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  1. Yay! Watch out for a bunch of "catch up" emails, and then it'll be one email a day.
  2. Starting tomorrow: why not write a novel? Use those hours in the middle of the night when it's too warm to get to sleep, or write on your phone on your commute, or grab a few minutes with the laptop when the kids are in bed. Join in and get writing! Search Eventbrite for Sunday Writer: Draft Zero - write a bad novel in six weeks or go to Sundaywriter.org for details.
  3. Next Sunday (13th May) there will be another Sunday Writers group takeover of the Nest Coffee shop in Crosspool. The workshop runs from 10-4 and consists of writing exercises to boost your productivity, free writing time, and of course as much coffee as you can drink. In response to feedback we are now offering tickets at a reduced price of £30 if you prefer to bring your own lunch. Tickets can be booked in advance on Eventbrite (search "Sunday Writer" or follow the links on the Sunday Writer Facebook page or website) Come along and add some serious wordage to your next novel!
  4. I'm running a new Writing Workshop in Crosspool on Sunday 4th February. The idea is that we take over a coffee shop for the day. There will be writing exercises interspersed with free writing time and of course there will be coffee and snacks included. If you're interested in more information look at sundaywriter.org or else search for @sundaywriter on Facebook
  5. Does anyone know of a tai chi (beginners) class I could join in Sheffeld please? Cheers!
  6. I could smell the smoke when I came through Crosspool on the bus an hour ago, and there was a police car parked by the junior school then - glad it wasn't the school.
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