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  1. See Gumtree Sheffield for pictures
  2. New Handmade bird boxes £2 each.
  3. Josie passed away a few years, Mrs Moyles was Winifred Mary nee Levick, another relative.
  4. Is it dramatic ? four crimes in one day on 3 streets.
  5. There has been in the last few weeks multiple crimes in S20, police are aware
  6. Check out Killamarsh.org I think you will it of great interest
  7. What a load of rubbish talked about Halfway ! I was here when westfield was a field. consider this there are less than 100 houses older than me and now there are 1000's. I lived in a house surrounded by a sea of green and now it's red brick. There have been problems in all areas of Halfway over the years and always will be. Halfway was a hamlet in the parish of Eckington, Derbyshire until the late 1960's, for many years a coal mining village, local shops, local pub (Halfway House closed 1972) families living here generation after generation.
  8. The deeds of the property and the land register and any agreements in writing between the previous owners, it depends on the age of the homes and who built them. most likely in yards, feet and inchs, rights of access, some have dimensions rights of access which may not include cars. They may not have been car access in the first place if the house is an old one, victorian, edwardian. It may be only walking access only
  9. Leaflet got today from veolia, check your collection calendar which will be delivered by 10th August
  10. Yes you do need planning permission and also building regs. You changing the usage of the house and altering it's dimensions, always get things in writing and keep records of talks with the council, would the access to the house change ? multiple occupants ? fire safety ? structural ? better safe than sorry
  11. They are all about £10, unless it's a charity one, it also depends how far you want to travel. There one down the motorway J29, Dinnington had one, Chesterfield had one, check Hillsborough and outskirts of Barnsley, Pleasley and Mansfield, and many more, as always weather permitting. Indoor one at Mansfield
  12. Depends which part of Sheffield you live or further north, to get over the river Trent you go to Gainsborough, Dunham or near Newark. Some go Gainsborough, Market Rasen, Louth. Other way Dunham bridge, Lincoln Bypass, Wragby, Horncastle. If Barnsley go to Gainsborough it's nearer, then to Market Rasen or Lincoln, your choice
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