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  1. Hi Scozzie Party food is always tricky for gluten-free diets as it's normally got pastry or breadcrumbs on. I know of a good place to order online if you want things like small quiches etc (Lifestyle Healthcare - http://www.gfdiet.com) but I think you might need to order a min of 6 packs, and it'll take a few days to arrive. As for supermarkets, M&S seem to be good (eg small gf sausages). Most supermarkets have free-from sections, which might be a better place to look, rather than checking the ingredients in the normal places. All cheese of all kinds should be gluten free, unless they've put a crumb or something around it. Most cold meats are gf but check ingredients. Crisps can be hit and miss. Lots that used to be OK now aren't (avoid Walkers, hola hoops, Pringles). More expensive brands seem to be best (Kettle Chips, Tyrrells etc but check packs for individual flavours - these brands are pretty good at labelling and say when they contain gluten). Veg sticks are always good. Check ingredients of dips. Sandwiches can be made from gf bread (fresh generally nicer than long-life sealed packs). Just be careful what filling you put in and avoid contamination when making. One important tip is to let your gf guests know what is gf otherwise they'll avoid lots of things that they could have. Hope your do goes well...
  2. I've got an app called Coeliac Map, and it shows you where is good for gluten free. Problem is, there aren't so many places on the map. It's up to users to add reviews, and I've put a few up so far. If more people put reviews on, it will be more useful, and easier to find places than reading through this forum. Here's the link: http://www.coeliacmap.com/ Currently, there's apps for Android and Windows phones, but anyone can use their website.
  3. If you want home made pizza bases, Nonna's do them, down on Ecclesall Road. A bit pricey, but nice. And gluten free option for pud, too.
  4. Has anyone been to the Shiny Sheff music quiz night on a Tuesday? Saw an advert for it yesterday, and it said free entry and free pie and peas, with £10 quiz prize. Free quiz and free meal just seems a bit too good an offer....
  5. Thanks for the links. That's definately what I saw, and now we all know exactly what it was. Sleep well, everybody, there's nothing to fear...
  6. I think there have been a couple of different things tonight. Someone has posted a link to a satalite tracking page that talks about something re-entering and 'coming round again in 20 minutes'. But the meteorite was different, a definate one-off, as it was seen to break up. I guess if you heard them taking about it on 5-live, THEN saw something, it must have been the re-entry thing?
  7. You can't miss the Fargate one! It's pretty big, unless you just assume it's a very large, unrealistic christmas tree.
  8. I was on Michellin Energy Saver tyres last winter and had real problems. There was hardly any tread on them. This winter I went for some winter tyres - about £250 for a set of four fitted. Two tyres needed replacing anyway. Wow, what a difference they make. I've been driving round trying to find the steepest, snowiest hill and they haven't let me down. I would have been all over the place (or stuck at the bottom of the hill) if I'd still had the energy saver tyres on. The fuel economy is a bit down - I normally get about 60mpg, and I'm down to about 54 mpg now, but that might be as much to do with generally poor driving conditions and having lights on all the time now. I'll never go another winter without changing my tyres now.
  9. MUCH higher than it looked, then, and perhaps I shouldn't have called this thread the 'Fox House Meteorite'!
  10. I've seen one shooting star before, but that just looked like a normal sized star moving quickly through the sky for a second or so. This was something else - much brighter and lower, although if it could be seen from the A61 too it must have been higher than it looked. Calling it a 'fireball' might be pushing it a bit, but just a bit.
  11. I've seen chnese lantens, and none have been that fast or bright! Glad I wasn't the only one...
  12. I was driving home this evening (Wed 8th Dec) and I had just come up from Froggat going toward Fox House when a bright light flashed across the sky from behind me. It looked like a really bright rocket firework, going towards Fox House. After a couple of seconds it seemed to break up and I briefly saw some bits glow red before nothing. It was at at 5:35pm. Anyone else see anything? James
  13. We went to The Angel in Holmefield last weekend for Sunday lunch, and it was fantastic! We went a few years ago and it was OK, but we were a bit disappointed. I had a brownie for dessert which looked suspiciously like something you could have bought for a quarter of the price in Sainsburys! But now it's great! My son had gluten-free fish and chips (lovely batter) and my wife had a gluten free roast. Roasts can be easily gluten free, but having gluten free gravy and Yorkshire pud was a real treat. And the desert chosen was an apricot and almond tart, which was really nice. Lots of choice for all courses all well marked on the menu. Highly recommended.
  14. The best places that I've found recently are Nonnas on Ecclesall Road (menu is on their website - google them) and Green Steps fish and chip shop on Hickmott road, just off Ecclesall Road. Nonnas isn't the cheapest of places, but it's very nice with a good range of gluten free choices, including a lovely flourless chocolate cake for pud. They say they can do gluten free pasta to go with any sauce that's marked gluten-free, but then non are! Perhaps this is just a mistake on the menu - we didn't ask, as there were lots of other things marked gf. Green steps are completely gluten free (the fish anyway) and they're very nice. All the fish is from sustainable stocks too for added brownie points. The Fat Cat claims to always have gluten-free choices, but looking at their current menu, it looks like it's a choice on one, with no choice at all for pudding!
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