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  1. A very good friend of mine lives in it I have been to the top of the towers the view is magnificent
  2. I worked with a Dave hunt from round that way he Passed away a few years ago
  3. It changed it's name to Yewlands about 1970
  4. Ian Roath lived opposite me on Mansel rd
  5. I left in1969 will have a look to see if I can find any
  6. He could have that's the type of thing George would do
  7. I know George Green very well as bit of a legend in walkley Top man is George
  8. I was a mate of lynne summersby brother Bernard in the early 70s they lived in William st. Last time I heard she moved to handsworth.Her mother and brother moved to the balifield estate when William st was pulled down.I would also like to know where they are now especially Bernard
  9. I started school in 59 @ mansel primary finished in 69 @ yewlane i will have a look for any old photos.
  10. Welcome back to sheffield hope you are all well (john ward 5 cockshutt ave) pm me if you would like to meet up
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