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  1. Hi guys -- I'm trying to remember what the Great Gatsby on Division street used to be called before it was Olive. It's driving me insane. Please help!!
  2. Brilliant episode. Playful and scary. Now we know, the Doctor doesn't have to save himself. It's River who needs to be saved: an innocent trapped by her "owners" into a sequence of events that only our Doctor can prevent...
  3. High blood pressure? I am thinking that Amy and Rory have just been left off at the house that they were in at the start of this series, just before Amy gets a knock at the door. Just a theory... A closed time loop?
  4. Mels was only born in the last episode. Basically Amy had to grow up, meet the Doctor, fall in love with and marry Rory and ahem, spend her wedding night in the Tardis before she could have Mels as a childhood best friend. Weird thing is Mels gets Rory and Amy together in the first place! Oh... Chicken, egg, wibbley wobbly! Damn you Moffat!!
  5. Well, well, well... Plain Talker if you do have access to a Tardis as I highly suspect just now, will you take me for a spin??
  6. Could be. But that's a bit obvious for Mr Moffat... But could well be... Oh well, we are about to find out and it has something to do with the first time they met I think... Silence in the library... By the way my last post was firmly tongue in cheek about the huge speculation going on!
  7. Ok my Doctor Who theory before the big reveal this weekend: Who is River Song? The clue is in the name; River / Stream, Song / Music. Stream music! River is an iPod! (in the future when they make mad brilliant ipods). What was the Doctor's first line to Amy? "can I have an apple? All I can think about, Apples". Can Steve Jobs regenerate?
  8. I think this two parter is pivotal in more ways than one. It is a reboot story of sorts. It is about how normal people become monsters. It may have ended up a roaring cgi mess, but until then Jenny's story is a logical and well told tragedy of a nice well meaning person being contorted into a monster by events with a direct and truthful motivation throughout. I see this in many ways as a Doctor Who monster origin tale. Moffat has said you can't always stand him on a rooftop or stonehenge and have him shout "I am the Doctor!" come and have a go. A lot of his enemies return next week, but are they against him or has he struck a deal?
  9. Oh my god, that was amazing! Amy was a ... Spoilers!
  10. My new theory: Rory is an almost person. A rebel flesh. An auton... Yes he did really die when the Silurian shot him last series. Why did he think about that hill where he and Amy waved as he died????? Answers soon I hope...
  11. Great quote!! Loved The Sensual World and didn't like The Red Shoes. A bit like everyone else so far. Bought Director's Cut and have to say it really does grow on you. Moments of Pleasure leading into Never be Mine is just wonderful!
  12. A friend is moving to China and staying with a Chinese family for the summer. Wants to bring a gift that somehow says something about where he comes from. So far my lame idea was a William and Catherine tea towel... Can anyone think of something better?
  13. Great question! I'm loving Matt Smith. I think Peter Davison is my overall favourite (because I was that age at the time). But I remember as a child wishing it was still Tom Baker during his early stories. Think I felt the same way as an adult about David Tennant! As for who could play a good Doctor, I'd love to see them pick a really old grandfather type like Michael Gambon or... Joanna Lumley?
  14. Was really looking forward to seeing more of the Tardis. I remember the bedrooms, corridors and ivy covered atrium in Peter davison's tardis. Unfortunately this episode was a bit rubbish. Wow. Another disembodied voice in control of everything. Oh my god, they killed Rory! (do we really need it spelt out that the Tardis takes the doctor to where there is trouble rather than where he wants to go??) Love dr who, love s moffatt, loved series 5... Finding series 6 difficult to love so far...
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