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  1. club shush is open 2night 12 - 8am bassline / 4x4
  2. Always Will Be In My Eyes Unless The New Owners Of This Other Chippy Know A Trick Or 2
  3. Wicker Arches ? Rented Need Anymore Info Msg Me And I Will Try Help
  4. 28th feb 2009 kiss da bass @ club shush (wicker) main room.....basline/4x4 lee malton dj vemon da mighty blaze dj showcase dj excell djs'n'fx dj macca matty laycock d.b.m jamie humphreys kieron howath dj ross boss missress jade more t.b.c. room 2.......house,breaks,classics. john wainwright greg morris dirty yoof dj buffalo dj macca the don djs'n'fx £8 on door.....£5 if you are a confirmed guest on facebook... *** open 12am - 8am in the morning *** if it is party ppl only we may carry on till dinner time
  5. how cold is it today... been typing alday and im freezing
  6. Well said, used Pauline for personal & business use found her & the team brilliant..
  7. LOL I Work For Urban Splash There Sand Spraying The Flats At That End Where You Walked Past, If You Want To Complain Then Feel Free To. I Knows Its Been A Little Windy On Site Today So I Guess Its The Wind To Blame Maybe ? For More Info Click : http://www.urbansplash.co.uk/home
  8. Myself when in Asda/Morrisons and buying grapes I will only buy enough for what I want so I take out the one I don't need and if there are any soft soggy ones I remove those as well. Don't see why I should pay for rotten grapes. And BTW I taste before buying....:hihi:
  9. Thanks everyone I have managed to get my OH & 2 sons in at Waterthorpe Dental practice....
  10. I know that this question has been asked many, many times but does anyone know of a dentist that is taking new patients on.. If my son doesn't get a dentist soon he will have no teeth left in his mouth... He had a dentist as a child but wouldn't let him do any work in his mouth... now bordering on becoming a young man his mouth doesn;t look very good and it will spoil his appearance ...now he is asking for a dentist but he will need one that is good with aniexty management.. Thanks in advance
  11. What has woken you up? This thread is over a year old....
  12. Never ! Id Get In Car And Have A Fly About See If You Could See It About ?
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