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  1. Thank you, thank you!! Of course, the rich would be paying more tax though Tubthump. I don't understand you're objections and your comments re: free rifle, steed, hound, bla bla bla. It's not a question of creating a system, that's better for the rich, or better for the poor. It's about having a system that's better for the country as a whole. But if you want to talk about what's fair ... Fair, would be to tax everyone 'x' amounts of pounds, not dependent on income, say £4000 each, no matter if you earn £10k or £10m. That would be 'fair'. Having a tax free allowance and a flat rate of tax, is actually unfair to the rich.
  2. Yeah, that's an excellent post goldenfleece! The thing about 'just being yourself' however, I think can mean several things. I'd say do be yourself, but force yourself in to situations that (you think will) make you feel uncomfortable. While you're in that situation, relax and be natural, you don't need to work too hard to impress or pretend you're something you're not. Feel comfortable within yourself, while in an uncomfortable situation. Obviously, if something's not working, don't just be yourself, in the sense that you continue to do what you've just been doing, because you'll just keep getting what you've been getting (not much). Whatever you fear to do, at any moment in your life, that's the thing you should be doing (unless it's something like jumping off a tall building with no parachute). That's just what I need to do, and I know, every single time I've been afraid to talk to a girl (and there's been a few!) but I've gone and done it anyway, she's actually been quite pleasant and nice to me (much to my suprise). I really think it's all about overcoming fear, and what's the best way to overcome fear ... [edit] Checkout this site for tips on overcoming fears.
  3. Flat rate tax does sound interesting, let me get this right ... A persons tax-free allowance would go up, and all income after that would be taxed at the same rate? Is that correct? I like the sound of that, I think it sends out a message to people, that it's ok to earn a lot of money, because you won't be penalised by the taxation system, this in turn will encourage people in their business endevours, because they won't feel they're going to be penalised if they do well, that has to be good for the economy and the country as a whole? Also, admistration of the traxation system would be simpler? Reducing costs? I'm all for it.
  4. Give you that fiver later MTHeo ...
  5. No need to appologise Wayne, and I didn't feel you were strong on me. Also, I was being a bit provocative in any case!! I think balance is everything, too much of anything is a bad thing, as is too little. I think the human race is well out of control. We're a collection of 6 billion individuals, all living our own lives and trying to get what we want and avoid what we don't, as individuals. We don't act for the greater good, we act for the individual good, and to me, that seems bound to create unstability. Of course, we're manipulated be corporations / businesses who want us to spend our money on their product / service. Sure, money does make the world go round, it just makes it go round a little too fast. It all makes for unstability, but we'll just have to see where it all goes, hehehe. Take care, Jamie.
  6. Hi Sid, I would defo *NOT* approach her, or ask her why she doesn't like you, you'd just be adding fuel to the fire. Be more indirect about it. You could approach another member of the production, and confide in them. Ask for their advice / help. Also, you may want to consider, why do you need her to like you? Be honest with yourself about this, and get to the bottom of it. I don't know your situation sid, but perhaps, it's your need to be liked by her, that is freaking her out? Just relax, be natural, and honest with yourself, and confide in the appropriate person (someone who you like, and who seems sympathetic to your cause). Again, relax, relax, and relax some more and certainly stop trying so hard, because with some things, the harder you try, the worse off you are! Good luck
  7. I think the preference would be to persuade couples to have less (or no) children, and wait for the population to come down, rather than just slaughtering the 4 billion.
  8. Yes, and death and extinction are also equally valid (and important) parts the natural process of life and evolution, it's nothing personal, or emotive. The 'deserve' part of it is totally impersonal. Of course, I don't think running out of oil will lead to extinction, but I do think we are dangerously out of control right now, with no sign of things improving. I believe 'mother nature' will always have the last laff, and we will either change or things will continue to get worse. Yes. Freudian slip (sp?) ... ? I agree.
