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  1. it has been granted some funding recently and shall be extended. scary place.
  2. one man used by all the dealerships and highly recommended RS WHEELS his name is SUNNY top lad and very cheap also
  3. True who would want to go to rotherham. A scandelous place
  4. All it took was turkey to act. Somthing great britain would be too scared to ever do. No matter how many times russain plates violate uk airspace nothing ever happens.
  5. Should be £14 million 1 for each year in my eyes
  6. Slovakians were fighting apparantly over a stolen portion of doner meat with mayo which was robbed by a rival gang a few days ago from outside sanam kebabish darnall
  7. Everyone seems to know someone living in one of the flats. The source of these false rumours
  8. Spoke to a neighbour who lives in one of the flats he also heard cannabis was being grown upstairs and the owner went upstairs regularly quite possible he owns the flat and was aware of the heat lamps.
  9. Thank god it wasnt Spicehut or would be lost on a Saturday night. Unlike Taj which offers every discount going to get you through the door the quality sadly does not keep you going back after the first visit. Tried it once with 20% off discount and could understand why the place was so desperate to get people in with poor quality of food.
  10. I own a property built by them in 2011 would say they are a half decent builder.
  11. Very sad indeed was a nice man spoke to him a few times on the forum may he rest in peace
  12. Hope u r ok not spoke to u for some time take care
  13. Hi he is a private dr dont believe he offers nhs services. Have visited him a number of times. Can arrange hospital check ups
  14. sorry to bring an old thread up again was just thinking of john. is that time of year 2 years have now passed, days become months and then years life passing us by. sorry folks nite
  15. May he now rest in peace my thoughts with his family
  16. Depends which colour you have black or white
  17. Buy a coffee and when she walks past you say "Fancy sitting on my lap and talking about the first thing that comes up" See how you get on if that doesnt work will tell you my secrect weapon
  18. You obviously lack taste or you have a cheap old car which is probably parked on the street
  19. hi my garage i boarded it up and plastered it then painted it with white matt crown emulsion and the floor with leyland heavy duty floor paint for the car to go on. Looks nice like a room but if you are wanting to use it as a workshop maybe not white battleship grey doesnt look bad a friend of mine had his done in it
  20. It has a bus and train link for all the yokuls to access and interbreed
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