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  1. I think people often have a problem with foreign terminology. To illustrate this point, imagine if an English man visited his Spanish friend, at his home in Spain. This Spanish man, lived on a farm, and one day the two friends were out walking and they saw a small fluffy creature with a bobbley tail and 2 big ears. The English man said "look, a rabbit". His Spanish friend at once replied "no, that's a conejo*". And they argued happily ever after over who was right ... All the while the rabbit sat there, and was just the same old rabbit. What I'm trying to say here, is that at our deepest level, surely we are all made out of the same stuff of the universe. What we believe to be, whatever labels we choose, whatever we feel an affinity for, it surely doesn't change the ulitimate (unspoken) reality of what and who we really are. The same laws of existance (e.g. gravity, we all are born, we will all die) apply to us all. When someone says "I'm a <whatever label>", it's not really what they are, it's just what they fancy themselves to be, what they like to call themselves. Surely, we are just what we are? *conejo is Spanish for rabbit.
  2. Urban myth I think: http://www.snopes.com/religion/wellhell.htm This legend is quite popular among Christian groups as it "proves" Hell (and therefore God) exists. Popular endings to the story have it that the scientists ran screaming Hell! from the site, or that since the discovery conversions to Christianity are occurring at an unprecedented rate. If there is a Hell under Siberia, scientists have yet to discover it. What we have here is an enthralling legend that's been spun off an actual event. In 1984, an article about an experimental well in Russia's Kola Peninsula appeared in Scientific American. The Kola well reached 12 kilometers into the ground, where scientists encountered rare rock formations, flows of gas and water, and temperatures up to 180°. (That's 180°, folks, not the 2,000° usually reported in any "Scientists Discover Hell!" screed. It was hot, but it wasn't hellishly so.) Those who did the actual drilling of this very real well did not break through to a hollow centre, and certainly no piteous screams of the damned were heard. That part — all of it — was pure embellishment added after this real event was turned into a legend. (Yes, we know that any number of web sites offer audio clips purporting to be the screams of the damned as recorded in the Well to Hell, and all of them sound like they could be the noise from a typical bar on a busy Friday evening.) etc etc ...
  3. *smiles* I think words just confuse the issue Phan. I know whenever I try to explain my own insights, as soon as I utter a single word, the real essense of what I'm trying to communicate is distorted or lost. Words are also the tools of the intellect, not that I have anything against the intellect, it can be a beautiful thing. It's just that some things are for feeling, not thinking. Further more, and I'm sure you more than appreciate this, words have different connotations and meanings to different people. I was once sitting next to a buddist monk in Sri-Lanka, and the warmth and intensity of the energy he radiated was ... ... behond words. As OB1 says "let go luke, use the force", perhaps enlightenment is about letting go of our mental constructs and just feeling; feeling what's inside you and what's in the world around you. Perhaps feeling it to be one in the same. *tuts* Now look what you've done! You've got my poor little mind thinking about enlightenment, my attention focused on defining it, or even thinking about it. In such a state one can never find it. The best way to find some things, is to stop looking for them. *smiles once again*
  4. Oooooh JBee, you're lovely when you're all fired up! I'm going to gracefully bow out of this thread now, but before I do I'd like to thank everyone for their contributions, you've all given my plenty of food for thought and I've had my fill. One final idea I'd like to put forward is this ... No one is wholey selfish, and no one is wholey selfless. The path of selflessness, to lose one's small ego self, and thereby engage the 'powers that be' to nurture and guide you, I think has a lot going for it (please substitute 'powers that be' for whatever terminoligy you feel most happy with). I'm certainly not trying to say I know best, because I know I don't. I also know there are people in this world who are infinitly wiser and more adept than I am, and it's been my good fortune to come across one or two. *smiling* Jamie.
  5. Enlightenment ... HELP ... I'm falling upwards.
  6. Perhaps one reason for this secrecy, is that, it is simply not a prudent investment, explaining such things to people, esp. people who are not emotionally and spiritually able to comprehend the true meaning of what's being explained (and who would just waste your time and energy arguing about it). Perhaps another reason, is that some individuals are basically on an ego trip, and just want to impress you. Maybe some cans of worms are best left unopened eh? (although I do suspect you just can't help yourself when it comes to opening things!!). I would imagine energy is energy, and there's no good or bad in it, 'good energy' or 'bad energy' it's just context dependent, eg: for a fish, water = good, air = bad, but for a bird, air = good, water = bad (not the best example because a bird will drink water, but then again, it can also drown in it). You may throw a dart at someone's head, but some people will catch that energy as anything they wish to, as a flower for example, or as anything that suits their purpose. Infact some people will catch that energy before you even transmit it, and the game has ended before it's even started. I would imagine it's all a matter of how adept you are at dealing with energy? Not that I know anything about anything you understand, I'm just a baby, and know nothing about nothing, apart from this one thing, it's bed time and I'm knackered, so goodnight.
