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  1. ... and ... I wouldn't mind going on to 'Flares' too ... Maybe we should figure out a day of the week / and then a date first ... Find out what's most popular day etc .... then take it forward from there ... I'm ok everyday ... but prefer Friday / Saturday.
  2. My recommendation .... Create ur site with Dreamweaver ... Dreamweaver is great ... nice user interface and you don't need knowledge of HTML coding etc. Puschase your domain name direct from that godaddy link I sent you. You'll be able to direct your domain name to your current ISP provided webspace ... we have the same ISP by the way and I'm sure they provide you with ad-free web-space. You'll also be able to set up email *@carlwarler.com etc ... The main bulk of the work (above) is creating your web-site ...
  3. I've seen the ring .... OH NO ... utter and totally destruction ...
  4. How about this ... We could do the same again, starting the evening at Classic Rock ... Later on in the evening, we could split up and maybe have 2 or 3 options / splinter groups ... Curry ? Club ? OR ... we could give that Chinese place ('all you can eat') a go ... on corporation st. Personally I prefer Chinese to Indian.
  5. I like that neti neti thing too CW !! I once had the idea that sin ... the only real sin ... is to consider yourself in anyway seperate from 'god'. To see 'god' in everything ... flowers ... grass ... the wind ... your own thoughts ... birds ... stones ... dog poo ... in everything. Not to intellectualise or pontificate ... but just simply to love ... indiscriminately and with as much wisdom and understanding as a new born babe. Is it really you loving the things that you percieve ?? Or is 'god' loving 'god' ?? I just don't know ...
  6. All you need it love ... love ... love is all you need ... OK ... is love different to god ? and have you experienced anything better than love ? (and i don't mean 'that' kind of love) ...
  7. Is it my imagination ... or does the SF have rather more than it's fair share of people with a keen interest in the paranormal !?
  8. Maybe we should all get together in the same room and have a laptop each !!?
  9. I had a really fun time too max, and it was very nice to meet you all
  10. I'm not too bothered about 'scoring points' zamo ... because I would only end up winning and getting more concieted than I already am ... *joking* I think there is 'good' and 'bad' in everything ... including religion. Be interested to know what good ... mr zamo and mr back2basics can find with (any) religion?
  11. No 'gonad plucker' is getting within stricking distance of my equiptment mr Phan dude !!
  12. I would like to know ... What actual practical steps ... you intend to take to ban religion? Have you thought about how you will acheive your goal? Do you intend to do so single handed ... or will you organise people in to a group ... kinda like creating an organisation to get rid of something you don't like (sounds familiar) ...
  13. Disagree with you there Phan. The bit of the flower that you pick ... was part of the plant and alive and growing etc ... until you pick it that is. Am sure the dis-membered plant part wouldn't be too happy either.
  14. You make a lot of sense there Phan ... with the baby and the bath water thingy. I certainly don't think all religions are bad and need 'banning' ... it is not at all cut and dry like that. Some religions are a useful vehicle for the spiritual development of people. Should we also be banning spiritual development ? There's good and bad in everything ...
  15. Hmmm ... but what if you take the missus out in to nature somewhere nice and secluded on a sunny day ... Some beautiful countryside out there ... some fields are just bursting with flowers ... no need to pick a single one ... (try not to crush too many in your passion tho) ...
  16. I ticked yes - only in a biological way ... One question ? How is 'only in a bioligical way' different to the way humans / animals feel pain ? Are humans / animals not biological creatures ? Trees are living creatures and alive ... just like you and me ... and an expression of life ... it's quite feasable that they have a much slower and deeper awareness / conciousness to humans. Some people seem hell bent on destroying nature ... even picking flowers to give to a loved one ... can never get my head round that ... you just killed a living thing ... just to give someone some (nice looking) dead vegitation !?
  17. Are people in religions ... or is religion in people !? Bottom line is ... people do more harm than good.
  18. Defender on the BBC was ace ... and called Planetoid (for legal reasons) ... and all the Acornsoft games in them days were just miles ahead of the competition ...
  19. Which version of settlers did you have DB? I think they went up to settlers 4 ... I played the first 2 to death ... great fun though I've played homeworld too and it didn't much apeal to me. I was looking for something where you can build and manage colonies on planets ... life support systems etc ... grow your colony and mine for resources and build things. Starcraft is excellent ... althought it's all combat based ... I want something where you have to provide life support and explore the planet surface and mine things ... and then fight aliens. Defo going to try Age of Mythology though ... can you play it online ? might be fun to have a forum online battle ?
  20. Hi PurplePippa, I just wanted to add myself to your ever growing list of well wishers ... Take care sweetie, Jamie.
  21. Cool I'm trying to 'acquire' Age of Mythology ... I kinda had it working but not a full version ... looks really nice. I really want something where you can explore and fly over to different planets and make settlements and build stuff. Then mine natural resources and build more stuff and spaceships and fight aliens and other players (if it's multiplayer). There must be loads of games like that.
  22. Some really cool games there Phan ... Such a buzz playing anything like defender / starforce ... no over the top power-ups complicating the issue ... just pure skill and WOW at the adrenlyn of it all ... Mind you ... I love some new arcade games ... esp the ones where you can get in to the cabinet and it vibrates (kinky!) ... u know the ones ... big racing games in sit down cabinets !?
  23. When I was young and at college studying computer studies (zzzzz) at college ... I used to skip class and go play games at the arcade (stories on matilda street) ... incidently I failed my college course !!! Anyway. What are your top 3 favorite arcade games ? Mine are: Starforce. Krull. Gauntlet. (I also used to love flicky and mad-planets).
  24. WOW ... moon !!! I just downloaded that age of mythology ... Looks great ... and I loved all the Age of Empires games ... love anything like that. I totally love space colonization stratagy games ... so if you know a good one ... Do you mean the 'titans' expansion ?
  25. I can see where you're coming from Zamo. When people organise themselfs in to groups ... always there are dangers and people who will seek to manipulate and control the group dynamic to their own ends. I agree with what Carlwarler is saying about *IT* being inside yourself ... and it isn't anything anyone can give you ... be that a religious group or another person / spiritual teacher / whatever. That is not to say that all religions are bad ... they can help you to develop a fuller experience of that *IT* inside yourself ... is that such a bad thing Zamo? What is really dangerous is when people consider group beliefs and the external trappings / rituals / dogma of a belief system ... to have more validity than what they have experienced directly for themselfs inside themselfs. The following is an extract from a book, that I thought I'd share: Finally, learning to adapt to each new circumstance means seeing events through your own eyes, and often ignoring the advice that people constantly peddle your way. It means that ultimately you must throw out the laws that others preach, and the books they write to tell you what to do, and the sage advice of the elder. "The laws that govern circumstances are abolished by new circumstances," Napoleon wrote, which means that it is up to you to guage each new situation. Rely too much on other people's ideas and you end up taking a form not of your own making. Too much respect for other people's wisdom will make you depreciate your own. Be brutal with the past, especially your own, and have no respect for the philosophies that are foisted on you from the outside.
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