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  1. try bakewell fly fishing shop 01629813531 he does 1 on 1 lessons and is verry good mate he can meet u at barlow trout ponds
  2. barlow is the best place, try the second pond as u cant help but catch, i fish there a few times a week in the summer
  3. i have one for sale mate in as new condition with loads of kit
  4. look on my web site mate at service section, i do more in my full service than u will get at any other bike shop in sheffield for a lot less money plus u get 15% off also, thanks. chris
  5. hi dave, i havent been up for a while but give it another month or so and i will be on the bank side again:) cant wait
  6. also mate if u want to let me know a price u may have in mind i might have somethinin in for u in my second hand range of bikes plus i get other stuff in all the time
  7. yes thats fine mate, just give me a call or pm me on hear
  8. hi mate it all depends on how hard a trail u are wanting to ride, i have a full sus and a hardtail and to be honist i ride a lot of hard trails and i use the hard tail just as much as the full sus, hydrolic brakes are better cos there is no cable drag and u get much more stoppin power, and as for 27 speed if u can get a bike with 27speed then do but it all depends on how and where u are going to be riding mate, hope this helped:)
  9. hi chris i had the same bike a couple of years ago and it was one of the best bikes i had untill it had a fight with a lorry:hihi: i also ride the chesterfield canal as it is part of the trans pennine trail and goes for miles but im sorry to say its not all nice and flat all the way:sad: and as for a full service mate the price is 50.00 with 15% off for forum members:)
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