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  1. Basicly you pop in and if there are any spaces we can either have a blow dry,hair up,ghd curls, or straightend for 14£
  2. Not all the stylists there charge that there are cheaper ones you know? and also we have the style bar too
  3. Ah you only live once...whats wrong with some people, whats so bad about looking nice :S
  4. I saw them last night,wounderd what they were there for...seen them a few times now.
  5. Oh think they work at the kenwood park clinic?
  6. Well have you ever thought they might be on there way somewhere :s
  7. Maybe thats how they dress all the time...depning which area of sheffield you live in or where you have come from...Sometimes dressing down to some people is jeans and a t-shirt.
  8. The 22nd isnt a thurs thats a fri coz its my birthday
  9. Glad its not the 22nd because that my birthday
  10. I need a defo date if anyone who goes to the college knows...because my stupid teacher didnt know :/
  11. Does anyone know what date it is and what time there open to and from to go and get the results?
  12. Yes there was one on the 18/4/08 coz i saw it happen not sure about today though
  13. So what would you say a speed camera means with no markings on the road because speed ones usualy do :S
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