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  1. we need more cops on the street!every day it seems there is less cops on the streets? in bout an hour i could walk past 4 cop cars,but now i hardly see any.agree if u think we need more!
  2. Just wondering if anyone knows a really cheap,good petshop,ideal in the s35,s6,s5 and s65 area
  3. stupid council.i knew there was a catch with the may elections for labor.ours will now be coming from wakefield
  4. it was just this really loud noise for about 30 mins underground,and there was no powercut.there is a previous thread about a hum,but it was more like a a popping noise. does anyone know what it could be?
  5. These bad roads are getting ridiculous! i was on 17 other day on yew lane,and it went strait through a pothole,making the glass smash and all passengers had to wait 35 mins to get another bus!the best road i know is either cowper avenue or chaucer road,but it is funny how after all these years that chaucer has been rough,that when the olympic torch is coming they finnally do it?
  6. just wondering if u know about the scrapping and if u agree with it? wh
  7. For startes, i always get buzzed by the alarms! it is cheaper than that one in chap but kids are always stopping the escalators,the lift's creek and the staff keep u waiting and check ur bags every time u walk past a security officer.
  8. as always! if it's city it might be because of the taxi driver losing an eye in foxhill. I am always using city and mecury,so can't get home tonight:help:
  9. you eat chickens? for all you know you could be eating a chickens ass
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