get a different teacher depending on the day / time of the class. Janet and Georgia are the two main teachers at ponds forge. Both are really friendly and seem to know what they're doing.
  16. Hiya Nisha Is Shandeep back or are you and Michelle taking the class ? Jamie
  17. I recon if you did something extreme like (not the car bumping) ... she'd be way impressed mate
  18. Hey Have you considered getting a t-shirt or banner saying 'i fancy the girl in the black ford ka' ... and hang around outside the pub @ 5.30 with a bunch of flowers ???
  19. Hi Cathy. I do have problems getting a girly ... it sux !! ... hard to say where I go wrong ... being so incredibly gorgeous and such a lovely natured person (ooops cheap plug!). Hope you do stay and use the forum Cathy Hi Mr Teatime. I agree with a lot you have to say ... and I think you're a star for being so brave and strong enough to admit some of your 'weaknesses' ... (which I don't think are really weaknesses at all). "measure ourselves by how popular we are with members of the opposite sex" ... big NO NO ... what does it matter what any other human being thinks about you !? ... it has to come down to how you feel inside yourself matey We are all so completely different anyway ... WOO HOO ... is that not a good thing ? ... should we all be the same ? Jamie
  20. Hi Cathy, Welcome to the forum Are you intending to join in and make regular postings? ... or are you just a 'one message wonder' here for the free advertising!? Only time will tell ........
  21. Welcome Dude, Not sure about salsa @ walkley ... I know they have one at the crookes working mans club ... maybe that's too far ? Well the media ... is a lot of advertising ... companies trying to convince you that you're inadequate (in various ways) and that you need to buy their products and services to feel ... happy ful-filled and GET SEX !!! It is in their interest to stimulate feelings of inadequacy and unhappyness in people. You don't feel good about yourself by buying stuff. That only comes from inside you ... am sure most people would agree. *rant over* I'm trying to figure out what's behind this shyness thing myself. I always have this feeling (when approaching girls) that I have to put some kind of act on and be better / different to who I am. How about yourself Mr Teatime?
  22. You have to go in to the Haha Bar to get a ticket for the speed dating. Cost you 10 quid ... includes a free drink. I think they run it monthly. Most people there were around your age ... Try ... http://www.atasteofsalsa.co.uk/ ... for details of local salsa classes. You're not alone with the shyness thing. Please let us know how u get on matey. Good Luck, Jamie
  23. Yeah ... me too ... thought it was a typo ... I originally replied with a witty suggestion that he try looking on peoples feet !! ... before realising he was not looking for shoes ... Doh ...
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