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  1. Sure it's an open forum D2J, but in light of recent events, I think it's understandable (and probably healthy) that Jimbob feels he needs a break from it. If you (Jimbob) want to take a break, or leave for good, that's up to you, and nobody else's business. Of course, there's always plenty of friends to be made here, and elsewhere. I think you should let this girl go, make sure you've learned something from this whole episode. Take care, and be kind to yourself (and others). Do I sound like Jerry Springer, god nooooooo!!
  2. Yes, I totally agree, it won't look at all look good to her DaBouncer. I think one thing to consider when we feel frustration, and the temptation to hit concrete blocks!! is this ... Just let it go, wait, wait a few days and see how your perspective changes. Things that seem hoplessly lost today, may not seem so tommorow. Time is on our side don't you think?
  3. I don't imagine it was a intellectual decision he made in a reasoned state of mind. Chap was probably as you say, frustrated / hurt / angry and that's just how he reacted, he just 'lost it'. I'm sure we all do that to various degrees several times a day / week. I know I do, and it's not good. It's effectively loosing control of yourself.
  4. Hmmm ... they (the Sun) have intelligent readers ... Where on earth have they been hiding them ?
  5. Yep, I think that's a more sensible use for these tracking devices, have them sown in to existing clothing. But like the previous poster said, if you're going to such trouble, you've got a problem! (and it's not the person you're trying to spy on).
  6. Wouldn't she notice all those strange little bumps (gps / battery / thermal sensor) inside her panties?!
  7. <typical_road_user> When driving along, my attention is not on the road, it's not on other road users or looking out for possible dangers, no, it's looking out for speed cameras. </typical_road_user>
  8. Lets also, not fool ourselves in to believing that the sun newspaper, well it's owners, actually care about anything other than stiring up people's emotions and ultimately, their own profit.
  9. The duplicity of human nature never ceases to astound me. "string the b******s up who did this" "no, string the b******s up who want to string the b******s up who did this" Clearly, intimidation and violence is the answer, and will solve all the world's problems. From the perspective of the injured party, what difference does it matter how it was killed, it's dead all the same, no matter if it was hung, or 'culled' because it didn't have the required spots, or killed for food, or killed for it's fur. I don't think it matters to the animal, exactly why it was killed. Is it concern for the animal that is upsetting people here, or shock and anger, at the behaviour of our fellow human beings? Or is more about who has the last say?
  10. I think a lot of people who are shy, would very much love to be more sociable and really do want to connect and interact with people (and would enjoy it very much) and they'd totally love to be accepted and liked by other people. A shy person is withdrawn into themself, their focus is inside their own head, thinking (worrying) about their own insecurities, or why other people won't like them. A lot of what goes on inside a shy persons head is speculation or anticipation. Thinking or feeling that other people are judging them and thinking such things as 'oh my god, he is shy, what a freak'. This in turn makes the shy person more anxious, and other people will actually start to think they're odd, which in turn makes the shy person more anxious, it's a negative feedback loop. So even though it's what shy people really want, being sociable and meeting new people is a problem for them, because it can trigger off so much of anxiety. However, if they want to overcome their shyness, they have to put themselves in situations that trigger their anxiety, because in the long term, they will benefit. No matter what other people think, it's just not important what anyone else thinks. The only thing to remember is that if you constantly expose yourself to what you fear, in the long term, *you* will grow and overcome it. So if you're shy, DO NOT JUST GO TO THE CINEMA!!! Well, you can of course, if that's what you want, but do also consider the long term benefits of exposing yourself to what you fear, and think of it like driving a car, you want to be in the right gear for where you are (start of in 1st, not 5th). Rant over, hope I didn't get too carried away.
  11. I wonder tango did the neighbourly thing, and 'returned' the housebrick?
  12. The thing is, an understanding, or trying to understand the process (of how the universe evolves and changes through time) is not some external event that is seperate from the process of the universe itself. You (and indeed your thoughts and all and any action you generate) are an integral part of the universe. So that, any map or model you try to hold of the universe, is not seperate from the universe itself, therefore it is impossible to hold a true representation of reality in your mind. So you're all wrong, and infact, it's not possible to be 'right'. HA! Edit: However, you're all right too, because what you thing, is.
  13. 5. not understanding how to set up a poll on sheffield forum ...
  14. Assuming someone is going to stick to real food, how would the meals of someone wanting to develop muscles, contrast to the meals of someone wanting to develop general fitness?
  15. Being a 'people pleaser', has never made me unhappy. I think, perhaps you didn't understand what I was trying to say? Giving is something that people should be free to do when and as they please, and infact, it's best done, when there is no pressure, when it's not expected. However, we get this constant barrage of adverts around this time of year, and the message from the companies is load and clear, SPEND SPEND SPEND. The motivation, the instigating force, for the selfless act of giving, should come from within a person, we shouldn't be forced in to it by the companies who's only concern is profit. That's the part of it that I resent, that the free spontaneous giving aspect, has been destroyed by the commercialisation of it all (which to be honest, is pretty ugly IMO).
  16. What *****es me off most about it all ... is having to trawl around the shops looking for pressies for people ... that those people probably don't even want / need ... having to do all that ... not because you've found a suitable gift that you want to give ... but just because it's the done thing. The fact that it's expected of you ... I feel detracts from the giving aspect of it.
  17. OMG where did you come from with 1742 posts all of a sudden!?
  18. Well you can't have him, he's the property of Jess !!
  19. Women who wear fur, for reasons of vanity (and not need), strike me as having somewhat sacrificed their inner beauty and nobility, for how they look. It's like, I'm going to look good, and I don't care what the cost is, I just want to flaunt it. That's the impression I get. Then again, I am no saint myself, so do I have any right to moralise about other people's behaviour ...
  20. Right, followed all those steps, and it works!!! Thanks a million dude.
  21. Yep, that's what I've been trying to do limpetboy, but had a few problems with it. Will try your suggestion, step by step. Thanks for the help
  22. Hi, I'm trying to do my tax return using an excel spreadsheet .... I want to create a list for expense catagories that match up with the catagories on the tax return. Struggling badly I am with this. If any kind soul would like to give me a few pointers, please respond to this or PM me. Thanks very much. Jamie.
  23. Lets consider 3 schemes. a) A fixed rate of tax, say £8,000. b) A fixed % of income tax (possibly with a tax free allowance). c) A sliding scale or 'banded' % of income tax. Each scheme is progressively worse for the rich and better for the poor. The guy earlier in this thread, was arguing that 'b)' wouldn't be fair (and that 'c)' would). I was just illustrating where it falls in the range of possible taxation schemes. I think 'b)' would be better, because I would benefit under it, and also I think it would probably be better for the nation generally. I don't think 'fair' comes in to it cyclone, at the end of the day, it's a case of what's going to work best, and do the country the most benefit.
  24. Why? Infact cyclone, I actually think there is no such thing as 'fair', life certainly isn't. It just a word people use to try and get their own way.
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