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  1. According to this https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-somerset-48823850 the organisers have said also how many other festivals actually have an on site recycling centre and team? more on their "bit"
  2. Nobody seems to have mentioned this "scheme" yet? This link is a year old https://www.nursingtimes.net/news/workforce/uk-government-does-deal-with-jamaica-to-recruit-nurses-for-nhs/7024177.article seems the government want to do these nurse swaps with countries like India, Jamaica and The Phillipines, where they come here to work and learn and our nurses go over there. Im not up on the full facts or figures etc but on the outside it seems a waste of money and a complete opposite to what people wanted from brexit (both immigration wise and NHS cash wise)
  3. the original point of the op wasnt just about rubbish, it was about everything ecological, and i agree, the only way to stop completely is go back to living in caves, living off the land like out ancesters did
  4. Theres two issues at work here. A: most people who go to these festivals ARENT eco friendly recycle everything hippies, they are "normal" people. The reason people like Attenborough do these things is NOT to preach to the converted its to preach to those NOT converted. B: As ive stated previously, those stories run like the daily mail etc are done to paint it as these festivals are leaving a blight on the countryside, and then they are gone, leaving this rubbish there, they arent, workers and volunteers clear it up after the fact. Glastonbury is also one of the most eco friendly festivals there is, using wind and solar panels as much as they can, also having years off so the ground can recover. i do too, but lots more people do drop litter, at the end of the day these festivals are frequened by a wide selection of the general public, a lot couldnt care less where there rubbish goes, i do so always put my rubbish in the bin. its these people that people like Attenborough are trying to get through to, not you or i, good on him, good on glastonbury, if 1 more person changes their actions its worth it
  5. Sigh The festival goers leave the rubbish yes, but festival workers and volunteers stay behind from today and clean it up. Like I said, it doesn't get left, unlike what those hyped stories try to make out.
  6. Like the other middle eastern people's uprisings that happened (supported and backed by the US)? Look what happened after those.
  7. yup hes best of friends with a dictator, theyre suited to each other
  8. Its now a dictatorship of the people, because its their obsession, they wont budge
  9. LOl tell me again why brexit is a good idea? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-48807161 while weve been dividing our country, getting rid of brexit mps and prime ministers for the last 3 years the EU have concluded the second of two massive trade deals. who needs who more? us or the EU?
  10. now youve lost me i have a very basic knowledge of french from school, which i left in 1985 lol I could ask for a fish, and a table maybe, and tell somebody my name LOL
  11. he lies and backstabs to suit his agenda...how many more times do you need telling mr gullible
  12. Or lying saying he would when in fact not
  13. Maybe the lies aren't as big but everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie, he's a big fat liar
  14. Were they red buses? And did they have 350m on the side?
  15. So lets look at Bojo the clowns recent pledge https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-48756810 economic disparities between different areas eh? could that be due to almost 40 years of solid tory rule (apart from the blip of tory lite Nulabore) and their endless attacks on industry, the working, the poor, those less fortunate, the unemployed, the disabled, poorer areas, large industrial areas? including 10 years of heavy austerity. Maybe thats the problem and NOT the EU? just a thought.
  16. But the exact same type of organisation, which is the default setting if we "no deal" plenty of brextremists are and have argued for WTO terms so your soveriegn nation arguement is nonsense as we will still be under a foreign trade organisations rules. Tell me how we will be better off and under none of "their" rules.
  17. But you want us under the thumb of the WTO instead Oo exactly the same situation but probably a lot worse, out of the frying pan comes to mind
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