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  1. I had driving lessons with ERIC ABBEY he never advertised word of mouth was his way of getting customers.i remember the first lesson it was a mini to my horror it was not duel controlled,Erics reply was i,am not learning to drive so he did,nt need any controls.I was in my 30s when i learnt to drive,but thanks to the best instructor ever,. i passed 1st time.All the family son,s son,s girlfriends were taught by Eric.Ithink his son also went on to be a Driving instructor anyone else taught by Eric?
  2. My aunt&uncle lived on Parkwood Springs not sure what road.i used to go whenever i needed my bike repairing it was in the early 50s i was 12/13yrs.i use to carry my bike up all those steps.My aunts name was Doris uncle Bill their son was called Tony and their daughters name was Joan their surname was Kilner any one remember them?
  3. I can remember going to the Empire (Theatre) on Union St.Seeing David Whitfield,I went with my best friend Anne Coleman it cost 4/6=22p now.Front row seats.Iam surprised that i have,nt seen any mention of the El-mambo Cafe also on Union St,We were what was known as teddy girls,there was a JUKE BOX downstairs soft drinks tea&coffee smoked our Park DRIVE,never heard of drugs all of a sudden some scandel happened we were not allowed to go anymore. Can anyone remember what the scandel was?The christmas parties that were provided by your dads works my dad worked at RIchards Cutlery. The STAR-GALA at Farm Grounds on Granville Rd.Glossop Rd baths being transformed into a dance hall Saturday nights.Winstons clothes shop bottom of snig hill.Scots hairdresser in wicker we paid 2/6=22p for the DA cut ,ask your dad what DA style was.Evening trips to cleethorpes on the train left Midland 5pm back 10pm fare was 5shillings=25p,ANNE LENARDS,gorgeous weddings gowns.I think i was lucky to be teenager in the 50s i went to the little black school in Ecclesfield then to Colley left 1955.
  4. . Hi just read your post regarding shops on margetson ,shaws were the news agent,i think the post office was in the newsagents,Mr Kaddish was the grocer,s he was a friend of my dad .
  6. wine from the wood on a saturday night.then the eight of us would go to longley park climb over the fence and enjoy our midnight swim in the pool.
  7. yes that was him if i remember he had blonde hair it was wavy.he used to give us talks about places we were going on school trips.i think we once went to Edingbrough can you believe going all that way on the train just for the day?
  8. Woodhouse pals in 60s/70s anyone remember JEFF TAYLOR?he lived on TILFORD ROAD married a girl called ROSIE. LINDA JACQUES lived at 13 driver street? WARREN FAMILY lived on BEIGHTON ROAD? THE ROYAL PUB was run by a bloke called KENNEDY cannot remember his first name.he turned it into a disco,
  9. I Have Lived On The Cross Since 1950 Had To Go To Grenoside School ,mr Roper Was The Class Teacher,mr Parrot Headmaster He Lived On The Wheel,went On To Junior School In Ecclesfield,from There To Colley,we Used To Have A Gala Day At Grenoside In The Park.i Can Remember A Boy Called Patrick Dooley Being Hit By The Seat Of A Swing,we All Thought He Was Playing The Fool But To Our Horror He Was Dead,he Lived On Margetson Drive,then About 1955 Or 1956.when I Was A Pupil At Colley In January It Was Snowing The Ground Was Already Covered In Snow We Were In Gang Of About 7,when We Decided Tho Have A Swing On The Big Gates Thet Lead Dowm To The Back Of The Gym 3of Us Were On The Gate And John Was Stood Up Against The Brick Pillow That Supported The Gate.allof A Udden The Wall Started To Move We All Ran Petrified We Broken The Wall,we Went Back When We Realised John Was Not With Us,he Was Under The Wall As Young As We Were We Knew He Was Dead.,we Went Down To The Gym Evening Class In Progress,the P,e Teacher Mr Wright Sat Us Down Sent For Ambulance And Police,gave Us A Drink Of Some Foul Blue Liquid And Then Sent Us Home To Walk.no Lifts,how Times Have Changed No Counselling Nothing We Just Had To Get On With Life Went To School Next Day,i,am Glad Things Are More Sympathetic Now To People Who Witness Sad Events
  10. I have a number of clemitis,but 3 seem to start flowering well and then start wilting,i tried to buy various remedies i had read about, but no gardening centers or middletons of the moor could recomend anything.Can any members of our gardening group please help.regards POLLYANN
  11. My first love was a boy from the same school colley.it was about 1954.He lived at the top of monteney road,He was called John Hardy,i believe he moved to Swinton,he had ayounger brother i think he was called Robert.
  12. Hi there its RON here I,m glad your mum remembers me, I left woodhouse al long time ago. The photo your mum,s got if its the same one ive got theres a group of us all dressed up in our BARNEYS suits, We were a real handsome bunch of guys,then.Ha,Ha.
  13. GOLDENBABE 1966 My husband was also a ted born in Woodhouse he says he knew your dad quite well he is very sorry for your loss they worked together and knocked about together early sixties his name is Ron Warren
  14. Is There Anybody From Attercliffe Who Remembers The Brothers Raymond And Duggie Hall Used To See Them In The 60sand 70s.they Used To Go To The Royal Pub In Woodhouse On Sunday Nights.
  15. I Remember Redgates In 1961 I Was Expecting My First Baby.i Was In Town With My Mum We Looked In The Window And There Was The Most Beautiful Pram We Had Ever Seen It Was On A Stand Going Round,it Was A Silver Cross High Slung,it Was Cream In Colour Wth The Hood And Apron Covered In A Pat,tern Of Rose,s,it Was Priced At £21 .i Knew We Couldnt Afford It.but My Mum Gave Me£10 To Put On It.my Mum Had A Milk Round At The Time My Husband And My Brother Worked On It, My Brother Met His Future Wife She Worked In The Office There Redgates Was Missed When It Closed
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