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  1. Case in point, I bought an e-bike as a mobility aid as I can't hold shopping bags in my hands and some days walking hurts my feet or my hip will go funny. I can't take it on buses or trams however useful that would be. Folding e-bikes are now cheaper but I'm not sure I could actually fold it given my disability is more severe in my hands. They're also harder to ride due to the smaller wheels. Its just not practical to cater for EVERY disability scenario on public transport, as much as I wish they could. I've had to stand up on a packed bus many times, despite the fact holding onto the bars with my hands is absolute agony. I never felt comfortable asking anyone for a seat given its an invisible disability I've had since childhood.
  2. What I meant was me thinking it would fit is irrelevant seeing as we don't know the REAL reason she was refused, due to the fact she lied. The driver has every right to refuse if he thinks it poses a risk to other passengers, period. I just wish they did more often with prams as people seem to feel entitled to keep them folded out these days, while buying ones that are too big to fit on a bus (as they're designed for car use) in the first place. They take up more space than a wheelchair.
  3. That doesn't look any wider than my mums wheelchair to me, although I can see how it might still be a problem as the buses aren't designed for it to be wide so high up. Also rather irrelevant if she lied about what the driver actually said. They do have to consider the safety of all the other passengers after all. Its rather uncommon in my experience for drivers to be awkward, in fact there are many times they let huge prams on the bus that are detrimental to everyone and really should be folded.
  4. Same problem for cycling, especially as cyclists can usually use bus lanes. They put in cycle lanes, then have them double-up as parking so they can't be used. A serious lack of joined-up thinking. They are shared so both companies get their fair share of the revenue though. Making it a single operator would be anti-competitive. This is where bringing it under public control might be more efficient (in theory) but I'm extremely sceptical it would be any better as the government would probably demand they get the profit, rather than it be pumped back into running the less profitable routes. This is where it just can't work on a local basis, when you have the council and government at odds with each other. Its why I do feel it probably makes more sense to work within the current system than try to change it again. It does no good to keep ping-ponging between different methods without ever addressing the underlying problems.
  5. If the buses end up bunching up and half empty then I agree too, its utterly pointless unless at some point on that route they're actually full. This is especially true if in order to run that frequency its causing other areas to not get a service at all. I live near the Herdings terminus and far too frequently you used to get three buses all arrive at once. Not used it much in years as usually going to the Train Station so use the tram, partly because that HAS to run on time. There's been too many times I was between trams and thought "oh I will get the bus", and the next tram would arrive before the bus, even though 2 buses would have been due. I don't pretend to know the solution, but I'd trust the people actually driving that route over anyone else.
  6. Couldn't agree more. Its clear from what people have said on this thread that the core problem (apart from the attitude of some Sheffield people towards bus drivers) is not providing sufficient funding and mismanagement. Franchising public transport is not going to fix those issues and if anything may make them worse, as there will be an up-front cost in doing so, when those funds would be better spent actually funding unprofitable routes.
  7. When they look up to people like Tucker Carlson, they feel untouchable.
  8. You might be better off taking a photo of the bill and making it an NFT, they're all the rage, right? You get to keep the valuable original while the purchaser gloats at owning the "rights" to its digital copy.
  9. Under that states law then yes that is true, doesn't mean that he is innocent. If you watched the actual footage its kinda hard to argue that he is blameless as he put himself in harms way and helped cause the situation that put him at risk in the first place. Its rather like if I ran into the middle of the road with ample time and space for the vehicles to stop, if they failed they would be at fault but I would likewise be to blame for putting myself at such stupid risk in the first place. Ironically in his case its like if I shot the driver of said vehicle because I thought it would hit me, yet that passes as "self defence" in that state. 😕 I don't know how you can say that someone who obtained a gun illegally and ran around waving it at people is "mature beyond his years". He fancied himself a vigilante and things went wrong, as expected really. Its also hardly "mature" to go around telling people (especially who is interviewing him at the time in that clip, who I cannot phrase what I think about him without getting banned from the forum) who you plan to sue.
  10. Agreed. I believe in Nationalisation of essential services, IF it can be run and funded properly. However councils, especially South Yorkshire, have proven time and time again they simply can't handle it. Its too small a scale and with a Tory government they have zero interest in offering the help they need to make it work. Bearing in mind I'm an ex-Digital Region customer. They were way ahead of the curve delivering fast broadband to South Yorkshire, then had ZERO advertising budget so few people knew it existed and it went bankrupt. I also seem to recall they were forbidden from advertising on the cabinets by the government, but BT/Openreach have no such restriction, so when Openreach finally rolled out people immediately knew it was available despite there already being a VDSL cabinet there for years before that.
  11. How so? Shes always seemed a very proactive, caring MP to me. I admit I am concerned she isn't seeing the bigger picture here, but then its not like I have any proof that the people posting on here are bus drivers or what they said are true. I believe it is as what's been said adds up, for one its never made any sense to me how we manage to have lower bus fares than other none-hilly cities, the running costs must be much higher. But has anyone actually discussed these issues with her? When the PTE can't even be bothered to let the council know they changed a bus route so they can adapt the gritting route, its not hard to imagine shes been misinformed.
  12. Halfway has always seemed busy. Not sure on the current timetable but at certain times of day instead of just turning round at Cathedral it would run to Meadowhell. I've not been anywhere for 2 years though as mum is vulnerable so can't risk catching anything nasty.
  13. I don't blame them, its such a short spur that the economics don't make much sense, it really did need to run all the way up to Meadowhead to be viable. But I'm glad its there none the less.
  14. I can't agree, but then I'm at the Herdings end and mostly travel to the Train Station. Its a LOT more hassle using the bus as its a walk at the other end and buses have pathetic luggage space. I do agree it terminating at Herdings is kinda dumb though, but then there just isn't the space to run it up the dual carriageway to Meadowhead, even though we all wanted it to as public transport to there has been crap forever from here.
  15. So we've got the usual group who complain cyclists go too slow, then when we try to maintain the speed limit someone comes along and complains were going too fast? LOL I think you're grossly underestimating how small a defect can be an absolute tragedy for a bike. I once broke my axle on a join between two sections of tarmac because it had eroded slightly. The braking distance on bicycles is HUGE, you need to see things from much further away even when only doing 20KM/h and especially on a downward hill.
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