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  1. Hi yes looking at prices for sovereign necklace, gold necklace with fob and a gold emerald ring.
  2. I am wanting a shop who will give value for the full gold not just the weight.
  3. Yes the lady with the chain was mugged on taplin road just after 2 yesterday description same as previous baseball cap. Apparantely was caught on camera outside cash converters earlier. Hope they catch the scumbag or someone else catches up with him. Hope all victims ok.
  4. ThAnks for the advise everyone but probably still will have to get someone out. No we defrosted it and switched it back on and it seemed ok but only for a day or two then it wasn't cold again.
  5. Hi we have an hotpoint fridge freezer only a couple of years old but not working. The light is on but just not cooling. We live in Hillsborough and initially wanting a free estimate and if the price is right will go ahead and get it repaired.
  6. We live in Hillsborough and in desperate need of a quote for new boiler to be fitted.
  7. Has anybody got children who attend this school or children who may be starting in September. Just would like to know what people think about it. Also what is the feeder school.
  8. I left in 1988 teachers I remember mr Yates, mr snell, mr Furness, mr Hallatt
  9. I am basically wanting someone who has access to some long ladders and come do me a quick repair on a roof. We are getting fed up of squirrels entering our loft and have had the side of our house sealed with foam and cement but they are still getting in. They are biting their way through it the annoying animals! Anyway obviously the foam is not working so we are wanting someone who can just put either some wood or something on one part of our roof to stop them and also there is a high point where the person we had to do it before couldn't get. We would also want that patching up please. We cant afford much we have spent a bomb already so anyone who is looking for a bit of work please get in touch. I need to sleep in my bed at night without worrying! We live in the Hillsborough area.
  10. I am wanting to start my little girl who is 3 at city limits for their baby ballet classes. Just wondered if anyone on here had taken or still takes little ones to these classes and what there like.
  11. Anyone know what night out round grenoside pubs is like. Myself and hubbie noticed a few pubs up there and thought a night out up there would be a change. What's it like on a Saturday night for a couple?
  12. I have not been diagnosed with this but I am sure this is what I am suffering with. I have had lower back pain for couple of years made worse when walking up or down hill. I am now having pains in tops of legs and its really painful at times.
  13. I have a 3 year old and always have novelty cakes made by a lady called Allyson who lives at stannington. She is on Facebook under Cakes by Allyson I would highly recommend her she does novelty cup cakes too.
  14. I have never known it to be a big thing. I have lived in the village and lower down and always classed it as stannington. What's the issue? It's all S6 does it matter where we live?
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