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  1. You seem to have missed the bit where this is a passive sub, its entirely driven from the integrated system so to use it on its own would need an amplifier of some sort. I doubt its going to be very simple to achieve this.
  2. The 4K stick better be a huge upgrade over the normal Fire 4K then. I had it and returned it as it had so many issues. I'd honestly only risk getting a Roku as everything else seems to have some issue or another.
  3. I have dabbled with the Pi but other than streaming a cheap Pi camera, I haven't really settled on a use case yet. Fortunately my TV has Plex, Amazon and Netflix plus my old WDTV Live is best for Bluray rips as it handled the lossless audio and doesn't exhibit frame-pacing/judder issues that other options seem to be prone to. (at least when using motion interpolation on the TV) I really do need to find where I left my Pi Zero W and try to the voice recognition thing though. The geek in my NEEDS to pretend I'm on the Enterprise telling the computer to turn my LIFX lights on and off. None of the "off the shelf" solutions quite do it for me.
  4. You have to be careful with optical media drives as I made the mistake of buying a DVD writer that only has a single cable soldered directly onto the PCB. It not only stopped working after a while but my laptop couldn't give it enough power. I also got a Bluray writer recently that got jostled in shipping and would randomly work on my desktop but not on my laptop, until I shoved it properly into the caddy and tightened a screw on the back at which point it seems okay. Basically the cheap caddies a lot of sellers are using are okay, but not exactly robust and sometimes they put unsuitable drives in them that need more power than they support. But often drives that appear broken just need a little tlc, though granted if bought new you shouldn't have to worry about that.
  5. Ubisoft sometimes have decent sales, then with the 20% off using points just for playing their games, they are actually one of the better publishers on PC for this and its usually cheaper to just buy off UPlay directly due to this.
  6. Yeah DLC is weird, sometimes buying the whole game with DLC (GoTY, etc) is cheaper than the season pass due to sales, but if you already OWN the game, you can't. Its like they WANT to discourage early adopters by not dropping the price of DLC at the same time as the GoTY/Complete edition of the game does. Then they start moaning that games flopped at launch because everyone waited for the "complete" edition, its mental.
  7. Firefox has effectively been completely rewritten over the past few years, it uses WAY less RAM than Chrome and IMO is just as fast now.
  8. Chrome is heavy at the best of times, I'd definitely try Firefox or an even lighter browser. ANYTHING but Chrome or Chrome-based.
  9. Roku seems to get the best reviews, its my next choice when my WDTV Live no longer does what I need. (which is streaming content off my NAS)
  10. He was never really in a position to do any damage though was he. This is purely about her doing what is best for her constituents, and the best thing would be to get a Labour government. Undermining the party right now is stabbing yourself in the back.
  11. Fair point, I still step back and say that I'm not disagreeing that there needs to be a bigger mandate for her to automatically be kicked out by the vote, but on the other hand if her actions are undermining the Labour Party as a whole there still should be something done.
  12. Is undermining the party as a whole good for her constituency though? You can be critical of him without undermining Labours chances of getting voted in thus undermining everything else she tries to do then. I didn't vote only for Corbyn, heck I would have voted Labour anyway as its better than the alternatives, but I WAS encouraged by the prospect of him bringing the party back to the left where it was supposed to be thus becoming a member for the first time.
  13. That's how democracy is SUPPOSED to work! The members voted for Corbyn and his policies, so yes MPs that undermine him SHOULD be kicked out. There's a BIG difference between constructive criticism and undermining the leader btw, nobody should be thrown out for the former. Refusing to leave after a no confidence vote is undemocratic, plain and simple. That alone contradicts your claim of her being "a good MP". Honestly, people moan about SCC making a mess of things and then when the party tries to get rid of the sort of people who caused it, they complain about that too. There is no pleasing some people.
  14. What do they mean by treasury in this instance? If they mean the government then no, it should be returned to the charity who almost definitely needs it.
  15. Surely the issue there is having an all-women shortlist in the first place? Besides, if you accept gender fluidity then what is to say there aren't already women on that list who are closer to male than female? This is why its so complicated. Just look at women athletes, there are more than a few that build-wise are closer to men than women.
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