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  1. Errm and which side will make millions at us going down the pan? Surely you don't want that but it's what they have bet on
  2. Blimey it's all over the place in the media lately, I've posted links in this very thread twice...i think, open yer eyes
  3. Wow, you do know those now 18 and 20 weren't allowed to vote don't you? As they were too young so getting off their are to vote doesn't mean anything, but they still suffer any consequences
  4. So now you know better than all the police forces on the matter of death threats too
  5. And of parliament and our courts being sovereign lol
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-49842590 This says it's about an even split, BUT it's nearly all women and ethnics
  7. its what the right wing brexit chomping extremist bigots have been wanting and shouting for for the past two years. somebody to force through a no deal brexit by shouting a lot, lying, threatening and bullying so hes playing up to it. trouble as we all said wouldnt happen (with the likes of farage) its not gonna happen
  8. of course we have, he doesnt care, jumped right into bed with the traitor billionaires making money off our economic damage
  9. well the link i posted was quotes by newspapers of various different countries (japan, Canada, China etc) and they were shocked, saddened and surprised by what we were doing to ourselves. and yes we are damaging ourselves in the global communities eyes
  10. Ask all the racists and petty nationalists that are on your 'side'and still believe we are 'great'
  11. All farage is doing is covering himself in the cloak of respectability when he is criticising Johnson's actions
  12. Prolly the ones that want a full no deal and sod the consequences
  13. You say 'pretending'to have concern for the country? The governments own yellowhammer has shown there very well could be, I'm sure every single MP doesn't want their constituents in economic hardship even if they voted for it?
  14. did you not read the link i posted the other week, we are already losing our standing in the world, other countries are laughing at us,
  15. doesnt matter about fact checking, its brexit related, nobody else (especially leavers) fact check a single thing
  16. cry cry dribble dribble sniff sniff snowflakes
  17. He won't be able to get off the couch, keyboard warrior, schoolboy socialist
  18. Off with his head for treason, lying to the queen? 😛
  19. Flight crew found out it had collapsed while in the air mid flight, passengers then had a whip round for them. https://www.breakingnews.ie/business/thomas-cook-passengers-give-staff-carrier-bags-of-cash-after-flight-home-952602.html
  20. but they are pumping it into your precious leave campaign and the likes of Rees Mogg and Johnson to get your precious brexit passed so it does seem that you bat for their team, despite your protestations and trying to pump out propaganda that wealth is a remain thing
  21. care to comment on what i posted earlier? billionaire leavers donating to Johnson and the tories? not a very socialist side to be on is it?
  22. What to do if youre booked to fly with them
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