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  1. Hi DaBouncer. I think some issues for other drivers may be: 1) They're jealous, that someone else can afford one, they can't. 2) They'd consider the driver inconsiderate, for taking up more road space than the average car driver, and also not caring about the environment / use of resources. 3) You can't easily see through them, they block your view of the road, more so than a smaller 'normal' car. 4) 4x4 drivers, are more bothered about being surrounded in luxury and their own well being, than being community minded. Personally, I don't get upset about it, it's neither here nor there.
  2. Note to the OP: Have you considered contacting the company you bought the P|C from, and telling them the following: Concerning PC world, I personally would avoid them, I consider them overpriced and don't think they have a bad reputation for no reason. Good luck sorting out your computer woes!
  3. Dragon, you should reherse and practice what you're gonna do/say on another test group, before the actual event. During the lecture, try the 10'oclock method: 1) Tell them what you're going to tell them (outline). 2) Tell them. 3) Tell them what you just told them (recap). Use humor, wear a pointy hat and carry a broomstick. Hmmm, on second thoughts, ignore that idea. Have fun with it!!
  4. Yeah, I've noticed that too. Turning right is a total pig, you'd think you'd be fine in the right hand-side lane to turn right? ... WRONG!! You go in the right hand-side lane and if you stay within the road markings, you get filtered around to where you came from. I still use the right hand-side lane to turn right, but am very wary, and know that I need to 'drift across' (when it's safe to do so) a lane in order to escape at my desired exit. The fault is really with the designers of the roundabout, they've not done a very good job of it IMHO.
  5. It's ok! Fate is a twisty turney thing, that we can't always make sense of, sometimes you know, we need to go through stuff, stuff that we don't particulally like, but there are lessons to be learned, and we do change and grow .......
  6. Don't take my advice angel, at least not right now, I'm in bitter and twisted mode! (my love life is not progressing how I wish it would etc ... infact the words, 'total' 'zone' 'frikkin' and 'disaster' spring to mind ... ho hum). Anyway, I'm not advocating that you should become a bitch, or start being unkind and ruthless-selfish, that I think would be self-defeating. But perhaps, thinking more about yourself, and your needs, in a more immediate sense, is a very good thing for you right now. If you stop to think about, there's loads of other people in the world, and it don't really matter a hoot what they think or feel about you. They are no more valid as a human being than what you are, and don't you ever forget that, ok. Infact, the only way they can become valid, or important, is if you validate them, so in reality, it's you that has the power, not them. Maybe there was something of value in what I said. Don't forget the importance or balance, and of being you. Anyway, happy birthday to you *smiles*. attachment: one_real_smile
  7. Maybe that's your problem mitzi? Maybe if you were more selfish and put your own needs and wants first, and didn't care so much about other people, you'd be better off? I'm fast coming to the conclusing that caring, loving, types who 'put others first' are not at all desireable (by other people). Twisted crazy world we live in ... But, if you think about it, it's right, we have to be more selfish and focused on what we want, sod everyone else. The more indifferent you become to what others think, the better off you'll be. Do not put others first, it is sending out a message to the world, that you don't consider yourself to have any value (in relation to other people).
  8. Ginner: re: My point 2. In the T&C: No annual fee is currently charged for the running of the Account. However, if in the 12 months preceding each Card Anniversary Date the total transactions on your account is less than £500, we will charge you an Account servicing charge of £15. The card does give something like 2% or 1% cashback on purchases, but what use is that when hardly any retailers accept it.
  9. I think people do do that though, they pay a compliment, when all along they have some hidden agenda, and the compliment is just a stratagem in the pursuit of their own selfish desires. On the other hand, a genuine, selfless, spontaneous and freely given compliment is very different, and I think most people can tell the difference between that kind, and the more contrived variety.
  10. But it's the wrong colour Joe !! No, only joking. They keep sending me statements, and it's too much paperwork. I don't have any outstanding balance on it. My concerns are: 1) It's a potential risk, with identity fraud etc. 2) They may charge me if I don't use it. 3) Not many places accept it (it's American Express). 4) I have to keep paperwork for it. 5) It's just another thing for me to think about. I'm gonna call em.
