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  1. so its perfectly logical then to move the air ambulance away from 2 major motorway intersections ie thurcroft and wadworth, and what is one of europe's busiest streches of road, to where,? sleepy hollow in north yorkshire..? Not to mention the lack of population up there..?.. (apart from the silly horsey set of course, who are constantly coming a cropper and falling off) If placing it at sheffield was such a waste of time, why was the helicopter put at sheffield in the first place.? And its pointless counting police choppers into the equation. Last I heard they are getting rid of 30% of them. The ones that are left will surely be too far away to count, and im sure I saw on that skycops programme that they arent even allowed to carry patients..! I presume the operators of the london air ambulance are about to move out to the sticks too under the same logic..?
  2. . Both the police and air ambulance helicopters are based at Sheffield airport. ?? I haven't seen any reports in the media about the loss of either being attributed to the lack of anywhere for them to fly from ? YAA are moving to North Yorks due to geography. (or is it due more money for donations being available there?) and The police have simply run out of money for theirs. !
  3. No shroud waving here my friend, pathetic or otherwise. ! I was merely correcting the other poster about the fact that Sheffield is indeed losing both air assets, whilst Leeds manages to retain both of theirs.
  4. Must be quiet over then, if they can afford the spare time to police Doncaster, Barnsley, Rotherham and Sheffield ... in addition to Hull, Grimsby, Immingham, Scunthorpe, Goole, and Cleethorpes...? What IS the travelling time from humberside airport to the sheffield city centre, compared to Sheffield airport to sheffield city centre..? sheffield is the 5th biggest city in England, Hull comes in at number ten. Perhaps they should move the humberside helicopter to sheffield..?? oh wait its okay theres one there already..!!
  5. Bye bye big noisy bird in the sky....!! Finally get some kip of an evening. Guess the cops are going to have to invest in some training shoes so they can actually catch crooks the old fashioned way..! Police helicopter coming from manchester..?? Guess they got no crime of their own over there then seeing as they have spare time to fly 40miles to sheff..!
  6. Dont worry mate it wont be waking you up for much longer, theyre getting rid of it 'cos of the budget cuts..!
  7. It sounds like your timer/control unit has failed. But difficult to say without testing it. A new one could be anything from 20 to 50 pounds depending on the model, plus labour. Time wise, I would expect about half a day depending upon where it's situated. PM me if you struggle, I am qualified to do this work.
  8. if you buy good quality branded tools then you will be okay. but i doubt they are the cheapest for such items. "buy well, buy once"
  9. I was merely pointing out the subjectiveness of your comments. It reads as though merely because they havent been to see you yet, the police should stop everything they are doing until you are seen. I wasnt defending the police one bit. It probably was an outrageous waste of money. One the organisation is broken up and privatised, things like this will stop being provided for free, and schools can put their hands in their pockets to be ecorted to events. And im sure once the Police are taken out of accident investigation work, and the insurance companies finance it all, they will have a statement clerk that will come and take your witness statement in no time at all. As for my previous post. I stand by the fact that using a helicopter to catch a kid on a motorbike IS poor economy. It is much much cheaper to put a couple of cops on motorbikes to do the same thing, without the associated disruption to peoples lives.
  10. do you know who the kids were.? do you know why they were there ? do you know what the event was.? do you know why they were being escorted.? do you know if the cops were on overtime.? do you know how long the whole thing took.? do you know how long that thing has been organised.? do you have kids of school age..? I take it your in possession of most of this information to be able to make such an informed opinion, in your eyes..? has the 2 week wait damaged your memory of your incident..? was the other driver arrested anyway, or do you have vital information to locate him.? have you been told that someone WILL take your statement..? I think your right.. The cops shouldve stopped what they were doing immediately and sat you down for an hour to take your incredibly important statement. I saw a fire engine deployed today to put out a burning wheelie bin on a playing field. What a ridiculous waste of money.. It rained ten minutes after they put out..!!! sack the lot 'em.
  11. Dear Mr OP Whilst i can perhaps appreciate the occasional philosophical discussion , (it does indeed open your mind to other perspectives).. most people have neither the time nor the inclination to debate such deep philosophical topics. Plus, I feel your over use of language serves to do nothing other than alienate your audience..! Such verbiage may impress your peers, but to the general population, it smacks of elitism.
  12. well it cant be any worse than it is now..!! besides. His blokes are really well trained. They keep a regular log of anything they get involved with when theyre working the doors. They are all first-aid trained. They can easily do the same job as the cops, but much cheaper, and they dont take any lip..!!
  13. well my mate runs a security firm and he is itching to get the local contract to police the part of town where he lives. He's got loads of really handy blokes working for him that cant wait to get started and sort out the local scum. He's even offering an open door to any cops that get made redundant that are over 6' tall and fancy doing the job working for him. and he says there will be "bonus" system to help make up for the lower wages..!!
  14. The government ARE doing this. But not with the military obviously. The privatisation of the police is set in motion now. So the private security firms can take over patrol work. The guys working the doors at night now, can also work daytimes and be around to beat the crap out of these yobs. And if the yobs dare go into to town at night, they'll meet the same guys working the doors.!! town will much be much safer of an evening.. I feel a bit sorry for the cops that will lose jobs, but they shouldve got a grip when they had their chance and not been so softly softly. The yobs have no respect for the cops anymore. You can bet they will clear off when the private firms turn up though..! we can even give the patrol guys a bonus system for the amount of arrests or thick ears they give out.! The cops nowadays just get paid regardless of how long they sit on their backside.. The police is no different to british steel, national coal board, british rail. Another nationalised industry, bloated and expensive. Im glad its about to broken up and flogged off. We all might sleep at night then.
  15. im with the government make 90% of the cops redundant. Let private security companies take over the patrols and traffic enforcement. Door staff and events staff are well trained nowadays they are easily capable of driving a cop car around and sorting out yobs. They can even go back to giving them a clip round the ear for being gobby..! Keep a few cops back for sorting out the murders and bank robbers. Everything else can be sorted out by private companies. Any cops wanting to be involved can work for theses firms on much more realistic pay, and without the big fat juicy pension.!!
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