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  1. Another vote for Grenoside. Great value for money, with a good sense of community, rural surroundings and very low crime. Not to mention great transport links to Town, rail, M1, Meadowhall and the countryside and good local amenities.
  2. Quite true! I've often seen the louts heading up Foxhill Road at dusk...
  3. Doesn't Grenoside have one at the top of Norfolk Hill. Also, isn't there one in the community centre, and in methodist chuch on Saturdays? Is there another at the Crematorium, and Busters Cafe at Grenoside Grange? Also, hasn't another just opened up on Penistone Road: Munro's cupcake cafe? But I'm sure another wouldn't hurt...
  4. Sir Irvine! How the devil are you? It's been a long time! Sir John Osborn here... My oh my, you certainly cocked it up for the Conservatives in Hallam, especially given the fantastic state of the constituency you inherited from myself. Nevertheless, it appears you have got your (or should that be "you're") comeuppance, being attacked by members of the general public on these forums, and being labelled a "troll", whatever on earth that means! Anyway, take care, AND STOP PRANK CALLING MY WIFE!! Regards Sir John
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