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  1. 4 hours ago, lil-minx92 said:

    Does anybody know the history of this place-



    I understand it has been a private house for probably 20 years since it was sold off by the council. I understand the buyer (a local property investor) picked it up fairly cheap and made it his home. I dont think it went to auction...... Prior to this I think it was a school or home for the mentally ill? Prior to this I dont know. I stand to be corrected!


    I bet its made an amazing home, and have always wondered what the view is like from the top of the tower..I think Id have a roof garden up there..

    A very good friend of mine lives in it I have been to the top of the towers the view is magnificent

  2. Maybe the other Hazel was Hazel Chadwick? Her sister, Susan was in my class; John Armstrong lived across from the school, he had a really good voice and quite often sang at assembly. I also went to the youth club there for a spell with Diane Fletcher, a year older than me, and she went to St Matthias then to Greystones. Also at Pomona was: Joan and Jeanette Smith, Gordon and Derek Dawson, Mary Latimer, Lynne Summersby, Eileen and Keith Knight, Ted Nash, Michael Langdon, David Burgess, Roger Hadley, Georgie Lowe...if I remember any more, I'll update. Do you know where any of these people are now? My name is Lynda, and my brother and sister also went to Pomona.


    I was a mate of lynne summersby brother Bernard in the early 70s they lived in William st. Last time I heard she moved to handsworth.Her mother and brother

    moved to the balifield estate when William st was pulled down.I would also like to

    know where they are now especially Bernard

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