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  1. Apparently ... people respond much better to praise (you did this good ... you're good at that) than they do critisism (you're crap ... that's wrong). We get critisism from people most every day ... how do you personally deal with it ? Accept it and feel crap about yourself ? Tell them to sod off ? Somewhere in between ?
  2. If 'they' invented a new 24 hour gender change pill ... would you take it !? Assume there were no bad side effects ... and it's just a recreation thing !! If you'd take it ... how would you spend your 24 hours as a new man or woman !?
  3. Well .. now that the official most depressing day of the year (Jan 24th) has come and gone .. time to turn our minds and hearts to more cheerey things .... When was the last random act of kindness you did for someone (maybe a stranger) that you didn't have to do ... but you did anyway !? (not sure how many replies this will get ... i recon people just don't wanna damage their street cred by fessing up on how lovely and kind hearted the are).
  4. What is the eat-in pizza place called that's on Division street. Just opposite the forum, and up a little bit (towards the green room).
  5. Just seen this on TV ... It's the thing where healers lay hands on (or near) a patient and the healing force is channeled through the healer to the patient (I think that's right). Is it real ? Is it all hocus pocus and placebo effect ? Is it a con to get the guilable to part with money ? Is it all of the above !!!? What do you think ...
  6. Which do you prefer for drinking ... and why !?
  7. Last night I had a dream about the millhouses park miniature railway. I seem to remember going on this as a kid ... but am not sure if it's a real memory or just one of those memories we invent. Maybe I am getting it mixed up with the one at Scarborough ... Can anyone else remember the millhouses park miniature railway ?
  8. Hi, I have some spare money, I'd like to invest. I'm no expert on financial matters and was hoping the good people on this forum who are in the know, could advice me ... Also, if there are any books I should be reading, to get clued up on the subject, please do recommend them. Or websites or whatever. I am very keen to educate myself !! Thanks, Jamie.
  9. When I was young and at college studying computer studies (zzzzz) at college ... I used to skip class and go play games at the arcade (stories on matilda street) ... incidently I failed my college course !!! Anyway. What are your top 3 favorite arcade games ? Mine are: Starforce. Krull. Gauntlet. (I also used to love flicky and mad-planets).
  10. Do you have a good platonic relationship (frienship) with a member of the opposite sex!? Is it possible for such frienship to florish ... or will sex pop it's ugly (!) head up and spoil things !? Do you catch youself thinking ... "I wonder if they fancy me!?" ... OR ... "I wonder if I fancy them!?" .... Is it possible to have a grovey friendly honest thing between boy and girl !? Be cool if it was xx
  11. I completely and utterly love the sound of women singing ... A quick scan through my mp3 collection reveals the following female songsters ... Audrey Hepburn. Cyndi Lauper. Diana Ross. Eva Cassidy. Joni Mitchell. Minnie Riperton. Roberta Flack. There's just something in a female voice that isn't there in a male one. So who is your favorite female vocalist ... any particular tracks you like !? ...
  12. Me and Sam were just sharing poems in the chat room ... and thought it would be a nice idea to start a new poems thread. I am gonna kick it off with something I wrote about 2 years ago ... I was feeling a bit down when I wrote it ... I called it '2 wishes'. Please feel free to add your own (or other peoples) .....
  13. I only wondered, because they seem to have churhes for white people and churches for black people? What's that all about? Are they racists at heart? Why don't they share and share alike? Confused, Jamie.
  14. Jamie

    Are christians all racist?

    No, not at all Sheffette, prejudice free here! Crusty, hmmm perhaps relative to (the jovial all singing all dancing) mostly black congregation across the road.
  15. Jamie

    What does everyone do for a living here?

    Damn, and I was just searching this thread for an auto electrician ... Actually a very good idea Tony, I was thinking about something simular myself the other week, having a skills exchange part of the forum. I can do X or Y, in exchange for someone who can do Z for me.
  16. Jamie

    Fargate at lunchtime

    Maybe you should try an alternative mantra Rich? WTF? WTF? WTF? WTF? WTF? WTF? WTF? WTF? WTF? WTF? WTF? WTF? WTF? WTF? WTF? WTF?
  17. Jamie

    How do you think the world began?

