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  1. yep, if its not raining in the morning i will go there and take pictures
  2. ha ha, myself included..must be one to allow my findings to be judged by..well the words in the comment, sorry to genuine posts :hihi:
  3. the police are most welcome at anytime, i have nothing to hide, can you say the same?
  4. I do see where some peoples comments are going and i tend to agree, these could have been stolen and buried individually around a scattered area by a very bored thief, trees were then climbed and damaged by thugs from parson cross, the flying object spotted in the sky was seirra yankey 99, anyone living around this area will be familiar with this sight in the sky and have not reported it
  5. I think you are refering to the V1 flying bomb, this wasnt a traditional jet engine, it was a pulse jet engine fired by a spark plug.. with no rotor blades, i am thinking now on the lines of a jet helicopter engine or heat seeking missile?, same size rotor blades as found??? anyone got any more ideas? just done more searching and a TURBOFAN JET ENGINE looks more like it
  6. thanks for the new info...wow WW2 bombs had titanium rotor blades!...good to know
  7. Agden House was a farmhouse on the western side of agden resevoir, which was demolished in the 1970s, Rocher Head Farm was demolished in the early-1960s while Frost House was pulled down in the 1950s, all located around agden dam/ resevoir. recently found the remains of wigtwizzle hall, also in the same area.
  8. part numbers are as follows, blade 1, b11c904551841 blade 2,ba548 blade 3,nst bf blade 4, ba28jc lrq bf circular part, cd8694, e100, small parts with numbers such as, cu22312, cu54593, cu14236, cu12223, all the small parts have H L LTD on them also have more blades but its going to take all day to write down the numbers, hope you have enough to go on
  9. location, up penistone road to norfolk hill, go up norfolk hill about 20 yds to houses on right, at first house is a public footpath, go up path untill its summit..slight fork in path..keep to right of holly bush..then enter woodland down hill till you get to a large holly bush..about 20 foot down hill, find crater in front of you with disturbed ground from digging, also look at damage to trees, you can follow the path of whatever crashed by looking closly at damaged trees. dont know what landed but thats where all the bits have been found scattered and at a depth of around 8/10 inches.
  10. http://i151.photobucket.com/albums/s146/planecrazydude/jetengine004.jpg
  11. http://i151.photobucket.com/albums/s146/planecrazydude/jetengine005.jpg http://i151.photobucket.com/albums/s146/planecrazydude/jetengine002.jpg not very good pictures but you can at least see some bits
  12. photos have gone out to people who are genuinely interested and exact location via personal message, cant be arsed with ******** comments having spent the last 2 days going over the site inch by inch. found more blades and components but will submit them to sheffield uni for their thoughts. i originally came on here for a genuine reason to ask a simple question, if thats a problem then.......well...f...it ps...Tony...you should have been a stalker!!!!!!!!, or are you???
  13. We do have more info of wreckage being recovered from the site and also signs of metal being cut by oxy acytelene torch or similar cutting technique (plasma?), we have some large blades that have been cut in half and measure around 8 to ten inches long we also have stories of a certain road being closed by police in both directions due to a horse being loose on the road? or was that to recover wreckage? its all a mystery apart from what we can proove, ie, components from a jet engine that shouldnt be where we found them, also should they have come down 200 yards further south, it would have been a major incident on a very busy road any more serious info or advice on how to positively identify these parts?, to give you a start one blade is stamped LBQ BF then engraved BA28J C, it is 2 1/4" long by 1" wide, this is one of the smallest blades found at a depth of around 8" Message to BILLO, i am unable to reply to pm because of havnt posted 5 posts?
  14. Ok then, a bit more info...each rotor blade has a unique serial nimber, the blades are spread over an area of approx 60 square foot, there is an impact crater and tree damage along a line approx 3 to 400 foot long. sorry but not willing to post exact grid reference for obvious reasons but will add photos this evening.
  15. not sure why a north sheffield woodland has anything to do with it, but how come we have found titanium rotor blades etc in an area that shouldnt have them? also reports from the time suggest that the ufo?? was spotted from dronfield passing over the area we found, then over towards woodhead?, finally disappearing around the strines area?
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