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  1. thanks LitleMermaid, and good luck with the move! Unfortunately I don't have any relatives in the UK and most of my friends live in rented accommodation where landlords do not allow pets... Aga
  2. Cheers guys, will check it out. I do need more than 2GB I run some pretty system heavy programs for work, need things to run more smoothly.
  3. Need to buy some more RAM for my Vista hungry machine, currently I have 2GB (x2 1GB) DDR2 667MHz cards manufactured by a company called VData. I cant find this company anywhere to buy more RAM from, but does it matter? Could I for example install this on my machine? http://www.ebuyer.com/product/106133 Or should I just go ahead and buy x2 2GB sticks? Thanks
  4. Thanks for that price guide Grissom, cant believe how much they charge, might as well just buy one! Anyways I've gotten lucky. A friend of a friend of a friend has bee kind enough to lend me his so panic over. Maybe after the week end I'll post up some of my pics for you all to see. Thanks again everyone.
  5. Need it for this weekend, university (Hallam) was supposed to lend me one but then forgot to tell me they are closed this weekend, now I'm stuck. If it's expensive so be it.
  6. Very sneaky Darbees, might be a plan if I get really desperate!
  7. Ah thanks, didn't realise there was a photography section (been a while since I used the forum), maybe one of the mods would be find enough to move the thread?
  8. Does anyone know somewhere that rents out Digital SLR cameras in Sheffield, preferably a NikonD40 or D50? Thanks in advance.
  9. Can I check whether or not I have PCI-express slots without opening up my PC? I dont want to break the warranty seal until I'm 100% sure about buying a new card
  10. That's kinda how I figured I'd do it =D I'm a little unsure about PCIexpress cards though, they'll fit into a regular PCI slots?
  11. I'm running... Windows Vista Home Premium AMD Athlon 64 X2 Duel Core 4600+ 2gb RAM NIVIDIA GeForce 7600GT ...and I'd like to upgrade my graphics card, I have £70-90 budget and would like to stick with NVIDIA possibly the GeForce 8 series (I want DX10 compatibility). Any help available would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  12. Thanks all will check out your suggestions.
  13. Freecycle is a good idea, I'll have a look later on tonight.
  14. Looking to buy a manual typewriter in Sheffield, does anyone know where I can hold of one? Thanks in advance.
  15. I have some Star Wars merchandise I'd like to get valued but I have no idea where to start or how to go about it. I was hoping someone might be able to help. Big thanks p
  16. Suave, the name of your magazine seems almost irrelevant when the content you say you'll covering seems so uninspired, middle of the road and most off-putting of all...safe. How can you target both students and business owners? What do they have in common that would want them both read your magazine? Please I beg you dont make another horrible magazine fueled by the dull 'lifestyle culture' we are subjected to from past and present free publications that pollute our coffee bars and day time pubs. Publish something with an opinion, something that dares to challenge us on some level, it doesn't have to be revolutionary. Get an agenda, a mission statement or somesort of ethos then hire a couple of decent writers and a good designer/editor. Have a clear direction then I guarantee a suitable name will make it's self known. I beg you again, dont add to the waste. peace and love
  17. When I was a teenager I was heavily involved in self-harm, usually with rusty serrated knives. I've been told it's probably something traumatic happening when I was a little boy, after some hypo-therapy me and my shrink discovered I'd been subjected to large quantities of Hucknall. I'm all big now but often suffer bouts of Hucknall Disorder, I deal with it as best I can but it's a constant worry for me and all the people I love. If you have Hucknall Disorder you can call the free Hucknall helpline on 0800 556 882 221 all calls are confidential except when broadcast. Have a heart and help a Hucknall.
  18. So I'll still be able to play Crysis?
  19. I have a Geforce 7600 GT graphics card and I was wanting to know whether or not I'll be able to run DirectX 10 on it or not?
  20. Ah okay that sounds like it might be helpful, yes my motherboard has the 20pin socket and yes the PSU is has a 24 pin socket. However there is another lead that plugs into the motherboard that is also too small, 4 pin socket but 6 pin contecter, will that hang over the edge as well?
  21. Bought this off ebuyer.com yesterday: http://www.ebuyer.com/UK/product/104478 Arrived today but as I tried to fit it I noticed that the leads that connect it to the motherboard don't match, I had no idea that this was an issue and was hoping that I could get some advice on what to look for? Anything you need to know about my PC just let me know. Thanks in advance. P
  22. Me and my girlfirend have been looking, unsuccessfully, for a dowmestic carpet cleaning service. Does anyone know where we can find one please? Thanks
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