  9. Hi Wayne, I don't want to see the human race extinct, but if that is what occurs, I think that is what we deserve (as a collective species). Please don't confuse that, for me wanting it. I would love it if the human race evolved, became more enlightened and harmonised with nature and each other, but I really can't see it somehow. One could easily argue that we are nothing more than a malignant virus, raping and pillaging mother earth, and that we're dangerously out of control. The question is, what do *YOU* (and *I*) value more: Your own life? The future of the human race? The future of the planet? Your bank balance? You say you love all nature, does that include parasites that are slowly destroying planet earth? (or at least making it harder for themselves to survive as we currently do). I hope we can change and evolve Wayne, for all our sakes, and that's easy to say, and words are cheap, and the proof of the pudding is in the eating (I'm trying to say, it's the doing that's important, how we live our lives day to day, but then I'm no saint and certainly not in a position to lecture anyone else about responsible living). However, if we do become extinct, the universe will still continue to evolve and change, life on earth will continue and new species will evolve. The human race is not the centre of the universe, no more than the sun is the centre of the solar system, and we'd do well (both individually and collectively) to remember our place in the grand scheme of things. - Jamie.
  10. I don't think this issue is a real problem, either we'll change and evolve ways to live without oil, or, we'll just mess up big time and be the cause of our own extinction. Either way, it's no big deal.
  11. I dunno if the following has been suggested, cos I can't be arsed to read the whole thread, but consider: Drink more water. Sleep well (early nights). Exercise. Smile and have kind thoughts / actions. Eat healthy food. ... *may* all improve your complexion.
  12. Nope, wasn't aiming it at you Bookey. It's our insane legal system, and the police. Issuing a ticket for parking the wrong way, in front of your own home, on a quiet cul-de-sac, can mean nothing more than petty penny pinching. I thought the police are supposed to serve the community, not rob it.
  13. When you find a place to park on the other side of the road, where you could easily (and safely) just drive in to. However, because you'd be parked the 'wrong' way, I think it's much better to cause maximum disruption, doing an 11 point turn in the road, causeing chaos and holding up traffic in both directions. At least you'd be legal !! I think we all did bloody stupid (but legal) things like that, bloody stupid laws about parking the 'wrong' way may disappear in time.
  14. I agree sugar. Men and women have different natures, and to ask which is better, men or women, is laffably simplistic, and our respective 'bad behaviour' manifests itself in different ways, according to our natures. Men who claim 'women are better then men', I would suspect have an agenda for doing so ... ... however, ultimately I have to agree with ryan123, naturally, women ARE better than men, and so incredibly lovely, sexy, beautiful and gorgeous with it. :love: :love:
  15. Nothing is so bad as sensorship. I think it good that we can debate more controversial topics, and explore our respective viewpoints. I wouldn't want to lose that freedom.
  16. is the GNR a full marathon distance? showing my ignorance here, but I'm sure it is, and that's a great time! well done katemorgan! apparently the top two reserviours are 9.5 miles (been measured by friend on bike). seriously gorgeous scenery though, and clean air.
  17. Actually, I think you're barking up the RIGHT tree here Snook. Infact, I'd say men are only as self-centered as women are, after all, we're all just animals, what do you expect?
  18. Also he may consider carrying a video recorder around with him, and as soon as he starts to get abused, stay calm and record the whole thing, and don't say a word, just smile (slighty).
  19. Sounds like he'd be better off elsewhere ... He should defo keep his calm, and also catalogue/gather evidence of how badly the company is treating him, this may come in handy later on down the line (and better still, if he stays calm and just collects evidence of how bad they are treating him, that in itself will wind up his bosses ... and f**k them I say).
  20. Rather than clearing your mortgage, isn't it better to buy more property? The rate at which property increases in value out performs the typical mortgage rate?
  21. I wonder if police / social services / whoever would have gotten so involved if it had been a black woman writting the equivalent on a white youngsters forehead?
  22. Surely if it's someone you see (innocently) on a regular basis, there is nothing to stop you from just being friendly with that person and getting to know them, with no pressure, sales pitch or confessions of undying love ... Just be friendly and get to know her, and maybe interject the odd compliment here and there with a nice smile (a smile can do so much more than words).
  23. Simplicity and naturalness. Too much ettiquette, just stikes me as contrived and false.
  24. Oh yeah! Did you enjoy the cricket then PeterDo?
  25. I wonder, what's your definanition of a 'man' then Peter?
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