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  1. thanks dimitri i was hoping for some in the know facts and figures and comment that is of the moment. As I know things are different now to when the last thread started. Just how much does everyone think prices in sheffield will fall from their current levels that is. I'm just afraid to buy now and regret it in 3 months. thankyou Buffey.
  2. Its a while since I last visited the forum, Thanks for all the input from my last topic. Seems like sham was right about a lot(hi sham). With fresh eyes and ears what is the latest forecast for the market. I'd really appreciate some fresh advice as I'm still looking to buy somewhere but I'm scared to death to commit right now. Could all the usual suspects give me some clues as to where its all going to go. Is it gonna fall anymore or flatten out or go up in the spring or what. Cheers Miss buffey
  3. Sham, I have thanked you for your advice , but i detect in all your previous postsings a strange attitude, you seem almost pleased that the housing market is on its knees and finally has got as bad as you said it would. I see that you have delighted in the plight of city apartments doing poorly along with the rest of the housing markets. My sister has two lovely apartments in town, lovely tenants she's happy they are happy(I'm one of her tenants) and you seem to be rubbing your hands together and delighting in others presumed bad luck. Living in the city is brilliant. I've been reading all your posts and I think you are loving it. You say you sold and now rent. Same as me, but I had to because of a split with my partner. Why have you sold only to rent? Is your perceived( by me) glee , at the situation in the housing markets anything to do with the fact that you don't own a home and therefore you take pleasure in everyone else doing worse in the Market . A sort of, if I can't be happy in my own, owned home then no one else should ? And I will feel better about myself if everyone ends up like me ? Buffey
  4. if no one is buying how will that effect landlords who bought into buy to let say 4-5 years ago? I ask this as my brother in law bought 5 apartments 4-5 years ago, surely people will want to rent , like me, if they do not buy at the moment. Or is it the people who have just bought who may struggle to make anything for a while? Buffey.
  5. Thanks Sham71 One more quick question, how long do you think it could possibly take for the credit crunch to sort itself out if ever? Cheers Buffey
  6. thanks all for your opinions and advice. I think I'll wait and see what happens over the next few months. One of the forum members(Sham69) said that prices could fall as much as 30%. Could you please advise me on How this may come about, and don't worry if its a long explanation, I'm interested to know. Thankyou all very much. Buffey
  7. Hi all, I just sold my home a few weeks ago, and the one I was buying fell through so i'm renting at the moment. My question is should I wait to buy or is now the perfect time to get a good deal with the market being slow, or will it get even better? or will it pick up soon? Any advise welcome from any experienced market watchers. Buffey.
  8. yes, I've pm'd you my phone number and details.
  9. Hi, Anyone Need A 5,6,7, Aside Player, My Clubs Just Packed In And I'm Desparate To Find A New Regular Game.
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