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  1. I myself am a landlord and I have no idea why landlords hold people's deposits, it is completely inconsiderate. Yeah the small claims is certainly an option, if done correctly you will certainly receive your correct deposit back plus a reasonable amount of interest (which at the mo is 8%pa). Also, because of the delay you should now receive the full amount regardless of if they were any reductions. Its easy to do. You need to write your landlord a letter now stating he has 14days to pay your bond plus 8%pa interest, this needs to be correctly worked out. And if he doesn't act upon this you will take it to the small claims. Make sure that you state in the letter that it is completely unreasonable to withold what may be a small sum to him but a large some to you. you should also tell him that if it goes to the small claims court he will have to pay your £100 and your reasonable travel expenses. He'll pay up now. everything should be done in writing either email or recorded delivery.
  2. I've taught in a school in Sheffield so am sort of able to comment. If your wife is an excellent teacher, skillful in dealing with extremely difficult kids with a lot of emotional baggage then the school is certainly for her. If she isn't and is more interested in teaching her subject then she should seek employment else where. You may be aware but if not you should know that a few months ago an incident happened at this school that hit the national press, see this link to the BBC website http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/south_yorkshire/5131966.stm. I'm sure this isn't a reflection of daily life at this school but it did happen there. However, a lot of money is being spent on these city academies so It will be well resourced and she'll receive plenty of training which will be good for her career. However the kids will be just as difficult though. I'm making a massive judgment here and I could be completely wrong but if the school are recruiting from abroad then that could be because they are struggling to recruit in England, which is a huge statement about the school. Good luck with whatever you decide, feel free to PM me
  3. now this is really stupid. what should people who don't know the road do? waste time or be called arrogent by the yokals?
  4. if i don't know the road, i assume the people in the left hand lane are turning off or queuing for a roundabout. this is very rarely the case but it has happened to me once and never shall it again. If i don't know the road I shall forget the fact that I'm British (see a queue therefore must join it) and go as far as I can down the outside lane, if everyone did this then alternatetly merged at the end then nobody would be pushing in front of anybody i think at likely spots signs should be erected saying use both lanes then merge alternately would certainly reduce road rage. I never have a problem merging in, or as some people say pushing in. you just choose a hatchback, make a move in, bit of eye contact then thank them - never ever fails
  5. :rant: :rant: How many adults take up smoking? how many children take up smoking? I'd argue the vast majority of smokers start whilst they're young to get into the 'in' crowd or to avoid being bullied. so this is not a simple case of adults deciding to do something. they can't give up because they started young when they were stupid and making wrong decisions :rant: :rant:
  6. oh you're being silly you can drink regularly and not get addicted. you can't (in the vast vast majority of cases) smoke regularly and not get addicted.
  7. wrong...... there's a big difference to nicotine having an urge to do stuff
  8. and which of the above to children get HOOKED on and continue it throughout their life because they are ADDICTED? yeah, just smoking...........so its different. its seriously wrong, needs changing. its not a case of adults making choices, its a case of young people making the wrong choices
  9. you sound like a politician fella what a stupid post smoking is a habit picked up by children that they continue throughout their life. If it was a case of deciding to smoke was something non-children did, it would be a different story. I don't know the figures but i'm sure that vast majority of smokers start before they are old enough to do so.
  10. .....its not that simple though is it kids start when they're 12,13,14, get hooked and there you go.... i have a serious dislike for people who have the black&white view displayed by this fella
  11. yeah right......doing a 3-point turn in the middle of a busy petrol station is a lot easier than stretching a hose a little bit. I'm more than happy to use either side. If you're using the hose on the wrong side of your car just make sure you pull well forward....its easier that way
  12. i can answer that one..... because it kills people
  13. No good can come from smoking, its bloody expensive and it slowly kills you. Therefore any law that comes in making life worse for smokers so perhaps less people would take it up in the first place is fine by me. Surely anyone in their right mind would agree that taking up smoking is a bad thing. in response to people's "why should the lefties tell me what to do" i say, well would you like your 11yr old son/daughter to take up smoking?" smoking is discusting, ban it from the world
  14. OMG the picture of him on the bbc website raises my heartbeat. I only wish this wasn't a spoof
  15. and thats a completey different subject. this thread is about judging people, not abusing people! Obviously judgement can lead to abuse but thats a different kettle of fish
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