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  1. I think you'll find that people with mortgages have the luxury of being on the wayto owning their own home...an unattainable ideal for many now. Oh...it's a landord's responsibilty to do repairs on THEIR properties.
  2. How would you cull these people?
  3. Ac If prison is an ' enjoyable' time, that says an awful lot about our society...thay some people would rather be incarcerated than out with the general public. What should prison be like?.
  4. rapido

    Suits And ties, what happened?

    Fashions just change. Plenty of people spend a long time getting ready to go .My mum says when she was young, women always wore hats as part of the outfit...how often do you see that now?
  5. Our council can't spend money they don't have. It's those blue tories that have cut the budget. They've also spent money replacing streetlightd throughout Sheffield. What's wrong with spending money on regenerating run doem areas where people are actually living?
  6. It wasn't like that 10 years ago. Blame government cuts to local council budgets. Loads of cemetaries have become massively overgrown, including Rivelin. The general cemetary is in good condition because it has a reasonably large group of volunteers maintaining it. City road is still in use so obviously gets priority. Oh....there are far worse places in Sheffield.
  7. rapido

    Japanese stores?

    I've bought miso, tamari and sushi rice from tai sun on matilda st. Thaey have quite a wide range there, including fresh vegeatables, lots of frozen meat and fish and different types of tofu :-)
  8. The Brushes ( old red caps and later, part of Firth Park school. Also Norwood Hall.
  9. I can see both sides of the argument re the drain on public money and the losses experienced by town centre businesses and also the anger of the protest groups. To ban protest marches would set a dangerous precedent and would goalong nicely with the cuts to legal aid in yet another move to control the masses. Take a good long look at this government and that of nazi germany....many similarities.
  10. It depends. There are different levels.according to the individual, size of tattoo etc. It can also take quite a lot of sessions to fully remove one. A friend of mine had it done and it didn't really work. I knoe you can buy make up that will cover tattoos
  11. rapido

    The problems with Schools

    Did that comment make you feel big, clever and superior? Glad if it did. Personally I don't need that kind of gratification. ---------- Post added 14-12-2013 at 12:15 ---------- Bluedragonfly, i'm really sorry thar this has degenerated to yet another rude, petty argument and i'm leaving the thread and the Forum for that reason. I hope you manage to get things sorted out. Best of luck
  12. rapido

    The problems with Schools

    We had a choice of Tapton and King Edward iiv for our son. He doesn't go to Tapton and, seeing the behaviour of the students coming out of Tapton, i'm glad he doesn't. Your final comment was rude and unnecessary. Are you an ex Tapton attender?
  13. rapido

    The problems with Schools

    An unqualified person placing a diagnosis of 'autistic' on an individual is unproffessional. Placing guilt on that individuals shoulders is unforgivable. Is it an acadamy that you attend by any chance?
  14. Mod Note Content removed. Please repost this in the correct section, "Jobs" as adverts are not permitted in this section.
  15. I was never a member but I was taken there once. A unique experience. Happy to discuss if one visit is any good.

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