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  1. Hello i just wonder if everybody wants a copy of ID when u buy something (Laptop,tv,phone etc) or do u give a copy of ID when u sell something?
  2. I've been at 99p shop today.Others were ok.They were not out of date.
  3. My life has value I shouldn't eat but this is really rediculous.Best before 25 06 12 2009 22:23 A So confused,im gonna talk to them, i bet they will want to refund or give a new Jaffa cakes... If i get ill cause of that? Life is really cheap...
  4. Hello, i've bought Jaffa cakes from 99p shop last week.After i eat i have realised that it's not fresh.I've look to out of date... It says;Best before : 25 06 12 2009 I've just confused really.This is out of date and it says 25 06 12 2009 isn't it rediculous??? Is there anyway to complaint them or anything ?
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