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  1. very true, they dont give asbo's out for gun crime offences. You can get a sentence for using a BB gun in a crime. But its true sheffields gun crime is definately getting worse.
  2. Has anybody read or heard about the shooting on Gloucester street on Sunday night? All the road is taped off, but ive not seen no news report yet? Has anybody got any info? Thanks
  3. they do indeed, drugs to help kids learn whilst at school!..........................ok maybe not. The drugs im referring to are those of the destructive nature.
  4. But unfortunately doesn't work, but thats a whole new thread. Back to the topic, how many events/workshops would a school have in a year for drugs awareness? and do you think more could be offered?
  5. Are there many teachers on here who may have had reformed addicts in their schools doing talks? And would a hard hitting video also be of interest to schools? Thanks
  6. Thanks everyone the info was great, im just in process of getting in touch with SHED now. Do reformed addicts work with SHED or is just a team of trained staff? Iam actually after fully reformed addicts, and heroin addicts in particular. The project is for a short educational film for south yorkshire police, hopefully to be used as a tool in schools and other educational purposes. Thanks again
  7. Is anyone aware of any individuals or organisations that do educational drug talks to school kids? I remember when I was at school we had a reformed addict come round to the school to do a talk to the kids. And that’s exactly what im looking for, a reformed addict who is open enough to talk about his/her experiences to kids. If anyone is aware or has any contacts please drop me and message or reply. Thanks in advance.
  8. i dont see why you all making a big fuss about it, there just kids, kids do stupid stuff. Tony id be embarassed if i was you for making a big deal about some youths messing about, seems a bit immature if you ask me.
  9. yeah ive just looked up some websites regarding that, which i will have a go at! But the other problem i have, is the other day i took the casing off to see if i could fix it (big mistake) and i accidentally pulled out that silver strip (very big mistake) and i have no idea where it goes. i think i may be stuck here.
  10. My disc drive i think may be faulty as none of the games are loading - does anybody know a place in sheffield where i can get it repaired? Thanks
  11. the job offer was for assistant editor, think it was from SYFN. The extra's job sounds interesting though - and this production company made my two favourite films, Dead Mans Shoes and This is England. Would be great to work for them, i think i might get in touch.
  12. Is this a WARP X film? i saw a job offer recently for a production called HUSH, and im sure it was from WARP?
  13. there are quite a few very talented graff artists who come on here so just hang fire and im pretty sure someone will get back to you.
  14. is this not owned by one of the baxendales? quite a big change for him to open a rock club, hope it all goes well.
  15. stop being idiotic, there are two many smart arses on here as it is.
  16. open your eyes and read Joep's post. any mention of illegal activity is not condoned.
  17. I wouldnt advise shopping at PC world, i have had a few problems with their customer service and various faults with a computer i bought from them, only a numpty would shop there
  18. hezbollah did the kidknappings not Lebanon, hezbollah are the bad guys but lebanon seems to be paying the price.
  19. http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=127398
  20. i see this becoming the new "burberry" or "stone island" as ive seen loads of chavs and footy holligans wearing the Y3 t-shirt. Thorseby Market must be making a killing!
  21. dont forget the mackiedeeees, i often see the poorer chavs seraching through the bins outside the Mcdonalds on fargate.
  22. i work for the government, but id have to kill you once id taught you. We dont release these moves.
  23. now way would a chav eat a croissant, even a stale one! more likely to eat left over fish n chips or a dirty kebab. infact do chavs eat?
  24. who is Y3? ive seen this about a fair bit now, anyone know which label its connected to?
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