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  1. Thanks, I had a look at that earlier but didn't see D2. I'll go with that though. That's a long number for a bus stop! Which end of the road is it on? D2 sound easier to walk to.
  2. Sorry Annie, I can't see the 65 or Buxton on there but thanks anyway. I think the service terminates in Tideswell but sadly, I can't find that either.
  3. From where does it depart in Fitzalan Square? I'd be grateful if someone could tell me the number of the stop.
  4. Some aspects of Hassop are called to mind by the description.
  5. Does the vitamin B content help to mitigate the effects of excessive alcohol consumption? If so, maybe the practice should be encouraged for reasons of damage limitation...
  6. Don't you see that killing me is not going to bring back your apples?
  7. You should see the size of the trees they build them in...
  8. The biggest joke is that we've been waiting 3 years for that 80ft jade statue of Skelton Knaggs on the pier...
  9. The one between the 12 storey, mirror glass Art Deco pork sandwich emporium and the Greco-Roman wrestling amphitheatre, presumably. Unless they mean the other one.
  10. Huh, dude please ! The Tasmans speak Tasmanian in Tasmania. Did you not pay attention in goegraphpy or something?
  11. It's a shame the audio track has been muted "for copywrite reasons". Profoundly silly reasons would have made for a more honest excuse. How appropriate that the footage from Rise that sometimes follows that clip neatly and painfully illustrates why I stopped going to clubs beyond the age of 23. Groomed, Lanc-nasal hipsters posturing and honking empty rubbish from flapping lips and jutting jaws, clothes seemingly made from Christmas wrapping paper, glam cretins jerking their limbs in an abominable manner to reheated disco barrel-scrapings, garish scalpels of light slashing into the eyes. The question "how important does the music play a part?" (sic) and the hollow, not-even-trying-to-convince answer "erm, very much..." pretty much says everything that needs to be said. The 80s gets a slating purely because of what was happening in the Top 40 but the 90s was the age in which music became seriously cancered. I'm glad that I caught The Limit and Leadmill before Sheffield's night scene rotted away.
  12. If the message of the church is so good, essential and right in and of itself, why do the people behind it need to lure the kiddies in with toys and games consoles?
  13. So you'd be fine with someone grabbing your mum's breast, your sister's, wife or daughter's breast, as long as the unwanted contact lasted no longer than 15 seconds, didn't involve forced penetratrive sex and was confined to a TV studio? I'd probably set higher standards than that but I almost come close to having a view that doesn't doesn't find yours utterly nauseating.
  14. The people who work there are very nice but the food is the stuff of ridiculous novelty and virtually inedible for it. I'm all for experimentation and combining unusual ingredients but if the motive is to be as silly as possible then the results are not going to be good. Call me a dreary old traditionalist if you will but I'm quite fond of eating off a plate and using chopping boards for their originally intended function. Also, when I ask for the bill, it's a bit disorienting to be presented with an old book instead. If I want to search through tomes for surprise contents, I'll go to a library. It's somewhere to avoid if you're not given to absurdist, masochistic humour and just want a good meal.
  15. If you must troll, you might want to be a bit less obvious about it and pick a more tasteful subject. Better yet, get yourself a hobby.
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