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  1. hello muscroft i must have been in your class my name is john collett.and remember those names. ---------- Post added 29-01-2014 at 10:42 ---------- Hi Muscroft,Iremember all those names so I must have been in your year. dave vintin was i think younger than us,my name is john collett,and was in mr north's class in 4th year.
  2. i used to knock about with paul scott we were about the same age,he had a brother andrew and a sister francis i think.
  3. it certainly added a certain piquance to the ice cream though
  4. well it had a certain odour to it like eau-de-pusspiss.
  5. i fell in that big bath of water pop meeson used to keep inthe shop for his many cats once,felt a right mug.
  6. i remember they used to sell cigs singly.i lived on loxley view too no 23.
  7. i was always led to believe that the wicker was named for the wicker butts that the archers used for targets.incidently,its still statute that every male must practice archery every sunday.
  8. one of my old pals from loxley view,paul scott,his father worked at the bell hagg quarry,i think they also had a quarry at stannington,overlooking rivelin.
  9. bit befor my time,i lived at 23 my mother at 46.i think a family called scott lived at 36 in my time.
  10. mr north taught me both in first year and fourth year.he had a terrible nervous tick from being tortured by the japs during the war.other teachers i remember from the seniors,are mr farmry,who used to show a line of bullet holes in his stomach.mr baxter,mr constardine,miss perry,miss ward,she was gorgeous.im sorry i dont remember gina payne.
  11. i was brought up on loxley view road from 1951 till i left to join up in 1970.my mother was born in this street also and my gran lived as a child in the chip shop yard at the bottom.can anyone tell me if there is a source of photagraphs of this time and place, it would be good to hear from any one else from the old nabourhood.
  12. i remember a gillian oldale in my class at western road,i went there from 1956 till 65 then was the first 4th yr at crosspool in mr norths class.
  13. in the winter we used to dare eatch other to climb onto the old mans hut and put a grass sod on the chimney.then watch the old farts come out shouting .
  14. the cinema eas to the right of a small alley whitch ran into newant lane,the cinema first became fine fare,dont know what it is now though.
  15. the quarry as i remember was at the bottom of the big hill next to bolehill school.
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