  7. While I'm no expert on the dating scene ... I'd have thought 'dating skills' equate to 'just being genuine'. (and dating guru's please correct me if I'm wrong here). What I mean is that if you just put yourself in the line of fire and are just your genuine self in any situation ... you don't need to do much more than that. Infact if you're too flash ... the girl will prob think you're an idiot (unless she's young and impressionable) ... and any flashness will be counter productive. Sidla: Just talking to her and being natural and relaxed around her sounds like a fine idea to me ... take your time.
  8. Do you want to talk about the real craft Dragon? If so, perhaps it will help us 3 year olds, if you use appropriate language and terminology that we can more easily relate to? Otherwise, there is a danger that your kind come across as seeking to confuse or frighten the general populus with talk of your mystical 'science'. Of course, the druid, or any other spiritually developed person, whatever tradition, should only share when it feels appropriate to do so! Now this I find most interesting ... Are you claiming to have found a way to circumvent the cause-effect relationship between your actions (albeit the subtle action of your intent) and the reaction you get from the universe? If so, please share it with us all. As for suffering in hell ... Surely we create our own heaven or hell? Then please, don't be. I feel, you'd be doing us all (yourself included) a service, if you related what your practice means to you personally, in more real human terms that we can all relate to, and dropped the mumbo jumbo.
  9. OK you guys all better be really careful not to upset anyone with a pointy hat and a wand. The first rule of witch-club ... is you don't talk about witch-club. The second rule of witch-club ... yadda yadda yadda ... (or we're gonna curse you with our secret ability to cast spells bla bla bla) Don't get me wrong ... it's not that more subtler layers of the universe exist behond the 'knowable' ... they do ... but the way some people intentionally go around calling themselves 'witch' just to create a reaction in people is quite frankly ... pitiful ... an ego crying out for attention ... 'look at me'. Those with real power have no need to label themselves anything and they certainly don't go about advertising their ability. They also know that the energy they project will also affect themselves ... so naturally they don't go around cursing people.
  10. Yes of course it is, and I just did express a viewpoint (see my previous post). And I try to 'grasp' as little as possible ...
  11. Further more ... Those who know, don't talk about it (or have no need to do so). Those who don't know, are forever spouting crap.
  12. How cool !!! ... retribution ... now there's a sign of an enlightened being ...
  13. While I'm no expert on the matter, my own opinion on Witchcraft is thus ... A tradition of methodology for developing (intrinsic personal) power (or energy) and an understanding of the workings of both yourself and the universe at large. Developing your ability to work with and direct energies to our own will, energies both within ourselves and 'out there'. In short, connecting with energies 'out there' and shaping, directing them to your own will.
  14. It's not important what she says ... don't even think about that.
  15. Hell *YES* boy ... You must *DO* something ... anything ... make a move on her. Playing it safe and not taking risks is just sooooo freakin' lame it's untrue ... you should'nt give a flying **** what other people think ... the only thing that matters is what you feel ... that feeling and energy in you that wants to get out ... and all you gotta do is open the door ... a tiny little risk that won't kill you. Let it out baby ... whatever way you feel you want to ... but you gotta let it out ... let it go ... be free.
  16. I totally agree, and your friend probably did the guy a favour. If he has an ounce of intelligence, he'll want to address each point she gave for dumping him, and improve in those areas, forget the girl who dumped him and move on to better girls.
  17. There is no such thing as failure ... only the gaining of experience. (but great post all the same).
  18. Sure, and it has an air of exclusivity about it. You can't get a GMail account without an invite, making GMail accounts all the more desireable (you want what you can't have, or what's harder to get). It seems nothing more that a clever way of getting you to involve your friends in their free web based EMail. Viral Marketting?
  19. Gmail 'invites' are a very clever marketting device ... Discuss ........
  20. I think he should consider his own self-esteem in all this, and make sure he doesn't allow it to take a bashing from this unfortunate experience. You can't control what other people do, but what you can do, is to have a degree of control over yourself. People will come and go, but the one thing that will remain constant in your sons life, is himself. Pain is just resistance to change, and life is all about change, so maybe he should just let the process of change occur, and all the while hold himself in high regard, because he knows he's acted with dignity. Something like that.
  21. There's a free download of this (ultra playable) game. http://www.magicproductions.fr/games_fiche.php?lang=us&title=QWAK Experience super-playable coin-op style action game in this cute and curious platformer ! Take your little green duck and go blast all the bad guys. To complete each scene you have to pick up every keys and exit via the open door. All scenes are full of bonus, take them all to get your name in the hall of fame ! Take the different power-ups to blast the baddies more easily. Runs on: Nokia 3230, 6260, 6600, 6620, 6670, 6630, 6680, 6681, 6682, 7610, NGage/NGageQD Sorry for the blatant self promotion, I'd be really happy to get feedback from anyone playing this, esp. concerning difficulty curve / level.
  22. That's patronising endearment then Abdul, t020? Sorry couldn't resist, butting out again ...
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