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  1. the one near debenhams only takes upto 2 years, and gives you next to nothing for them. I took some of my daughters in there and she gave me between 20p and 50p for an outfit from Next and 50p for a dress I paid £35 for from John Lewis
  2. I agree they do point out things that make people worry, but a midwife wouldnt say it for no reason, A friend of mines little boy had fluid on his brain which was only detected due to the head circumference being checked by the midwife. My midwife and health visitor told me my daughter wasnt gaining weight quick enough, (she is my 4th) and i was furious but looking back at pictures of her as a baby i can see why she was so thin and looked poorly, but every mother knows her child better than any proffesional. So just tell your sons girlfriend if she feels something is wrong to go with her gut instinct every mum has it, new mums or old mums
  3. I managed it with all 4 of mine, we decided to have a baby and 1st attempt everytime i was pregnant, hospital were gobsmacked that i knew how far on i was to the day
  4. thats brilliant thank you so much, It is finding someone to work around me as obviously i wont be doing nights all the time, may not get any in first year but thought id better look into it just incase, because guaranteed if i didnt my first one would be nights
  5. not sure if you know, but would that be expensive?
  6. Im hoping to be accepted onto a childrens nursing degree in september, however i thought id find out about childcare options now. in september my children will be 1 yr, 4 yrs, 6 yrs, and 8 yrs. So 3 of them will be in school and then theres my 1 year old. However my husband works for royal mail and leaves for work at 4:30am so if im on a night shift then i wont be here for the kids, any ideas what sort of childcare would be relevant to help me???
  7. oh my daughter would love the things on this site heres hoping i win lottery on wednesday
  8. I agree that biles should do a bike safety test, and have insurance as well. Us people who own cars get crippled with costs all the time so why should they not be?? they use the road just as we do. It was only a few weeks ago I saw a car knock a man off a pushbike, now the car will of ended up with scratches down the side of the car but because it was a bike he hit then the car driver will more than likely stand to that, but it was the bikes fault! He just peddled across the junction without a car in the world whilst a driver was turning left. but the driver wouldnt of been given any notice he just did as he pleased
  9. oh yes they are exceptionally expensive but absolutely gorgeous i would love a bed like that for my daughters
  10. I know the things on this link are soooooooooooooo expensive but i was so stunned by the beauty of it all i had to share it. http://www.poshtots.com/design-services/our-design-services/custom-projects/woodland-princess-castle-bunk-bed/3089/3107/3257/22359/poshproductdetail.aspx
  11. I have never said anything i didnt mean (saves having to apologise)
  12. by the sound of it i just had a bad experience with my section, I did natural labour very easily and was fine within 6 hours and back home so maybe this was a shock to my system
  13. Just wanted to say try http://www.bailey-cox.co.uk my daughter goes there she is 5 and in prep class, they do 15 mins tap and 45 mins ballet its an excellent school and they really aim high with children
  14. with you saying you had to be lifted in and out of the bath for 2/3 days, i couldnt have a shower for 2 days afterwards because i couldnt physically walk, and it took me a week before i could get upstairs, I personally think i just got it bad becaue a friend had it done 2 months before me and was up and about within a week whereas i was laid up for 2 weeks, i did try to get around but it was just impossible with the pain it caused. And just to add if you have staples instead of the dissolving stitches, dont worry about them, when it came to taking them out i was terrified it doesnt hurt theres a bit of pulling but really it doesnt hurt the contraption to take them out looks a bit intimidating as well. And sorry if you thought i meant you when i said choosing to have a c-section i didnt at all, What i meant was all these celebs that say oh ill have a section and dont even attempt it naturally ever, I didnt mean you and sorry if you thought i did, And im sure you will bond better with your baby, one advantage of a section is that you have no choice but to lay down and rest so you have all the cuddles you want with your baby, I slept with my daughter in bed with me in the hospital at my side otherwise if she cried i had to sit and listen to her getting upset and wait for the nurse because i couldnt physically twist to reach her and im only 5ft 2 so the bed was really high even on its lowest setting
  15. Just be prepared for the pain and take any painkillers they will give you because the pain is the worst pain ive ever felt in my life, worse than natural child birth so god knows why people choose to have this over natural
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