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  1. I am visiting family on Lowedges later today and will be going home after 1900 will Meadowhead be closed
  2. They must have looked through the window and seen the keys, they came in through the front door and took the keys, they'd been for a baby scan that day and were in another room ringing round to give everyone news on the baby, needless to say they are now locking the door as soon as they walk in and have also had to change the locks on the house, the police and family went door to door but no one saw anything. ---------- Post added 07-08-2013 at 09:47 ---------- Just heard, car now found - in bits!! in a garage in Gleadless Valley, the scum that was caught with it can't be done for burglary as they have no proof he was in the house but he can be done for receiving stolen goods. As far as I'm concerned they could drop him down a hole and leave him in it but no doubt he'll get a tap on the wrist and that will be the end of it.
  3. Thanks Scousemouse, I know lowlife scum don't usually think about what they're putting people through but the poor couple are desperate for the car back, they really can't afford to replace it and with the baby coming they're going to struggle, I really hope someone spots it and the scum get caught.
  4. Please can you all have a lookout for this car Blue Ford Focus Estate 58 plate, stolen from Atlantic Road, Lowedges around teatime last night, the couple who the car belong to are just about to have their first baby and travel daily to Leeds for work, they have no other vehicle and are desperate for this to be found, they couldn't go to work today, Please can you all look around your area they are desperate
  5. Our neighbour has been driving about in various old flat bed white trucks over the last few weeks, he’s turned up with scaffolding, fridges, freezers, bikes, garden furniture, he’s dodgy to say the least, when he first moved in with his girlfriend he used to have various scooters for a couple of days a time, they used to be regularly swapped, then he progressed onto smaller cars and vans, now he’s into scrap! We live in S20. I don’t have a clue of his name but he’s in his late teens early twenties and has just shaved his hair off which was a dirty blonde colour, he’s about 5’10 thin with distinctive buck teeth.
  6. S20 someones been round taking manhole covers, very nice of them seeing as its an area with small children, pets, older people. Do theses thieves have no family! Can they not imagine whats going to happen sooner or later. Yes its been reported to 101
  7. I went to Lowedges Junior and Infants, the school closed once when there was snow I think it was the late 70's early 80's, we got to play on the golf course all day and my brother had the face on as he was at Jordanthorpe and they were open, not sure if it was the snow or the heating that closed the school though.
  8. She's on Radio Sheffield now, spouting the same stuff as on the program - 25years, bullying etc
  9. Its on this weeks planning decided list ref below 10/00745/FUL
  10. "lindapilates" owns it now she's not been on here for a while but she still lives there
  11. When we went to a funeral tea there last year it was horrible, the food was very poor and the entrance stunk like a urinal, what about the transport club at meadowhead, I've been to a few there and the catering and cleanliness of the place was great
  12. The worst ones are the ones that won't filter in until the last minute as they don't want anyone that was behind them to get infront, you leave a space thinking the car at the side of you wants to come in but they don't they just want to stop anyone else getting in front of them, eventually they come in then go into the left hand lane and cut someone up to get onto the parkway instead of using the righthand lane, they're usually the ones that fly down the slipway and then cut across both lanes and go in an out depending on which lane they think is going fastest.
  13. This entrance is the worst one but they also congregate at the entrance opposite the market entrance (where the ramp is) and outside Sainsbury's, both myself and my daughter are asthmatic and often struggle with the smoke, you dare cough near a smoker and the look alone you get off them could kill, sorry, I cough because you genuinely are choking me not to have a dig at you.
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