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  1. Yes, bending over to the USA and doing whatever stupidity Donald Trump comes up with next
  2. Nigels view on the deal from his live stream last night he doesnt like it
  3. LOL all you brextremists on here seem happy enough, BUT im just watching a Nigel Farage live stream, he, and the commenters arent very happy with the deal. According to them its 95% Mays deal, and Boris lied and pushed it through without people being able to read the details.
  4. Trumps great and unmatched wisdom, Jonathon Pies view LOL
  5. Yeah but in our case it would be a 'good' dismembering
  6. Oops looks like those fine upstanding right wing bigots the DUP have put a block on bojos new deal, extension it is then
  7. exactly, and surely if lies and mistruths are involved its far from a democratic referendum, people need to know honest facts about what WILL and what COULD happen.
  8. Yet heres Boris accusing Corbyn of having a stalinist purge in his party
  9. Lol, can't believe you said that. Leaver thinking is the highest grade of flawed ever. It's based on lies, lies, lies and errrm mistruths
  10. No the mess is caused by Brexit, it's completely unworkable
  11. You do know it's politics? You don't trap them in a corner with no majority, then let them go, to get one?
  12. leavers are the ones thats scared, scared their grasp on their once in a lifetime chance might be prised away, hence all the shouting about will of the people and attack on democracy
  13. Idiocy But they won't be voted out, if anything I think the Tories under bojo look stronger now particularly with leave voters.....sigh
  14. reading through the webpage i think rather than barring white people it seems more like they wanted to hear personal experiences of those that have suffered racism, in 99% of cases thats going to be black or BME people? the webpage being changed maybe shows that they worded it a little clumsily?
  15. which, ironically is being sold down the river to the highest bidder its got NOTHING to do with making the poor any better off
  16. even those now unleashing hell on the kurds and the syrian people just because trump stupidly pulled out of syria? YES!!!!
  17. they did mention it needs looking at, some may close, but somes better than all
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