  11. Well I don't know about creating a utopia StarSparkle, but being supportive and encouraging towards other people, is I think, a great way to improve your own lot. What you said about womens mags seems totally valid, and I very strongly feel that happiness, joy, well being, all that, it's all to be found by 'being in yourself', and not by trying to be the way anyone else suggests you should be. These damned advertisers have a vested interest in making you feel miserable about yourself. It's a trap, they actively set out to make you feel dissatisfied, so you'll buy their solution to your own happiness. It's sad, because a lot of people do not really see this dynamic, and even if they consider themselves to be a success, in terms of how well they conform to societies' ideal, they are infact, lost. I guess most of us are to some degree.
  12. My credit card is really boring me, and I want to cancel it. However, the terms and conditions look way too boring for me to read, and they're in small print. Do I just cut it up and return it to the company? Hope I don't sound like an uneducated country bumpkin ...
  13. I get the impression that there is a lot of mis-conduct in general that goes on, concerning the distribution of monies recieved by charities. Charities should be forced to make their accounts public, so we can all see what goes where, and something can be done about these greedy fat cats ... I think this kind of thing puts people off from donating to charities, I personally get the impression that for every £1 I donate, only something like 10p will get through to someone who needs it, the rest 'going to' individuals and organisations who care less about the charity and more about their bank balances. This is of course, my (unfounded) impression, but the point is, we just do not know, and I think we should.
  14. Well I think 'getting bored of other people' usually says as much about ourselves as it does the other person ... It sounds like the guy who wrote the book just isn't dating the kind of women who do it for him. He should just address that, no need to write a book about it, unless he's just wanting to cash in? I don't understand why people (both genders) are constantly bitching at each other, as if the problem is always with the other person. Life is a wonderful and precious thing, infact, it's the only thing we really have, and we get to share it with each other. So why arn't we more supportive and encouraging of one another? I don't think I get what the problem is ...
  15. http://taoism.net/ikuantao/guanyin/home.htm There's a video of the performance half way down the page (have to click on the picture for link). Enjoy!
  16. It does sound to me like you have issues closer to home, that you'd do well to resolve, before involving other people in your life like this. I'd only go on this date, if you're pretty confident it's going to be a positive experience for you, and that you feel you can handle it. If you do decide to go, you may consider taking a friend for moral support? Good luck all the same, whatever you decide.
  17. Yeah! ... and she looks beautiful ... anyone get her phone number ... plz PM me !!!
  18. Check out http://www.thompsonfly.co.uk ... for great value flights from robinhood (doncaster) airport. Better still ... try here: http://www.thomsonfly.com/en/index.html
  19. Crickey, I'm shocked I haven't been branded a racist making suggestions like that ... Life would be so much easier if we were all green.
  20. I don't imagine it's about racism either, at least not in a superficial or intentional way. A taxi driver, is just doing a job, he want's to make as much money as possible, be a safe as poss, and avoid trouble. Where he has a choice, he'll want customers who won't cause trouble and who are more likely to give a good tip. Taxi drivers will have past experiences, and will know that certain catagories of people, make better customers than other catagories. It may be that 'young single black male' catagory is one that taxi drivers like to avoid because of pervious experience, I don't know. It's not really out and out racist behaviour, it's just the taxi driver doing what works best for him. It's just business. spyro2000: Have you tried wearing a disguise ?
  21. Disco_Cat: Maybe there were other factors involved, and the real reason for the taxi driver picking up a client wasn't to do with race, as MM would have you believe (it's not like he makes any money out of being a sensationalist or anything is it?). I'd imagine they'd set things up as much as possible to influence the taxi driver to pick up the white chap, so they'd have a story to tell ... I would guess a taxi driver will gererally go more by the demeanor of a potential passanger, rather than colour. If a passanger looks like trouble, why let him/her in to the cab?
  22. Well that's a different issue then, to the one I was commenting on Cyclone. What to do with those of us (and yes, they are 'us') who don't conform to the social norms .... Do we just kill or punish them ? Do we look at the issue and try to understand the reasons why people behave in such a way, and then address those problems. I don't know, and don't care to debate it right now, I'm going to go have my power nap, and leave it for the rest of you. Good luck.
  23. People are animals. Or more preciesly, people are a species, a sub-set, of the larger animal group. While 'evil behaviour' is often rewarded by nature and by society, 'good behavior' can often be to the detriment of a person. So it is only natural for people to behave in an 'evil' way, there is no incentive for good behaviour, so why should people be good?
  24. Hi Craigy, Wots bog standard!? You got anything I can take a look at?
  25. Anyone here a 3dsMAX artist? Or know one? ... whom could be persuaded to create a small collection of (simple) models for a game demo I'm working on ...
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