    Because some things are impossible!? (and in any case, you'd be much better off thinking about something better that you'd like, rather than expending your energy ignoring her). Aside from that, good post Wilf. You don't have to believe in anything, you don't have to engage yourself in the activity of believing, full stop. I'd go so far as to say, that ultimately, whatever you believe, is infact wrong, and is just made up (by you). Probably much more healthy not to think about all this, and to just get on with life, doing what you've been put here to do (!). Mwaahh hah hah.
  18. Jamie

    Are christians all racist?

    I don't think anyone has given a satisfactory answer to this point. How many white people, or white christians even, would feel totally comfortable going in to a gospel church full of black people? Equally, how many black people would feel totally comfortable going in to a church full of crusty white people? Isn't this an indication that appearances are all important? Even to supposedly spiritual people? Perhaps we are all racist, to a degree, and have a natural discomfort with people who are different to us? Or does spiritual maturity disolve our differences?
  19. Clearly there's a lot to differentiate between here. Most rapes, not being of the flirty, scantily clad girl on the street, gets drunk, walks home alone variety (have we seen any statistics, or numbers to back this claim up?). Doing what you can, to make yourself safer (you will never be 100% safe), while being a good thing in itself, can also detract societies attention away from doing anything more to address the issue of rape (and therein lies banesmabes objection to such advice?). So what would you like to see happen, banesmabes, to make the world a safer place for women?
  20. Jamie

    Feedback on my situation please!!!

    Of course, the content of your post was first rate.
  21. Jamie

    Feedback on my situation please!!!

    Greetings, byronshadow. It is my humble opinion, that expressed opinions beginning 'It is my humble opinion', are anything but humble! I do believe you, sir, have a fetish for flowery writings ...
  22. I was thinking the exact same thing. Just a question of what questions to ask in a poll ...
  23. Quite! It's unfortunate, but (as it seems to me) these things always boil down to some kind of battle between the sexes. People become agrieved for whatever reason(s), and a common tendency is to lump all members of the opposite sex together in to one group (all men are ***** etc). Why does this happen? Perhaps I am just imagining it all ... Advice about looking out for your own personal safety, is just that. It does not imply that women are to blame for being raped. We live in an amoral universe and to be responsible for ones own well being, is to me, paramount. People (well, some people) are only animals, and as such, we're capable of harming each other in a multitude of ways. To my way of thinking, anticipating or expecting, that all other human beings (male or female) will act in a reasonable and fair way towards you, is foolish. You should always bear in mind that some people will have little or no qualms about harming you (to whatever degree), and put your own saftey first. Now you can think 'well they should have respect for me' until you're blue in the face, but that will never change the facts of the matter. Being able to defend yourself appropriately (bite his balls off if you have to), should be top priority. Other than than, better education on the subject, perhaps in school? Hmmmm, OK, I am wondering if what banesmabes is getting at is the following: If we suggest that women should learn to defend themselves and reduce risk of rape by modification of their behaviour, doing these things are of course good, but by suggesting them, it kind of lets society / the establishment 'off the hook' when it comes to having appropriate mechanisms / punishments in place to disuade potential rapists. That make sense?
  24. Jamie

    Give some respect to the Moderators.

    I have some points and questions, directed to the mods and co-admins. --- 1. What, if any, mechanisms or guidelines do you have in place to ensure that all SF users, are treated the same, when it comes to reprimands and bans etc? Such that any decision to ban, length of ban etc, is consistent with number of previous warnings, severity of crime etc, and not just because you personally dislike or don't see eye to eye with any given user. I think consistency is very important here. --- 2. Why do you moderate? What's in it for you personally? Do you 'get off' on having power over the rest of us? Do you get 'miffed' about suggestions that you're only in it for the power trip?

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