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  1. Coming back to UK for couple of months soon. Last time there (maybe 4 years now) had fantastic Roast Pork Sandwich from shop somewhere in side street close to Wet Fish Market I think.... Anyone know if its still there ??
  2. Just picked up your post.... I remember Jean Hinchcliffe well. I also worked in Scrap Dept, must have been around 1954/55
  3. Remember all those well, also couple of girls - think one called Gill (or Jill) and another cannot remember name who used to see one of the SWFC players around that time.
  4. aaron... When you say.... "Well thanks for your pity".... hope you didn't take my comments wrong way, I really feel for the club. I was back in UK earlier this year and some friends treated me to a surprise VIP package that day which was fantastic. I lived in Macclesfield before leaving UK and still travelled across whenever I could. Now I have to be content watching ManU on TV out here...... still cursing from watching yesterdays game. Best of luck to SWFC and all who support.
  5. Thanks, must be the same, I have a phone number from someone also, will get someone in UK to give it a bell and check out. Thanks again.
  6. Left Sheffield and Rotherham areas many years ago but still have fond memories (depending on result !!!) of Wednesday in the late 50's and 60's when I used to be a regular. Really sad to see them struggling now.
  7. Anyone around who worked in TWWard in the 50's. I worked in Scrap Dept along with mates Brian Stacy, Vic Jaques and more.
  8. Thanks, sounds about right. She was living around Firshill Crescent into the late 90's then I lost contact - she was a good mate from better times. Just wondered if she had passed away.
  9. Anyone remember Maureen Lamb- Maureen Crookes before she married, would be in 70's now last known living Hillsborough are I think in 90's Worked at Thos W Wards in late 50's then at a solicitor's in city centre.
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