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  1. Hi all. Need a gardening tip. I'm looking to level my garden, which will involve cutting the lower branches of my conifer hedge and building a retaining wall. Is there any way to stop the branches regrowing so they don't damage the wall? Thanks.
  2. Morning all. Can anyone advise if Bowshaw is still on? Drove past this morning but there are no signs up. Have looked everywhere online and tried contacting the organisers but not joy. Don't fancy dragging myself out of bed to get there for 7am tomorrow if it's closed. Thanks.
  3. I need loads for a building project if you have any?
  4. Thanks for your reply. I haven't cut the hedge yet as I've only just bought the property. The problem is that there are no branches, just 'trunk' for the first two feet of the height of the hedge. So leaves do grow at the bottom of the hedge, it's just that the bottom of the hedge is too high up as the first branches with leaves on are far too high up to make the hedge an effective barrier.
  5. Need some advice on a beech hedge. It's an established hedge but has no growth at the base. There is between 18 and 24 inches from the ground to the first leaves, making it easy to crawl through. Is there any way I can encourage growth at the bottom, or will I need to use/plant something else to block the massive gaps? Thanks in advance.
  6. Sorry I missed this. PM me if you do another and I'll donate and spread the word.
  7. My Dad's booked a holiday in Mablethorpe as it's 'child-friendly' and flat. I'm 25 and have a three-year-old daughter - anyone know where are the nearest pubs and clubs and what are they like? Other than seal sanctuary, is there anything to do as a family? I will be driving so can stretch to surrounding areas.
  8. Have you considered Citizens Advice? Friend of mine went there in similar situation to you (relationship breakdown, ex stopped paying mortgage, negative equity) he ended up declaring himself bankrupt and seems happy with the situation. If your ex is named on the mortgage, he should be paying half. Maybe go and get some free legal advice?
  9. Graysons now have the following update on their website, so maybe they're listening! "To all customers who have already made a booking, hoping to use the voucher, we would like to offer a 20% discount on your bill. We also appreciate that other people bought vouchers, hoping to use for special occasions, if this the case please contact the restaurant." I like Graysons, I also like GroupOn - I have used some of their deals before and had no problems, however others have been cancelled. A quick search of the web also shows lots of their vouchers that have been cancelled. Graysons are possibly guilty of being naive, but their website did say that they asked GroupOn to limit the vouchers sold and they didn't do it. GroupOn sell it as being a great idea and don't think about the companies involved. With it being such a small restaurant there is no way they can honour the amount sold without going bust!
  10. Went last week, had: Haddock starter, lamb main, amaretto dessert (£20 for three courses). Haddock was great, it looked small when it came but the flavours (it came with like a jam or chutney thing) made me savour every mouthfull Lamb was melt-in-the-mouth, properly cooked and a good portion. The amaretto dessert was amazing! Very rich but so tasty. My wife couldn't finish hers. I would have been happy to oblige but I was full (which doesn't often happen, especially with restaurant-sized portions). Honestly the best meal I've ever had. I'm no foodie but the flavours amazing! There may be cheaper meal deals out there, but this place takes some beating as the chef obviously takes great care with his meals. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed. What does anyone else who has been think? Reviews on SF are really helpful, so get on it people!
  11. We went for a meal at lunchtime, 5 people, all had 1 alcoholic drink and coffee and it came to just over £80. Not sure about selections of alcohol or prices as I'm more into my food. If it's not on the menu, give them a ring and I'd assume they could advise. Food was very good. Bit different without trying too hard. If menu doesn't impress, try asking for the special/s. Has ramp access and disabled toilet for those (like me) who struggle with steps. Has a decent outside space which should be good for evening drinks or in the summer. Wont be going regularly as we don't live near, but if the wife behaves herself we will go there again.
  12. If coming up Abbey Lane from direction of Beauchief golf club you go left at the roundabout onto Hutcliffe Wood Road (right is towards Greenhill, straight on is carrying on up Abbey Lane). It's in the block of shops and businesses at the end of the road. It looks nice from the pictures (website as above) but the proof is in the pudding. Someone go and let us know what it's like - I'm thinking of booking a meal for myself and the wife.
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