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  1. Hi Charlottie I was wondering if the new year event was still on as the one in Mosborough has been cancelled can you reply a.s.a.p please thank you and happy new year,
  2. Hi all hope some one can help, I am trying to find out if there any free training courses out there for unemployed can any one help??? please
  3. Hi to all whom responeded to this thread I am sorry I have not been on for a while. Just want to let you all now that the council stop me from getting any use in the parks as there is to many events on. I am looking to have it next year and would be greatful if you could join me once its sorted out.
  4. Hello all who are intrested in the fun run i have been arranging for mens cancer, I am waiting for applaction form from council for Norfolk Park. I have also had Westen Park contact me and waiting to meet up with their charity officer. So hope its all go for October. please read all the rest of the threads about this and contact me at maccat73@yahoo.co.uk if you really wish to take part. Thank you John
  5. Hi to all Men in Pants ( M.i.P ) I have news about the park, The council are e.mailing me the application forms with the hope to get it for mid - late September but i have to ask how many of you would be will to pay £1.50 entrance fee? I am intouch with Westen park to arrange that a member comes to recieve funds raised. As usual I will keep you all in formed. if you are truely intrested in joining us please p.m with your name and where you are in Sheffield. I don't what any personal details till we get the go ahead. Can i send you all a massive thanks for supporting us. Thanks Johnathan
  6. Hello to all who have read and wish to take part in this event, Did you read my last post?, i am wondering if you wouldn't mind paying a small entrance fee of 50p?. I am aranging a meeting with the council for next week and will post the out come a.s.a.p. Thank you for the support and undate soon John
  7. Hi to all who have responded to my Men in Pants event, I have had news about the venue and have put it in this reply please read and thank you •There is usually an eight week minimum booking period to deal with the application because of the number of applications I receive and all is involved before permission can be given. •This is also the minimum time you will need to organise and promote an event but for larger events much longer may be needed. •The event organiser must have Public Liability Insurance, provide first aid cover ( a minimum of 2 qualified first aiders), complete an application form which includes a risk assessment and pay a site fee of £60 minimum. •For charity walks and runs the site fee will cover up to 150 participants. If there are over 150 participants there will be an addditional fee of 50p per entrant. Can you please pay attenction to the last 2 pargraphes? I am doing a first aid caurse in sept 3-5 so I cover one of the first aid post but need anothere so is any one able to help? Also we need to keep numbers down to 150 to avoid costs. Thank you Cheers Johnathan
  8. Hi I have a question for those who wish to take part, If I put a printable sponcer form on facebook and on here could we get support and raise funds this way? I would like father and sons to join in as my son wants to do it for his grandad who died from prostrate cancer. You can run in your pants or you can pin a pair of boxer shorts to your t.shirt, these will be printed on paper or you can use your own,
  9. Hi to all who have responded to this link, I am just waiting for council to get back to to comfirm that we can use Norfick Park and I have also contacted Western Park Hospital so all money raised will go to mens cancer research. I will also be looking to local sports outlets and some medical providers for support. If there are any council workers reading this I hope maybe we can get the park at a reduced rate or if possible free as it is a public park.
  10. Thanks for responding and passing on my link, will keep up dating as things progress, just waiting for council to get back to me with concent.
  11. Hi I am trying to get a fun run started for male cancer awareness, and I am trying to get men and father and sons to join a fun run to raise awareness of testicluler and prostrate cancer, I am on facebook as Johnathan smith you can find me on there to message me. It is called men in pants as I hope to get t.shirts with undies pinned on them with numbers on the pants. hope you join thank you
  12. I know there are problems with money and pensions but we are all in the same boat when it comes to money, I wish i still had a job. As for asking council they are as much use as a chocolate suit on a fireman. if they lissoned then we wounldn't be in the mess we are in.
  13. Can any one tell me why the tip and dumps are closed over the week ends as this is when we do most of are work that needs to go to the tip. did they think about whats going to happen when scruffy people start to fly tip and what it will cost us to clean it up?.
  14. Hi does any one know where i can get help to re-train as a constrution plant driver. I have tried the direct gov web site and that wasn't much use.
  15. Does any one know if kalham island 1940s festival on this week end? if any one knows please p.m me as i can't find out from the net. cheers
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